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NICE medicines evidence commentary. This reduces the production of cholesterol in the liver and so reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. The more risk factors you have, the more likely it is that you will get CVD. People who already have CVD usually need to decide quickly. This helps the MHRA track the rate of possible side effects. Another way of thinking about this is that if you had 100 possible futures, in 10 of them you’d get ‘Should I take a statin?’ is a common question in my surgery, particularly when newspaper stories advocate benefits or report dire side effects. Serious side effects are rare and can be reversed if you stop taking the statin. However, it is impossible to say whether you’ll be one of the people who benefit from taking a statin, or one of those for whom the statin doesn’t actually make a difference. Statins have been prescribed to millions of people and are estimated to save 7,000 lives each year in England. • 13 people will not get CVD, because they take a statin. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. If you do experience muscle pain you should tell your doctor. Some types of statin should be taken in the evening. (CVD) like The controversy in the United Kingdom started in 2013 when the British Medical Journal (BMJ) claimed statins were being overprescribed to people with low risk of heart disease, and that the … Should I take it? We fund research to keep hearts beating and blood flowing. We recommend the What causes low blood pressure and what are the treatments? For people diagnosed with coronary heart disease or stroke there is proven benefit, so your GP or cardiologist will recommend you take a statin. If all 100 people take a statin, over 10 years on average: • 65 people won’t get CVD (but wouldn’t have done anyway). Select Risk Calculator. You can also report any side-effects you feel you are getting to the 67 million prescriptions dispensed in England 2015-16. Statins have been available for the past 30 years. We’re saying that most people at this level of risk or greater should think about whether or not to take a statin. Does early menopause put you at risk of heart disease? Can you use a defibrillator on someone with a pacemaker? They all cited an example from the study of a woman with a 1.4% risk of cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years, saying she would … Weigh up the pros and cons of taking a statin and remember, a healthy diet, physical activity and not smoking are also important for your heart health. group will not. In the UK, GPs use a standard risk calculator to assess people's risk based on a number of factors including age, ethnic background, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Statins are medicines that help to reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood. We came to this conclusion because of the strong evidence showing that statins can reduce the risk of CVD. What we do know is that the greater your risk of CVD, the more likely you are to benefit from taking a statin. Are they the right choice for everyone or would some of us be better off choosing not to pop the pills? with when they didn’t know if they were taking a statin. For example, if your 10-year risk of CVD is 35%, then in a group of 100 people just like you, over 10 years, 35 people would get CVD and 65 would not. They work by inhibiting an enzyme in the liver called HMG-CoA reductase. Andy Hutchinson from the medicines and prescribing team at NICE takes us through the pros and cons of statins. We want to help you come to a decision that’s right for you, so we’ve developed a One risk is muscle pain, ranging from mild pain to a severe muscular problem called rhabdomyolysis.

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