convert sm58 to sm57

Yes, we are open and shipping! Thanks for your continued support. Although the series of Shure SM58 and Shure SM57 is very close and based on the same cartridge design, there are huge differences between both Microphone. Shure Notes Issue #30 - Revisiting the Classics, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio, New with shure SM58 mic. However, we all know that they are extremely similar microphones, in fact, they are almost identical. I like to play guitar and sing at the same time using California Blonde acoustic amp. No kidding- thanks for that info. but with its shorter grill design it allows the singer to get closer to the … The primary difference between the SM57 and the SM58 is the grille design. The cable ends in a 3.5mm plug which I connected to my computer through a small USB adapter. I bought a pair of 57s from the bay a couple of years back. If your SM57 hums - don't blame Shure, because they already know about this, and the answer is to buy something with a metal grill that is electrically grounded - such as an SM58. Of course, plugging in your trusty SM58 isn't so straightforward: Laptops, as well as desktop PCs and Macs, normally have 3.5 mm jacks, whereas most professional mics use XLR plugs. Would this microphone "absolutely" have to have a preamp to work with this setup or should I still get a signal without a preamp. Please see all COVID-19 updates here. Copyright © 2020, DIY Recording Equipment - Privacy Policy. T58s are available from for $80 each. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. " reply. Took over 3 weeks to arrive, so I asked the seller "what's up? The SM58 was designed for vocal applications, utilizing a ball grille that acts as an effective P-pop filter. Additionally, the different resonator/grille assembly design of the SM57 produces a slightly higher output above 5 kHz. Both the Shure SM57 and the SM58 are two of the most used and best-know microphones out there. T58s are available from for $80 each. I see on Amazon they are selling SM57's and Sm58's bundled with the Shure X2U adapter. 3 (Video), Designing a Rack Mount Preamp with Colour Pt. I read here. I should find a real one & compare, cause these are boring as watching paint dry. Using an SM57 for vocals is not that uncommon considering the similarity to the SM58, which is intended to be used for this purpose. 2 (Video), Mystery Project Pt 1: The Basics of Vintage Neve Circuitry, Designing a Rack Mount Preamp with Colour Pt. Can I use SM57 for vocal (live performance)? 1 (Video), Designing an Authentic, DIY-friendly LA-4 Opto Cell, Designing a 500-series Optical Compressor pt. In this application, P-pop is not a concern. My reason is just curiosity- I use the SM58 for vocals, but want to try mic'ing my amp cab. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The difference between a 58 and a 57 on a cab, isn´t that the 57 will sound amazing compared to a 58... Just place it were it sounds the best at the cone and play something nice. From studios to live performances all over the world, they tend to be the go-to mics. TAB-Funkenwerk Transformer Swap TAB-Funkenwerk, maker of fine vintage condenser microphone kits, manufactures a replacement for the stock SM57/58 transformer. On this post, we are going to compare SM58 Vs SM57 just for our readers. On both the SM58 and SM57, carefully unscrew the microphone in the middle. 4 (Video). Hey there! That's why you need to read carefully in order to obtain which mic is suit to your needs. A flat lip is a telltale sign of a fake microphone; the authentic SM58 will have a rounded edge. With their screw-open bodies, these mics are exceedingly simple and rewarding to mod. 3 (Video) Posted on 23 Jan 13:19, How a Passive Direct Input Box Works Posted on 15 Dec 00:00, Designing a Rack Mount Preamp with Colour Pt. Unless you're handy with a soldering iron, you're going to need a special cable like the RP325. Just got the Shure X2U microphone adapter and plugged it into the Shure SM57 mic. The Top 5 Best Looking Pieces of Outboard Gear, Designing a Rack Mount Colour Unit Pt. The Shure SM57 is identical to the SM58 internally but the SM58 has the round cage top to house an internal windscreen and because the ball forces the singer to be a greater distance from the mic's diaphragm, the proximity effect is lessened. eBay gives full refund & slams the seller as fradulent. Claimed they were a US Seller. 2 Posted on 20 Dec 18:07, Designing a Rack Mount Colour Unit Pt. The SM57 was designed primarily as an instrument microphone where a smaller grille size is preferred. The windscreen also dampens the hi frequency response as it cuts wind noise. Keep up on the world of DIY without leaving your inbox. I have a SM57 dynamic mic. The T58 transformer is designed to maintain the basic SM57 sound while extending the high and low frequency response. How is it compared to SM58, or SM58 beta? TAB-Funkenwerk, maker of fine vintage condenser microphone kits, manufactures a replacement for the stock SM57/58 transformer. They look leggit, and they 'work', but with nothing from Shure in my locker to compare them to, I just don't have a love/hate thing for them...they just 'are' & nothing more. You can definitely record excellent-sounding vocals with an SM57 if you know what you’re doing. (Photos Included). Both sm57 and 58 not great on anything though i like the sm57 bit a tad better than sm58. This Post Will Walk You Through How. Technically there are some differences between them, but if I have to use one in place of the other I'm not going to loose sleep over it. Is my shure sm58 fake or real? Either sell the sm58 to a friend and get a new sm57 or just get some cash to buy an sm57 because what you want to do is unthinkable. Designing a Rack Mount Colour Unit Pt. The simplest way is by connecting the Shure SM58 to a plug-on wireless transmitter like the Shure FP3-H5. *yawn* These are the swiss army knife of the industry?? A winning combo! You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The other parts -- the diaphragm and voice coil combination, the magnet, the transformer that’s in the handle, the handle itself, the closing ring that surrounds the cartridge – are identical. *yawn* These are the swiss army knife of the industry?? It's All a Matter of Microphone Application . The basic difference is the grille.

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