amp goes into protect mode when car starts

Add the RCA cables first. Don't let the amp touch the screws used to moun the wood board and don't use screws so long to mount the amp that they go through the board and touch the vehicle. The amplifier is overheated because of the lack of the flow of the air. Skip ahead to the next section. Get the amp down to it's most basic state. Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack: What’s the Difference? Copyright © 2020. We’ll start with the good news. Try to determine the cause. Remove any connection to the speaker, then turn your amp on and see if it’s still in power protection mode. Tear it down. Amplifier Protection Mode Troubleshooting Try to determine the cause. New amp also goes into protect mode. Step 3: Check the voltage on your amp’s power cables. whenever im playing music right when i turn my car on the amplifyer (with no music playing) is fine no red light for protect but as soon as i turn music on and a music starts to go to the amp itll cut in to protect mode. New member. You’ll need a multimeter for this. I have an xplod system, the amp is 1200W max 2 channel at 200w RMS each channel, and then I have 2 xplod's 12 inch … Car Audio Forum > Car Amplifiers Forum > Archive through July 28, 2011 Forum ... Amp won't stop going into protection mode . Car Amplifiers Forum > Archive through May 29, 2006 Forum > AMP shuts off when i raise the volume PLEASE HELP . Compare the manufacturer's repair rate to that of a local shop. Amps go into protect mode for many reasons. I'm on a bit of a budget so my entire system is Boss Audio. If your amp has a “protect” light, and it’s on, then chances are good that you have a faulty speaker, subwoofer, cable or another component. everthing was fine until i connected the rca's so i say find a better ground. If you haven’t found the problem yet, it’s time for a classic engineering solution: try to isolate the vault within the system. If you worked your way through all six steps above, but your amp won’t leave power protect mode even after you’ve disconnected it from everything, then you’ll need a professional’s help to diagnose the problem. Yes, protection mode is a built-in feature of the amp, and yes, whatever caused it can almost always be fixed. When something goes wrong in the amp’s wiring, the protection circuit trips, shutting down the entire amp to keep the problem from getting worse. It’s not a blue screen of death. Step 6: Unplug the amp from the head unit. Look for clean, secure connections at every port. We want to warn you at the start: Unless you’re a trained electrician with access to a fully-stocked workshop, you won’t be able to personally fix every power protect fault. To solve a grounding problem, clean your grounding wires, then reattach them more tightly to a location in your car where you’re certain they won’t rattle loose. Low voltage can be caused by bad grounding. DecibelCar is reader-supported. Remove any connection to the speaker, then turn your amp on and see if it’s still in power protection mode. Rear decks and door panels can easily touch unprotected speaker terminals if not properly installed. 7 Types of Car Speakers: What Are Their Differences? This page is a VERY basic introduction into car audio amplifier repair. You may also be interested in How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System . If the voltage is less than 12V with your car’s engine on, something has gone faulty inside the speaker. No car is complete without a stereo capable of blowing out the eardrums of everyone in a 5-mile radius, but you might think you can’t, If you are tired of the poor quality of the preinstalled factory speakers in your car, a 3-way speaker is the best option to improve, If you are looking to upgrade your car’s sound system, but limited space is an issue, an 8-inch subwoofer may be the perfect option. Watch as Allyn goes through some troubleshooting processes that you can try when your amplifier isn't functioning properly. Get the amp down to it's most basic state. So I'm a bit of a noob to this kind of stuff but I am really stumped. Tear it down. If it starts right up as normal, the problem is in the speaker — your amp has just shut down to protect itself. | Car Audio Q & A. Step 2: Check cables, terminals, and fuses. Knowing what happened before it quit working can help determine how to fix it. Pro installer checked setup and says it's all good, though.

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