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Copyright © 2020, CTF Media. Chris spent 2 years on the waiting list Liver Donor Marries the Woman Whose Life He Saved: 'It Was the Best Decision I Ever Made' "It makes me so happy to see how well she's doing now," Christopher Dempsey tells PEOPLE of his wife Why A Child Refuses To Talk To The Other Parent, For The Crafty Mom: Christmas Art That Can Double As Decorations. Too Many Shoes! It's true that some of the patients were near death when they received "the call. His parents and two older brothers were by his side through his final days, but neurologists told the Gregory family that Chris’ prognosis wasn’t very good. Jorge was born with a debilitating lung disease, and it was considered a miracle that he celebrated his 20th and 40th birthdays. Christopher’s organs were donated to five people, one of them being Jorge. -All My Tomorrows. Doctors had previously wrongly diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis. In the movie, Jorge meets his future wife Leslie while he is on an airplane and she is working as a flight attendant. This is death.’ Just like that,” says his dad, Eric, on the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency site. When the two families eventually met, Jorge learned from Eric and Grace Gregory all about the remarkable teen who was responsible for saving his life. The 2 Hearts true story reveals that the real Leslie was indeed working as a Pan Am flight attendant when she met Jorge Bacardi. The organs were transplanted into other patients on the waiting list. Built in honor of Chris, The Gabriel House provides transplant and oncology patients with long-term housing while at the clinic. The neurologists cautioned his family that Chris's prognosis was somewhat dire. However, unlike what's seen in the movie, the true story reveals that he didn't collapse while playing basketball with friends. A total of seven people received Chris Gregory's organs, including Jorge Bacardi, who received Chris's lungs. His heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas were shipped to the same Jacksonville hospital where Bacardi had his transplant. There was now a huge hole in our lives where our son once fit so perfectly.”. “Jorge’s letters are always the same: ‘Me and Chris caught this.’ It’s always me and Chris.”. "Chris had been an organ donor ever since he got his license three years prior at age 16. Yes, it is! However, he wasn't diagnosed with the disease until he was in his fifties. Yes. Yes. Yes. Finding an organ donor on such short notice can be incredibly tough. His parents had feared that he wouldn't live past 12 years old. Yes. The organs were transplanted into other patients on the waiting list. He hadn't put enough focus on his studies during the previous semester and his grades had suffered. “On the morning of his second day in the SICU, the attending neurosurgeon looked us square in the eyes and said, ‘Christopher’s condition has worsened overnight. As such it is an act of empathy, human solidarity; love. Our family was on vacation, and one night at dinner the conversation somehow drifted to organ donation. Yes. What Age Does Puberty End For Boys & Girls? The families remained in touch until Jorge's death on September 23, 2020, less than a month before the release of the 2 Hearts movie.In 2011, Jorge and his wife funded The Gabriel House of Care on the Mayo Clinic's Jacksonville campus where Jorge had his transplant surgery. Two other patients received his corneas. Yes. "Of course I’m an organ donor. “I smile whenever I get a picture of Jorge with some dead fish,” Eric said in his speech the day the Gabriel House was dedicated. In between PTA events and scout meetings, Michelle now writes about all things parenting — and there's a good chance that what she's really looking at on her phone is actually a saucy romance novel. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Chris and Jenn had been dating since the previous October. Most—about 90%—of this group are waiting for a kidney. That call came in March 2008. At What Age Do My Kids' Feet Stop Growing?

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