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Regardless of the evil that the humans committed before death, Chiyuki manages to show them empathy, and frowns on the way the Arbiters cast judgement on the humans that come to them. Condemns herself to the void so she can be with Harada. He's not limited to using it on people either. He's a friendly and laid-back guy but little else is known about him. One of these rules denies them the ability to feel human emotions. directly references Decim's white hair, but doesn't point it out as being unusual, saying something triggering towards his guests, he doesn't move around too much when he fights, as she's shown to be one of the nicest characters, finally eliciting a genuine emotional response from him for the first time, and certainly doesn't act like one either. She and Harada are both sent to the void together. He's professional and respectful towards guests. Uses what appear to be puppet strings to restrain some guests. A young woman who is sent to Ginti to be judged. He appears to be losing his cool when Ginti knocks out his assistant and picks a fight with him. The elevator attendant that works in limbo is easily the most likable character in the show. actually first arrived beforehand to be judged, except she knew she was dead. Quin makes it very clear that she did not enjoy her time as an Arbiter. For attire, he wears a white v-neck shirt under a black vest and a brown necklace. It seems her accusation is what begins to awaken the emotions that Nona has implanted in him, In episode 7, both Oculus and Nona call arbiters "dummies who can neither live or die.". Welcome to the Death Parade Wiki. It's unknown if Memine is an arbiter, a feline equivalent, or just a random cat inherent to the bar. He's worked in both the education and entertainment industries and now lends his writing talent to Comic Book Resources as a List Writer. That said, when Memine is shown cozying up to someone aside from Ginti, he gets even more irritated than usual. Decim however keeps the "bodies" of some of his previous guests so that they are remembered in some way. It got bad enough that it drove her to taking her own life, in part because she wasn't able to understand why she felt that way in the first place. NEXT: Pokémon's 10 Most Likable Villains, Ranked. It seems that she still had hair like this as a small child, Most notably, she sheds these after she sees Decim smile for the first time, before he sees her off to be reincarnated, even as a living human, despite all the other humans in the show looking perfectly normal, she will be able to return to life in exchange for another's. Decim's ability to empathize with Chiyuki in the final episode is also a unique feature amongst Arbiters. When viewers are first introduced to Ginti, the Arbiter attacks Decim. Once the viewer comes to terms with the selfless motivation behind the young woman's actions it becomes much easier to like her as a character. It is hard to excuse Oculus' behavior in the latter few episodes of Death Parade. Thanks to Chiyuki, he now greets his guests with a genuine smile. Naruto: Which Dojutsu Would You Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign? However, other than Decim , they're all fairly chipper characters. Andrew Tefft is a writer, reader, watcher, and gamer based in the United States. Whenever Decim answers any of her questions, she seems genuinely surprised. Is able to do this with strings, although it's used for restraining or moving individuals rather than outright controlling them. That doesn't stop her from being one of the most likable characters thanks to her ability to empathize with the humans that she is judging. The loud mouthed pop idol fanatic comes off a bit strong when first introduced to viewers, but as the show progresses, Mayu proves to be an admirable character. Her fall to her "death" isn't particularly dignified either. He is initially presented as an innocent old man that likes to play pool. An organization clerk who measures coefficients of the dead and classifies them in various fields to determine their bar destination. and she knows that there isn't a lot of time to get her game done, the dolls are actually his mementos of the humans he wishes to remember, expressed when he polishes the newly made doll of Mayu, the Kokeshi dolls, and one of the more recent additions is Mayu, He lies to Mayu that there is a chance of bringing back Harada's soul if there is a soul to be exchanged for his. They appear to come from. Whether Chiyuki is qualified herself as a judge or not, her empathy is refreshing in a show where the majority of characters stand by while the dead are put through hell. A nameless amnesiac woman who works as Decim's assistant. If Ginti is truly emotionless, the only thing that explains his behavior is the fact that he is a genuinely mean person. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. In the short film, Decim doesn't answer any of her questions, and she's not allowed to know which player went where. Her alternate title is Queen Of The Dead.

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