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“I’ve heard the term `HDMI 2.1 Compatible’ floating around but my understanding of what has published is that anyone implementing 2.1 features without full 2.1 support will have to use the term `HDMI 2.0b with 2.1 eARC for example,” Porter speculated to us., TEL:, 14 Commerce CrescentKramervilleSandtonSOUTH AFRICA​, TEL:, TEL:  Any early implementation of HDMI 2.1 enhancement, of course, would not include support for the full 48Gbps data rate on 2.1; as 2.0b is limited to 18Gbps., TEL:  (+373 22) 92-99-92FAX:, Beemdstraat 11 | Postbus 87445605 LS Eindhoven, The Netherlands, TEL:  Some mfr's will add eARC via a firmware update to their 2017 HDMI 2.0 models. TEL:  “Like others, Hisense is planning to offer an interim solution adding select v2.1 enhancements to products with HDMI v2.0b ports,” Chris Porter, Hisense product management director, told us. TEL:  Most of these will have this activated once the Oct. 31st firmware update is activated and receiver is connected to an eARC-supporting television. +848 898 3424FAX:  +90 212 3122424Email:, TEL:  +5657-257-3231URL:  +571-622-0668URL:  Instead, eARC uses a dedicated data channel enabling equipment to make unimpeded handshakes for device data exchanges that instantly communicate the capabilities and limitations of each connected device in a chain to deliver the best possible formats and control codes that can be passed from end to end. +357 22 252527URL:  Just sign up to our newsletter now. +375 17 265-12-33URL:  +968-24497384FAX:  See the Denon website for details about upgrades. Important note: In order to process and respond to your inquiry, a Denon support account will be created if you not already have one. +562-2327-3480URL:  All Rights Reserved. Yes, a firmware update will be released to enable eARC. MD-2001 Chisinau Both the 2018 and 2017 Yamaha AV receiver models in the RX-V 85/83 and RX-A 80/70 series, and models RX-S602 and CX-A5200 will support eARC via the firmware update, the company said. More on that below. Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Set-Top Media Adapter with Alexa, Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controlled Wireless Speaker and Home System Interface, Amazon Echo Dot Voice Controlled Home System Interface, Best Selling Soundbars and 5.1 Surround Systems. By clicking on “Continue…” you agree to that. Other manufacturers and products will undoubtedly follow. Further, eARC will allow the same high quality signals to be sent both downstream and upstream between the television and audio component, unlike today’s narrow band ARC. 5982-710-7127 / 5982-710-7066 / 5982-710-8203, +919820644435, +912226108821, +912226108820. © 2020 Sound United, LLC. The new eARC specifications also make Lip Sync Correction mandatory so that pictures and audio should match even in a multi-component daisy chain. +880-31-2858199FAX:  +968-24497369URL:  +971-4-88 12 707URL: Anh Duy International Co., Ltd. (QTAD Co., Ltd.). +230 467 8811FAX:  +880-31-610107URL: 9 shagaret el Dorr street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. 16675, Glyfada,AthensGREECE​, TEL:  +7 (495) 780 58 20URL:  +1 (829) 761-4783URL:  +571-381-4920URL:  246-431-0109URL:  +507-263-9658URL:, TEL:, TEL:, AV Tools (Custom Integration Distributor), Valle de Ameca 3500 Please sign it. HD GURU is a registered trademark. To confirm if eARC is working, try playing an audio format only supported by eARC such as DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby® TrueHD, and then check your sound system display for confirmation. +1 (242) 327-1733URL:  DD+ is not considered HD audio quality (as is Dolby TrueHD) so ARC can be used to pass it from the TV --> AVR. +1 (305) 885-3821URL:  Similar Threads - eARC Firmware Updates. 002348020303200FAX:, TEL:  Rogelio Cantu 370Col. 2. +63 (02) 638 4299URL: TEL:  +40212331903FAX:, TEL:  +919820644435, +912226108821, +912226108820URL: TEL:  TEL:, TEL:  +358 (0) 9 41 500 210FAX:  eARC …, 14, Pyrgou str., Carrera 12 #84-12, Local 1 EsquinaCentro Comercial AndinoBogotáCOLOMBIA, TEL:  Republic of Belarus, TEL:  116-A y Unica-UrdesaGuayaquil, ECUADOR​, ​Rumichaca 820 y Zaruma, 2ndo PisoGuayaquilECUADOR, TEL:  I have the LG B8 and I can not pass content with Dolby Atmos to my receiver via HDMI. According to industry sources: it appears right now that supporting chipsets will become available around March 2019; subsequently, the products with full support for true 2.1 probably won’t hit shelves until the second half of 2019 or 2020. The connected products also must be set to automatically install firmware updates when available., Shopping DFS InternacionalCalle Itá YbatéCiudad del EstePARAGUAY​, TEL:  Col. Parque Real, TEL:, TEL:  Ramón Rivero y Av. Another eliminated trouble spot is the use of the HDMI-CEC equipment interoperability protocol, which has been notorious for compatibility failures between different brands of products. What’s more, manufacturers will no longer have to make the AV receiver or the sound bar the control hub in the system, unless desired, and those audio devices will no longer be required to handle video signals, which has created road blocks in the past when new formats like high dynamic range (HDR) video profiles were introduced. +41 41 510 05 99URL:  +38 044 5319 763URL:  Meanwhile, Hisense is mulling an update to bring select HDMI 2.1 features to unspecified models but has not yet determined an ETA to bring them to products. True HDMI v2.1 adoption may be more by accident than intentional as consumers would have to make a decision to upgrade their A/V system all-at-once (AVR, Source, Display) to get all of the benefits and, without content, the motivation could be lagging. While I was waiting I emailed Denon support asking:" Will you be adding eARC support to the X1500h model in the near future? " (+3705) 276 26 59URL:, TEL:, TEL:  Any news when firmware update for eARC on LG TV´s model 2018? I am a new owner of the Denon AVR-X2700H., TEL:, TEL:  In order to continue, you need to accept the Privacy Policy. +356 21 319576URL:  2670-355 Loures +971 4 881 1606FAX:, Shuwaikh head office, at the crossing of Ghazalli St. and 4th Ring Road, Al-Rai Industrial Area, Kuwait,P.O. In part, this is because the HDMI 2.1 spec is forward looking and the industry infrastructure won’t yet support enhancements like 4K/120fps, 8K/60fps or 10K resolutions that are built into the new interface., Str., Cestlice 271251 70 - Dobrejovice u PrahyCZECH REPUBLIC​, TEL:  That’s because manufacturers including Sony, Denon and others have either recently pushed to select step-up products firmware updates carrying new HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) and other HDMI 2.1 features or will very soon. 59561-500-225 / 59561-512-633URL:  +36 1 347 0020FAX:, TEL:  5982-710-7127 / 5982-710-7066 / 5982-710-8203URL:  November 12, 2018 ธวัชชัย อุไรรัตน์ av receiver, av8805, avr-x8500h, denon, earc, imax enhanced, Marantz, pre-processor, update firmware Facebook Twitter Minsk So what is eARC? What is HDMI ARC? +511-333-7244URL:  I just got a response back saying:" Thank you for contacting Denon Support, we value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance! TEL:  5299-9930-0600URL:  +386 1 510 31 30FAX:  +47 815 000 90URL:  México​, TEL:  Denon will also unleash the support for two of the latest HDMI 2.1 features--eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)--via future firmware update. +230 467 8812URL: TEL:  +502-2222-3000URL:  + 389 2 3133 104FAX:  +38512431-666URL:, 53, Nicolo Isouard StreetSliema SLM2084MALTA​, TEL:  977-1-4231443FAX:  The feature will also be supported in new 2018 models AVR-X3500H/X4500H/X6500H. Email:  +40212331540URL:  Box 126, Safat 13002, Kuwait​, TEL:  +38512431555FAX:  [email protected]URL:, TEL:  If you recently purchased a better-performing AV receiver, soundbar and 4K television, there is a good chance a significant boost in performance and convenience is heading your way soon., Ampliaudio S.A. de C.V. (Retail Distributor), TEL:  He began his career in journalism in the 1980s as a sports writer and later political reporter for several Connecticut daily newspapers.

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