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As one Lego spokesman said: “[Lugnet offers] incred­i­bly valu­able insights ” in hard­ware, soft­ware, design and usabil­i­ty, … Lego’s deep and comprehensive commitment to sustainable change and honoring their stakeholders shows how it’s possible for a brand to rebuild even after a PR crisis. As a focused and niche group of users, the Lugnet com­mu­ni­ty has even been rec­og­nized by the Lego brand as being a valu­able source of infor­ma­tion. The most popular ones go to market. Having an active and innovative user community helps LEGO keep an eye on trends for new products. The brand community is a crucial part of the organisation's innovation engine. 152 likes. In 2008, the LEGO Group formulates four promises to its key stakeholders and the community at large. Its Fun to Be Young, Fun and Entertainment Plus Infotainment and Technology. Lego the Brand. Play promise, partner promise, planet promise and people promise. LEGO Brand Framework LEGO Brand Framework is the LEGO Group’s mindset on the brand and the values we attach to it. More importantly, it helps to develop marketable product innovations. BRAND COMMUNITIES: A CHALLENGE TO TRADITIONAL INNOVATION PROCESSES. With Lego Ideas, anyone who loves Lego, from age 5 to 95, can check out proposals, vote on their favorites, leave feedback, and submit their own ideas. We have created two important initiatives to aid all children – from the most vulnerable in refugee camps and war-torn countries to those waiting out a community quarantine. This online community doesn’t just offer up fantastic market data for the brand, it also helps to keep people interested with ongoing contests. Rather than aim to replace LUGNET with it’s own official community however, Lego embraced the website and introduced the Lego Ambassador program which helped Lego find brand enthusiasts through the LUGNET network. Children, corporate social responsibility, Learning through Play, local community engagement

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