diamond tetra with betta

Diamond Tetra – Sparkly, diamond colored, hardy, social and active, they do not nip fins Silver Tip Tetra – Tend to be a little more aggressive, nipping at other Tetras Glowlight Tetra – Silver in color with an iridescent orangish-red stripe that goes from nose to tail Keep them in schools of 5 or more for better results … 3. Even so, diamond tetras can get a little nippy with other species, especially fish with long flowy fins like betta, so avoid such pairings. It doesn’t have specific needs when it comes to temperature or water quality but you should try to keep it in water that are somewhat acidic and relatively soft. They are not flashy and territorial enough to draw aggression from your betta, as other bettas, gouramis and cichlids would. It will do well in a small community tank provide there is enough room for 6 or more of them. The fish are omnivores and in the wild they eat whatever they can get, though they prefer fleshy food particularly mosquito larvae. Diamond Tetra: A hardy, active and social species which are not known to nip fins. The Diamond Tetra is a hardy fish perfect for beginners. They are not big enough to eat your little betta. Diamond Tetras do better in soft and slightly acidic water conditions. The Diamond Tetra is a good community fish that is very peaceful but also very active. January 29, 2016. Corys The Pygmy Corydoras grows to about an inch in length, and it enjoys similar water parameters as the betta fish. 2. The diamond tetra is known for being easy to care for. 1. Being on the go all day, this fish gets hungry. The Best Tank Mates For A Betta Fish I suggest returning the diamond tetra and the "red, blue and gray" tetras and keeping it a guppy tank seeing as you have so many already. Here's how you decide what you can keep with your betta. The Diamond Tetra must be kept well fed, or it may resort to munching on aquarium plants. Also, you will be quite overstocked if you have 12 male guppies and 5 diamond tetras. Glowlight Tetra: A Peaceful, shoaling species. The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) gets it's common name from the way it's scales shimmer like diamonds under the right lighting. Some ideal tetras include the diamond tetra, black neon tetra, silvertip tetra, cardinal tetra, and the rummy-nose tetra. They will not n-i-p his fins, like many barbs and some types of tetra, like serpaes, will. Neale Monks [CC-BY-SA-3.0] Category: Tetra. A densely planted tank with tinted water will work best. Cardinal Tetra: Very similar to the Neon Tetra, but they grow to a slightly larger size of 2 inches. The diamond tetra needs 4 more of its actual kind and it will cease being nippy. It is a good eater, though, and as long as it is doesn't get hungry, it … They are only small, growing to around 2 inches in length. 4.

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