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…and see strangers drop their jaws at your sculpted muscle definition as you walk by at the beach. The key is to keep chugging along and attempting to make progress. It does a great job of teaching you the basics of how bodyweight fitness works and most of the progressions included are pretty good. Lie to yourself as much as you want to, but hard work always pays off, Forget about 3-5 minutes of rest time between sets. However, if you let the frustration get the best of you, and you stop, then you’ll forever be facing that obstetrical and never get beyond it. The lesson I eventually learned was that muscular strength developed without balance and control is akin to loading a ton of horsepower into a car while neglecting the tires, brakes and suspension. It’s simple, it’s cheap and it adds tons of value to your training. Has anyone done the program for an extended period of time and reaped results? The video is less than 15 minutes long, but is a very real look at what the progressions are for the various exercises and how much work goes into them. I've been reading allot of my old Dragondoor books lately and came across the three Convict Conditioning books. – Frustrations are what you go through to become stronger on the other side. My how time flies! Convict Conditioning is one of the “OG” programs on building muscle using just your bodyweight. Convict Conditioning is a simple, effective body-weight workout regimen you can do from the comfort of your home to build muscle, get stronger, and lose fat with fast results. It’s been used and written about by thousands of calisthenics experts and average joes for one simple reason. While my ego might perceive that as a step backwards, doing so never resulted in anything other than an increase in strength, power and muscle. Keeping just a bit in the tank doesn’t hold you back. The images above are a pretty good testament to how much my body has changed. It’s been used and written about by thousands of calisthenics experts … It’s an opportunity to experience and savor the amazing things the body can do. Spangler also shows some really nice gains. I read the book recently and whilst the way it was presented was a bit outlandish I thought there was some sensible advice and arguments presented on bodyweight training and the programme set out at the end of the book seems well though through. – Progression is on a slope, not on steps. One of the most important chapters in CC was the section on banking strength. Convict Conditioning is the brainchild of respected calisthenics coach Paul Wade.The ‘convict’ part is no joke, Paul entered prison in 1979 and spent 23 years behind bars, during which time he dedicated himself to learning the art of building strength and size through bodyweight training. Want Your Own Convict Conditioning Results? But that was the path that caused me a lot of frustration and pain. In my opinion, you can’t get one without the other. It’s the only thing. Adorian Moldovan at Old School Calisthenic. I've been lurking for awhile but this is my first post here. Convict Conditioning is a proven method for building incredible strength and muscle-size using nothing but your bodyweight. These kinds of transformations might sound difficult or even impossible, but you can build incredible strength and get chiseled lean too. But if your goals are truly big, then 5-6 times is better, Keep a training journal and track your strength or workouts there. Spangler posted a video on YouTube after trying Convict Conditioning for five months. But it’s beyond just more muscle and strength. Over the years, I would hit stumbling blocks where I felt I couldn’t bring more resistance to a muscle. We are reader-supported. While satisfying, holding back just a bit makes progression much easier and speeds recovery. His takeaways from the program include: Kazeboom is an amazing guy. So keep a log. Everything is up to you and it’s best to cultivate that self-reliance. My how time flies! He says that during those three years, he did take some time off because of injuries. – Technique isn’t everything. You must know how to track your progress, Take a before picture of yourself and put it where nobody can see it until you achieve greatness. All training holds frustrations and body weight training is no different. Here are 5 amazing Convict Conditioning results including transformations. Convict Conditioning (CC) is a great introduction to calisthenics. Even if it feels like you’re not making progress  I assure you are and one day the frustration you had will no longer be there. After killing it with the program for another year, Spangler posted another video to give fans an update on his gains after a total of one-and-a-half years doing Convict Conditioning. You might be surprised by how powerful your own body can me. ), An Aesthetic Leg Workout (For Strong Quads and Hamstrings), 35 Physical Exercise Facts, Statistics, Benefits & More, 5 Best Foldable Weight Benches (For Your Home Gym), Superhero X12 Review: The Movie Star Shredding Program, Technique isn’t everything. I must confess that after 6 years, I’m no where near any of the master steps. And do it all without spending hundreds on a gym membership. Convict Conditioning (CC) is a great introduction to calisthenics. Once I became focused on a technique, I realized I could adjust my progression in such small increments that progression wasn’t in choppy steps but rather up a smooth slope that I could roll right up. No matter how long you’ve been doing push ups, there is always room for technical improvement. With becoming more conscious about my workout technique, I also became more aware of how my body felt as it moved about. The images above are a pretty good testament to how much my body has changed. With weight training, everything was measured in reps or 5-10 pound differences in resistance. In his experience with the program, Moldovan realized that the books teach you how to attain a brutally strong body and how to gain solid muscles, just like a Greek statue. Even though CC is presented in 10 steps each step can have an almost infinite number of mini steps of progression depending on where you place your hands and feet. Convict Conditioning is one of the “OG” programs on building muscle using just your bodyweight. After she began writing for NoobGains, Natalie decided it was time to put in some real work towards her ultimate fitness goals, and she started the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program so she can achieve that slim and sexy look she's always dreamed of. In Methods & Success Mindset, Uncategorizedby MattApril 2, 2014. How to Break Out of the Diet and Exercise Rat Race, How to Overcome Perfectionism and Other Toxic Fitness Beliefs, How to Boost Your Self-Esteem to Boost Your Gains, Less Pain, More Gain w/ Mindful Mover’s Philip Chubbs, The Other 5 Commandments for Building Muscle With Calisthenics, The Top 5 Commandments for Building Muscle w/ Calisthenics, My Final Word On How Many Set You Really Need to Build Muscle, Deceptive Lies The Fitness Media Is Telling You Every Day. Every aspect of your success depends on how well you can dial in the technique of each exercise. Every time I came close I discover a technical tweak ot make the move more difficult but that usually meant dropping down a repetition standard or even a whole step entirely. The Fit Rebel at the Red Delta Project, 4. Will there be a sequel to Convict Conditioning? Sure you might have a personal trainer, a workout partner and a team of support on an internet fitness forum but the end of the day you’re on your own on this fitness journey. Although Convict Conditioning is more about training smart, progressively and with less volume, it is also about putting in sufficient volume to achieve the master steps. Well, if you keep reading, you’re about to discover some real Convict Conditioning results from 5 normal guys that wanted to change their bodies. Are you ready for the challenge?

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