at4040 vs sm7b

Introduction. Un succès aussi pour les instrumentistes. Depending on what you have for a preamp, ribbon mics or an SM7B will … I'm mostly concerned with how it will sound on vocals, though. highriser: 13th November 2012 08:47 PM: your room is not treated well, either treat your room and then you can use the 4040 from the distance you're using it or get up closer to the 4040 to avoid the unwanted room reflections. To me the SM7b sounds much smoother in the mids but still detailed and natural. Gear: It is basically 1/2 a KSM 44 - single diaphragm cardiod vs. dual diaphragm multi pattern - for considerably less than 1/2 the price of the 44. Audio Technica has a long line of cardioid condenser mics, starting with the 2020. (It doesn't get boomy if you're up close) It sounds a little more scooped to me. Messages: 1,195 Likes Received: 135. If you like the KSM 44 you will like the SM 27. Not as heavy in the mids and a little brighter than sm7b. On the one hand I have a pretty poorly treated room and generally like the idea of being able to just record with the Shure without further redo. Discuss. La grande force du Shure-SM7B réside dans sa reproduction naturelle des voix. Joined: Jun 26, 2013 Location: Burnsville, MN. SM7b i find to be very full. Dec 9, 2009 #1 Primary use will be male vocals, but I will also be using it on acoustic guitar (6 & 12) and as a drum overhead. Nincs aki esetéleg rendelkezik ISA ONE and Shure SM7B … Any and all comments on either or both are greatly appreciated! Silver Supporting Member. Thread starter Zuper; Start date Dec 9, 2009; Zuper. The re20 doesn't seem to need just as much gain but it's designed in such a way that proximity effect is eliminated. S. sears Member. Messages 1,516. Right now I'm really undecided between the AT4040 and the SM7B, I know they are pretty different but that's why I don't know which one to choose. Szeretnék megnézni ezt-azt hogy viselkedik bizonyos helyzetekben. But I am not shure if the SM7b will sound good with the DMP-3 (I am selling mine too). Of this two I clearly prefer the SM7b (I am actually selling my AT4040). Le SM7B sera également très à l’aise dans l’enregistrement d’instruments : ampli de guitare et de basse, batterie, percussions ou instruments à vent et à cordes - sa grande qualité sonore en fera un allié idéal en toutes situations ! Sm7b works better with the current state of your recording environment . I like it if the voice has to fill out a big portion of the mix. SM7B vs. AT4040 - Not what I was expecting Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by schwiz, Apr 17, 2017. schwiz Lefty. This AT2020 vs. 4040 comparison is going to be short and sweet, but grab a snack, sit back and relax anyway because.. You’ve come to the right place!! Did a little mic testing last night before a vocal recording session and my results were a bit surprising. Also from what I've heard it has a great sound (I know about the gain issues). The high end is not as open as with the 4040 but with a little EQ you can open it up nicely (takes EQ very well). Introduction; Similarities & Differences; Final Word; Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!! What I will bring you in this article. AT4040 vs SM7b . Sziasztok Gondolkodom egy Shure SM7B beszerzésén a meglévő AT4040 mellé, azonban szeretném előtte tudni, vajon milyen lehet dolgozni egy Shure SM7B énekmintával. AT4040 and AT4033.

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