acoustic slide guitar licks

You can also check out the Beginners Guide to Lead Guitar as a great starting point for learning the techniques needed for this lesson. On the tab, this ascending phrase is shown as individually picked notes but you can play these with hammer ons if you are struggling to pick them cleanly. Guitar Tab showing Lick 7 containing double stops and hammer ons. The trick is don’t be afraid to experiment. Heavy – better for sustain, more accuracy, good for long slow notes, Light – Thin sound, but faster, harder to keep accurate, less volume and sustain. More about these mysterious quarter tones elsewhere in the Acoustic Guitar Workshop slide course. Starting with hammer ons across the first and second beat on the 5th and 7th frets of the D and G strings in an ascending pattern. 2. For example, move all the licks down 2 frets and the first shape will start on the 3rd fret of the E string meaning the licks are note in G Minor. Here is another Eric Clapton style flurry. Metal is good for more attack, especially electric. The double stops falling on the “1”, the “&” of the second beat and on “4”. Guitar Tab showing Lick 1 containing picked notes and string bending. With added compression, like the old purple pecker, or rack effects, the slide sounds great. Avoid manufactured glass slides as they tend to lack sustain and brightness – use real bottle glass. The descending part of the lick starts with a pull off from the 8 to the 5 on the B and then the 7 to the 5 on the G before landing on the 7th fret of the D on the “&” of the fourth beat. Guitar Tab showing Lick 5 containing hammer ons and string bending. TrueFire Guitar Review – The Giant of Online Lessons, How To Play the Blues Scale And Use It In Your Music, The 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands, Compared And Explained. On the “&” of the second beat you will pick the 10th fret on the B string. It uses the high end of the second shape Minor Pentatonic scale. This lick is a repeated pull off lick on the 5th and 8th frets of the B and E strings. Start slow and work your way up getting faster and faster while keeping the timing steady and even. Rick Payne You can move these to different keys by moving the scale shape and it’s root note relative to whatever key you want to play them in. This frees up your first finger to play the 5th fret on the G as the next note. Guitar Tab showing the A Minor Pentatonic Scale Shape 2. Once you feel comfortable with the slide, experiment with different amounts of vibrato – light or heavy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There have been many objects used to achieve the slide sound. They are designed to give you a fun and easy way to get into lead guitar playing. This lick is more rhythmic in its approach and could even be used as building blocks for a riff or rhythm part for a song. You want to be sure you are hitting the pitch accurately on each bend. This one will stretch you so start out going through it slow and be sure all the movements and all the notes are clear. I like the rootsy flavor of an acoustic for instant feel. The first beat being the 7 on the D to the 5 on the G. On the second beat you have the 7th fret on the G in place of the 5th. This lick combines ascending and descending runs in a one bar burst, it also uses string bending and pull offs. Don’t worry about speed at this stage, these licks aren’t designed to be shredtastic. The lick ends with three consecutive bends. Think of the slide ( bottleneck, or whatever you decide to use ) as a moving fret which by careful handling will maintain the pitch of the note you are trying to play. Learn foundational beginner blues slide guitar licks. This is a personal choice, as with most aspects of slide playing. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. As we are playing this scale in the key of A Minor, the root note (first note) is on the 5th fret of the E string. This is a Chuck Berry style rock and roll lick using string bends and double stops. The second Trucks slide lick here is pretty straight forward. Check them out. Take your time with the flow of this as throwing in the bend after two double stops actually moves the timing of the next two double stops. Take your time to play the notes cleanly focus on any techniques that come up along the way. Guitar Tab showing Lick 2 containing slides and cross string picking. The second beat has the same pull off from 10 to 8 but as you hit the third beat you aren’t picking again, but you are sliding the 8th fret note down to the 5th fret on the B. The first two are both played over the third beat and the third bend is played on the fourth beat and sustained a little longer. Bob Brozman once told me that he used a 0017 on his National – now, there’s a real slide man for you! We may link to products if we deem helpful to the reader. Each two notes fit across one beat. Slide players can pick up some real winners. Check out that early Ry Cooder sound. Let’s refer to the double stop as high and the hammer on notes as low and we can visualise the rhythm: Guitar Tab showing Lick 8 containing hammer on and pull off flurries. Double stops are a great way to get some attitude into your licks, they involve playing two notes of the scale simultaneously. A violinist uses the same effect on the fretboard ( fretless of course ) to maintain steady pitch. This lick is all straight eighth notes so again you’ll hit two notes per beat. Vibrato with the slide means you play a compromise between an in and out of tune note – somewhere in the middle is the correct pitch. At sometime or other I’ve used them all but to keep things simple and effective, I use a real bottle neck or metal tube, cut long enough to be slightly longer than the pinkie. Knives, bottle necks, tubes of all kinds of metals and glass, spark plug sockets, lighters, stone, marble, plastic… anything! Now that you’ve learnt some techniques and you’ve learnt some scales, we can start combining those into some licks. Fret the first half with … Guitar Tab showing Lick 10 containing a long phrase made up of pull offs, slides and string bending. In fact all the exercises in the Acoustic Guitar Workshop’s slide course were recorded with an old, small body Hofner, that I found in Denmark for 20 pounds. I’ve noticed that some players use lack of vibrato to produce quarter tones, which are carefully placed, and give an eerie effect against the proper pitched note. Lowell George( Little Feat ) heavy. They are all written here in the key of A Minor using the first and second shapes of the Minor Pentatonic scale. Once again, listen to Blind Willie Johnson or Ry Cooder ( Vigilante Man is a good example ) to hear these notes. Glass is great for smooth, long sustain – Paris Texas type stuff.

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