bright lights swiss chard

Swiss Chard Bright Lights. Improved for colors, stems can be yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet or striped in addition to red or white. Height: 50cm (20"). Large leaves with a prominent, flat wide mid-rib grow in an upright rosette that is beautiful in a bed or container. days to maturity was 16.5 days when harvested at the first true leaf (as opposed to cotyledon) stage. For use as a garnish, in salads and in many tasty recipes, Bright Lights … Red, yellow, pink, and orange stems. Swiss chard—or simply “chard”—is a member of the beet family that does well in both cool and warm temperatures. Use the small leaves just like spinach! Called “Bright Lights,” this variety of Swiss chard is as pretty as it is tasty. Your dinner guest will be wowed by not only the colors, but the flavor. 52,900 seeds/lb. 1998 AAS Edible – Vegetable Winner. Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' can be harvested from late autumn to early spring from an autumn planting! Here’s how to grow Swiss chard in your garden! Marketing Information: Product Information 2019 Ball Field Collection Bench Card Download a Bench Card. SWISS CHARD. Bright Lights Swiss Chard. Based on our yield trial, avg. Grows best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade and even appreciates it in spring in hot climates. Mild spinach flavor. Easy to grow from seed or bedding plants. Thin seedlings to 4 in/10 cm apart when they are about 2 in/5 cm high. Increase plate appeal by adding Bright Lights micros with beautifully-varied stem colors. Spread: 30cm (12"). Sow @ 4-6 lbs/1.8-2.7 kg per acre; 1 oz/28 g per 100 ft/31 m. CULTURE: May be sown from April 15th until June 15th. Stir fry the large leaves with garlic and chicken. Harvest in 4-5 weeks. Avg. Swiss chard is best known for its bright and colorful stems, which come in a rainbow of hues—pink, yellow, orange, red, and white. Guaranteed lo brighten the vegetable patch, or why not grow this colourful swiss chard cultivar in ornamental borders. Sow seed 0.5-0.75 in/13-19 mm deep in a sunny location. Bright Lights Chard produces copious amounts of 18"-22" leaves in a wide assortment of colors.

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