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In fact, you could take any of your trumpet music and play it on tuba. The difference is that tuba players actually read different music … is a resource site for young and small band programs, their students and directors. The fingering patterns are exactly the same. Fingering and Trill Charts for every instrument. fingerings that you have already learned. You may need to find the right pitch by moving slide 1, slide 5, and so on. Fingering Diagram for the 4/3-Tone Fifth Valve (C tuba) The fifth valve may be slightly higher or lower depending on the instrument's make or model. As a bonus, everything fits easily on one page, allowing young tuba players to keep this chart on their music stand and use it as a quick reference. Let’s look at the names and roles of each! This free chart shows young musicians how the notes on the tuba are organized by fingering and partial, making them easier to memorize. We offer a variety of online resources such as free reproducible scale sheets and fingering charts, free comprehensive method books, music for young concert band, marching and pep band, solo and ensemble, jazz ensemble/combo, and links to other great resources. This tuba fingering chart will help your tuba players find every note and fingering in a flash! Tuba Fingering Chart 4-Valve.pdf Learn the parts of the instruments. INTRODUCTION Notes are played on a tuba by pressing keys. Woodwinds Flute Fingering Chart. It also shows the alternate 4-valve fingering options. If you do not have an additional set of valve slides on your tuba, then it is non-compensating. These keys are attached to valves which regulate the flow of air through the various passageways on the horn.There are two types of valves used in tubas - piston valves and rotary valves. Plus, it shows which partial each note is on (a bonus for struggling tuba players). Instruments are collections of small parts. Tuba fingerings are very similar to the trumpet . flutechart.pdf: File Size: 114 kb: File Type: pdf This is the fingering chart for the Non-Compensating valve version of the 5 valve CC tuba.. What is a non-compensating 4 valve tuba?

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