are cormorants edible

Some may say that – hey they reduced the number of Cormorants that were to be killed per day. About 500 cormorants live there now, having only moved in (or perhaps back) less than ten years ago. The MNR in their infinite wisdom introduced Muskies. If the government were serious about “protecting fish and wildlife habitat” it would focus its attention on halting the destruction wreaked by human activities rather than scapegoating cormorants. Your email address will not be published. Cormorants are excellent at catching fish which is their main diet. Fall Harvest for Double-Crested Cormorants Introduced to Protect Local Ecosystems. “Everybody knows that cormorants are not a delicacy by any means,” he said. I would hope this decision would be overturned, but chances are it will not. Why are politicians making wildlife decisions? Was fishing on a beautiful day on Lake Ontario this summer when we came about a kilometre from a small(formerly beautiful) bleached white island and then the light wind hit my nostrils and I almost threw up in my mouth the stench was so overwhelming. In order to fly away from us it had to reduce its weight, so it coughed up 4 small fish that it had just caught. Ronan Henderson of Roundstone, Connemara, writes to say that he hasn't ever but has spoken to one who made a regular habit of it. I don’t mind at all if some trees perish where they nest. There is no compelling evidence that cormorants have had a significant negative impact on commercial or sport fish stocks. I agree that these types of decisions should be mostly placed onto the scientific environmental protection organizations. 7. ON Melina. It is enough to get me out and get my hunting lic just to remove these predators from the area, This is not a hunt This is a slaughter. Much more than the city of Toronto or its surrounding municipalities. The wildlife people were asked if it was not possible for, say, the owner of a fish farm to get a licence to shoot the bird if damage was being done to his stocks. Nests in trees near or over water, on sea cliffs, or on ground on islands. 5. Our Roundstone friend told the pilot that where he came from the `cailleach dubh' did not come high on the list of delicacies and he told me we did not know what we were missing. Most of us will never know, for, big snag, the cormorant is now a protected species. Cormorants are opportunity-based fishers – they eat what is most abundant and easily available which prevents them from depleting stocks of any one species. ON Melina. They serve a useful purpose in the environment by providing guano, eating invasive fishes and birding opportunities for the burgeoning ecotourism industry of the province. So the government’s pretence that hunter s ... Cormorants have long been maligned and persecuted in North America. Then he dissected it, and together with the usual vegetables casseroled or potboiled it. I am glad this bird is eating invasive fishes and most of the trees they happen to nest in are either Crack Willows, an invasive, or pioneer trees such as Eastern Cottonwood or Trembling Aspen. Is it just because of the cormorant's unappealing, even ugly look that we think it couldn't possibly be edible? After all, there are ways of scaring the bird off, without gunning it down. It did well without us for millennia and it will continue to do so if we keep our interests to ourselves. ON Melina. At least hunters have the fortitude to face the ugly work of procuring their meat right from the source. Nature always suffers at the hands of human greed, inconvenience or ignorance. Law-abiding hunters who don’t want to eat them will have to either deliver the dead birds to a disposal facility or bury them on their property. As a hunter and OFAH member I have long been involved in environmental projects that improve our world. Cormorants are located near rivers, lakes and along the coastline. Dear Adam, Ontario Nature’s job is to advance the conservation of wild species and wild spaces. When it comes to conservation, it’s the journey, not the destination…, 30 by 2030: Ten things you should know about Canada’s new protected areas targets. Additionally, you may object to the hunt here but if you do not do something like write a letter and or say your piece in other ways then I hope you can live with yourself with the possible elimination of another species from this Earth. Hi Sean, we would like to highlight that Ontario Nature does not oppose hunting that is sustainable and conducted in an ethical fashion, which unfortunately is not the case for the fall cormorant hunt. Yet, their answer to their self created problems is always to kill. They mainly eat fish they find by swimming and diving. Very simpley they r of no use. He also says the hunt seems wasteful ⁠— cormorants aren’t edible. I have, and they eat anything and everything. When I start to see less of them and not more (which has been the case for decades) I’ll be convinced the population growth of these birds are adequately controlled. We felt privileged to witness this scene, it was an exceptional wildlife viewing experience that very few have ever seen close up. In such situations control measures, if deemed necessary, should be site-specific and science-based. What we really need is targeted control like they do in provincial and national protected areas with multiple tools – shooting, egg oiling, etc. Here’s what you as an individual can do to express your objection to this unfortunate hunt. Wild Turkeys were not “seeded” into Ontario. Do you even know what the word means? Many of us wrote letters to the current Ontario Government objecting to the hunting of Double-crested Cormorants. Killing of Cormorants, at the rate of 15 per day, in the time span of 3 and a half months will greatly reduce the population of the bird. Controlling or managing wildlife by just shooting them for no other reason then reducing the population is a disgrace to wildlife. It is sick. The fall hunt is just another chapter in that regrettable history. in that time they’ve deforested two islands and destroyed the fish stock… There’s over a 150 of them! Wanton disregard for wildlife bothers me at any time, but in this case, dressing up the carnage as “protecting fish and wildlife habitat,” as the government has done, is particularly abhorrent. Additionally, cormorants are colonial birds, often feeding, roosting or nesting in high concentrations. These pellets can be dissected by biologists in order to discover what the birds ate.

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