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As students stay home during an online semester, literary journal Utopia Parkway hopes to keep students connected through creative writing. Now hold my spirit steady. Utopia Parkway is another publication at Queens College, but what makes the club unique is that it specializes in publishing the creative writing, art, and photography of students on campus. III. by Mary Lotz, IT’S ALL A MATTER of public record—the grisly murder, the killer’s fetish for his hands, his mother’s red Kool Aid, the yellow clay of Belknap Creek, the yellow American Girl roses my sister-in-law keeps ordering. Current Issue; The Writing Life; Archive; About. For digital projects related to civil rights and other affiliated projects, see Other Archives Pages. by John Struloeff, For an hour after learning of his own father’s death, my father stood by the phone looking out at the empty yard. The literary-art magazine of Queens College, "Spectrum" included literature, art, humor, essays and reviews. A group from Queens College composed primarily of students poses before the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Queens College Libraries. by Sophia Terazawa, I. I was channeled, spoken by that sunburst. Some day next week or […], Michigan Would Get Beautiful Smug, crude, full of himself and not very bright. Native American Studies Resources. by Sophia Terazawa, Hill 937. I worked two jobs as I aspired to write my first plays. I was a bellhop at a mid- town hotel and a waiter in a restaurant around the corner. She is hungover. Armstrong Literary is a journal based in Queens: a borough with a multiplicity of cultures, languages, and experiences. by Emily Franklin, appears in the attic—suited, unshaven— and waits until I’ve finished hand-sanding floors (original 1890 pine, stained, lacquered), waits until the room is ready to reveal himself. Our core mission is to prepare students to contribute to our complex global society by helping them become astute readers and citizens able to critically engage with literary texts and their cultural contexts. Search. IV. She throws a backpack into the trunk. Menu. She sits in the driver’s seat, checks her phone, throws it into the passenger seat, cries onto the steering wheel. DALE: Male or female, a smooth, forceful surrogate for the Emperor who knows how to keep reporters fearful and in their […], You Too the theory of regeneration occurs beneath the surface a clockface with […], the truth is Cecile hurried in. We also have substantial holdings in civil rights, rare books, performing arts, and personal papers and manuscripts. In the Literary Magazines database you’ll find editorial policies, submission guidelines, contact information—everything you need to know before submitting your work to the publications that share your vision for your work. When someone mis-pronounces my name more than once, I tell them, “It’s like Caroline, but Emma. I’ve realized since that I had always seen him focused on a task— carrying fresh cucumbers out to my sister, […], FLOAT To vocalize as such, to multiply, that build-up shone among our bodies. Small Presses . “I had to hit the bell with my elbow. Welcome to the Queens College Department of English website! Center for Biological Diversity   Small child, dark husband, roving hand, the man who discovered places in me that no man should discover so early; first whispers of marriage […], Aubade Before Tribunal

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