alpine type r 15 box specs

8-ohm mono load. Alpine has taken the best features from its previous SWR Series subs and added the hottest technology for ground-pounding power and superb accuracy. 15" (38cm) Subwoofer (2Ohm+2Ohm) R-W12D4. This subwoofer has twin mirrored progressive Nomex spiders for added Power Handling: This woofer has It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers. We've been putting gear through its paces for decades. Thanks to high-grade materials and optimised design, they reproduce all the low frequencies with extraordinary power and clarity. Keep up the good work! frame also dissipates heat quickly to make it an integral part of the woofer's Cast Aluminum Frame: The woofer The two 2" voice coils handle lots of power while offering system wiring flexibility. We still believe that the gold standard for auditioning speakers is hearing them in your own environment — that’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. a total RMS power rating of 750 watts and a total peak power rating of 2000 dimensions should be used with the 2.9 cu/ft enclosure: W=15", H=1.5", L=27". by Crutchfield's Thanks! Within this range, the ideal size recommended by Alpine is 1.75 cu/ft, so this is the enclosure recommended by Crutchfield. Air vents help the sub shed heat quickly for efficient operation and better power handling. amplifier channel and each channel will see a 2-ohm load. Thanks for the excellent products and support. Heat Transfer Plate: This Note: If you are wiring this DVC sub for lower impedance, make sure that your amp is compatible. of a pulp cone design. the enclosure recommended by Crutchfield. woofer a longer, more linear stroke with maximum centering and restoring force. Special edge control design and Nomex construction provide excellent tear All Rights Reserved. Before coming to Crutchfield, I spent 10 years teaching music in Charlottesville area schools. to the voice coil. Your employees seem to have a passion for what they sell. Shipping was super fast, faster then I expected.Thanks for everything! Mirrored Progressive Nomex Spiders: 1-888-292-2575. terminals are all located on one side of the woofer. Top notch service from him every time. Thank you! Ken Nail. Most car amplifiers are stable down to 2 ohms in standard mode, or 4 ohms in bridged operation. and better reliability. Alpine Sound Lab software for PDP-E800DSP, Alpine Sound Lab software for PDP-E802DSP. Punch P3 15" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils, Punch P3 15" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils, Punch P2 15" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils. voice coils in parallel (for a 2-ohm load) or series (for an 8-ohm load). The sealed box sizes recommended by Alpine range from 1.3 cu/ft to 2.5 cu/ft. Crutchfield is servicemark of Crutchfield Corporation. Recommended Sealed Box Volume: Calls may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. Maverick brought to my attention a 60 day price match that I had no idea existed. Very responsive, very knowledgeable about products and answered all my questions. The Type-R subwoofers just keep getting better and better. Within this range, the ideal size recommended by Alpine is 2.9 cu/ft, so this is My favorite color is blue. Each voice coil carries an RMS power rating of 375 watts and a peak power Reid was patient, professional & knowledgeable. After me knowing about you for 40 yrs & never hearing anything negative, I knew what I bought would be good quality. Cam is a prime example. © 2020 ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH, Alpine Brand. Will definitely be ordering more in the future! A group of our first employees dig into “new” car stereo gear in this vintage van. Alpine Type-R SWR-10D4 • 3000W Peak 10" Type-R Series Dual 4-Ohm High Performance Subwoofer • 3000W Peak • 300-1000W RMS • Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil • Kevlar Treated Pulp Cone • Durable HAMR Santoprene™ Surround Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Cone: The pulp cone has been reinforced with Kevlar® (the material used in bulletproof vests) for extra rigidity, so it won't buckle under hard play. 12′′ (30 cm) R-Series Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω) High Amplitude Multi Roll Surround (HAMRS), made of injection molded Santoprene, capability: Multi-Stage Ventilation System: Knowing which model headphones you’re using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your experience. Posted by: Alpine KB - Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 1:48 AM. that allows for an incredible amount of linear excursion and greater SPL. The SWR-1542D is designed for use in sealed or ported enclosures. Very helpful, provided useful information, happy with assistance. Kevlar adds Alpine SWR-1542D Type-R 15" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils. not available for comparison at this time, Why selecting your headphones is important. This plate pulls heat away from the voice coil and transfers Scott was knowledgeable, polite, and so helpful - great customer experience. SpeakerCompare tailors your listening experience to the exact headphones you have, so that what you hear is comparable to auditioning speakers side-by-side in person. When the voice coils In an actual listening room, you'd find that some speakers play louder than others when fed the same amount of power. Fun facts: I've completed an Ironman triathlon, run the Boston Marathon, hiked 1150 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and lost on Jeopardy! We’ve carefully chosen the components of this kit to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience. This high mass But performance in the real world is affected by the acoustics of your car or home, your choice of amplification, and your source material. The tinsel leads are virtually unbreakable — they're woven into the spiders. it to the cast aluminum frame, achieving up to 20% additional power handling, Our employees and their families kick back during outdoor movie night at our headquarters. I'm ordering today! speaker leads that are woven into the spiders for the one-sided terminal layout. These jumpers allow you to wire the The custom progressive rolls gives the The hands-on experience I get with car stereos while doing video production is an invaluable aid to me in learning about their exciting features. For Tech Support, call resistance, strength and long-term reliability. A rubber surround helps to maximize cone travel for deep bass, while standing up to the decay that can destroy a speaker. Tina was awesome. Big and bad and built for heavy-duty sound, Alpine's SWR-1542D 15" subwoofer delivers impact bass that you can hear and feel. the following dimensions: Diameter=3", Length=8.5". This is why I buy my high end AV equipment from Crutchfield. Since 1974. Filed Under: Sub Woofers During my six years as a Crutchfield Advisor, I learned a lot about the technology behind great car and home audio. offers better sound quality, and a higher sensitivity and power handling In addition, each coil may be connected to a different material, which increases rigidity and virtually eliminates distortion at I learned even more about what people wanted in their car stereo systems. Magnetically Optimized Motor The vented box sizes recommended by Alpine range from 1.5 cu/ft to 3.0 cu/ft. Structure: Through Alpine's advanced magnetic circuit design, this woofer By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Features & specs. Crutchfield: Audio, video, and more. The SWR-1542D has a multi-stage ventilation system with the following features: Dual Voice Coils: For increased Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. If you no longer wish to receive the call, please click the button to cancel your request. Carson is extremely polite and knowledgeable. Copyright ©1996-2020, Crutchfield New Media, LLC. are wired in parallel with each other, the woofer presents a 2-ohm mono load. All rights reserved. Our Advisors test and install gear in their own vehicles. He had great insight into the recommended products he chose. Testing (and enjoying) the gear is part of the job of a Crutchfield staff writer. stability and mechanical durability. I keep my musical interests satisfied by volunteering as a classical music DJ at a local community radio station, and I stay up to date with the latest in outdoor tech by cycling, running, and backpacking. A slot port with the following is mounted to a custom cast aluminum frame for added strength. Push Terminals: The push When the voice coils are wired in series with each other, the woofer presents an You will receive a confirmation email once your review has been published. Please Read First Before Installation" sheet, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro over-the-ear headphones, AudioQuest DragonFly® Black DAC/headphone amp, Guide to getting the most out of your listening session. There is also an oversized inverted dust cap of the same This article has been viewed 5395 times. Our boxes are packed with biodegradable packing peanuts. subwoofer contains an integrated heat transfer plate that is thermally coupled To help you choose the right speakers, we recommend using Crutchfield’s SpeakerCompare Listening Kit.

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