chocolate girl lyrics

Chocolate Girl Lyrics. If there was such a thing as a wish come true I would wish for you to love me just as much as I love you And if in life there was just one thing that only I could pray I would pray for love for you and me and let the world take the rest Chocolate Girl, oh Chocolate Girl Chocolate Girl This song is by The Whispers and appears on the album Open Up Your Love (1977). Pakka Chocolate Girl lyrics from Chandan Shetty. The single version differed from the album version of the song. I need a chocolate girl (oh whoa baby) Someone to rock my world (on no, no, no) I need a chocolate girl Right now (right), right now (right, right now) I need a chocolate girl (I need me a chocolate girl) Someone to rock my world (oh yes I do my baby) I need a chocolate girl Right now, right now [Verse 2:] Let's make love through the night, uh Chocolate Girl Lyrics [Intro:] (Chocolate girl, all I want is you) You look so dark and lovely standing over there Now let me ask you a question Does it taste as good as it looks Chocolate girl, we can dance all night I wanna know baby (no) Let me bring it to you just like this [Verse 1:] The Herald also spotted "Chocolate Girl’s dysfunctional Don Juan" running through the lyrics. Chocolate Girl, oh Chocolate Girl Come and play in my ice-cream Bittersweet cocoa tame Ooh and cocoa tame we could live in a chocolate dream oh If we could I would wish we could don t you wish we would Never grow old and gray Just be chocolate stars make little chocolate bars And slowly And slowly Ooh and slowly And slowly And slowly melt away He calls her the chocolate girl 'cause he thinks she melts when he touches her She knows she's the chocolate girl 'cause she's broken up and swallowed And wrapped in bits of silver Alan doesn't understand her He thinks it's getting harder So he spends the night with old friends Underneath the covers And he talks about the chocolate girl Pakka Chocolate Girl song lyrics are written by Chandan Shetty while the music is composed by Chandan Shetty and the song is sung by Chandan Shetty. Track listing. Pakka Chocolate Girl video song featuring Chandan Shetty was released … "Chocolate Girl" is the fourth song released as a single from the album Raintown by the Scottish group Deacon Blue. Pakka Chocolate Girl is a song from 2017 Kannada movie Chandan Shetty.

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