ds3 great machete build

A crude makeshift weapon with low durability. it hits like a truck, but weighs as much as a greathammer. both track well, but have mostly vertical attacks. Jan 19, 2017 @ 12:22am It's actually much easier to punish than you think. Coronacop. Fume Ultra Greatsword or one of the machete weapons (they use most of the axe move set but longer range) #4. Dark Souls 3: The 10 Best Dexterity Weapons, Ranked. If you want to cap at a higher SL you've got more leeway on stats, but if you want to build a PvP build I'm not your guy for that. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Great machete wielded long ago by Yhorm the Giant. Obtained from a corpse in Smouldering Lake, the Black Knight Sword deals 173 base damage with a 20% against demons. Using the Ring of Favor will raise your Hp to be 1,035 Base and 1,377 Ember and will also raise your stamina to the cap of 179. the hyperarmour frames start much later than you expect and most fast weapons (Curved swords specifically) can shut you down. © Valve Corporation. (160 Stamina Cap) Vitality : 29. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRY4Mpmfk1o&t=3m36s. It needs 30 FTH. It's a 50 pound toothpick in terms of range. I'd recommend the Dragonslayer Greataxe instead. the combo special has hyper armor starting right before it's first hit The Great Machete is a greataxe in Dark Souls III. Great Machete is a weapon in Dark Souls 2. Plus the shockwave stunning them even if the attack misses is nice. Apr 19, 2016 @ 9:01pm I used the Greataxe in DS1, but I hate it a lot in DS3. The Demon Great Machete is an ultra greatsword in Dark Souls. Its been a while, but I mained Pt 2/3/4 with yhorms. I'm using Great Machete and loving it. Notes and Tips: Can be Infused and Buffed. Demon Great Machete is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.. But it is one of the biggest and the strongest weapon in the game. Later change to Yhorm's Machete since it's a better version of this. " Armour on the build is optimised to hit 40 poise while also using Ledo's and swapping Life ring to sun princess. (Medium Roll) While a lot of people will not recommend using Ring of Favor +3 because you can still only swing your sword 3 times before running of stamina, I like it because it gives you that extra life saving roll. It's a weaker version of yorm's great machete. At 40 endurance, you can swing it 3-4 times depending on rings and if you want extra stamina leftover afterwards. Zerberius. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Weapon Combinations to Consider. Cookies help us deliver our Services. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Plus the shockwave stunning them even if the attack misses is nice. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Dark Souls 3 - Best place to farm The Great Machete - YouTube I'm using Great Machete and loving it. Infused it with Heavy of course. Havel's Ring +3 and Ring of Favor +3 also give you +27% Equipment Load, so you can play around with armor choices if you want. It's actually much easier to punish than you think. Focus on your preference and stats when choosing your weapons. The rolling 2h r1 is absolute ♥♥♥♥ though. Perhaps this is why the wielder chose this fearsome creation. User Info: HolyHoudini. This giant machete has a slash attack, and is a worker's tool in the Undead Settlement. That would affect it also. Yhorm's Great Machete is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. just came here to say yhorms machete is the only weapon i ever use now. Basically a 27 vit 66 str i believe 30 faith for sunlight oath, and hit min requirements 10 int, so you can pop Power within. (1,000 Base Hp / 1,300 Ember Hp) Attunement : 10. Charged R2 into quick R1 scores hits often in PvP for me. It's a good weapon a for a low level str build, let's say SL45-50 but at higher levels there are better options. Infused it with Heavy of course. What are good levels get the other stats too? Reinforced with Titanite. Yhorm once lumbered on the frontlines with a greatshield. Complaining about not being able to beat heavily armoured knights with an ultra greatsword in melee combat... Wow. Lol do you 2hand it? The lesser Capra demons use these greatswords in pairs. Also use Soulsplanner, or MugenMonkey has a good character build sheet as well. If it was me doing it as a personal build, I would recommend the 66 STR, because there's no point of raising it beyond that. One handed it can be parried and it's easy to dodge. If, for example, you are at 50 and 10 points on strength and dexterity respectively you can go for: Yohrms’s Great Machete +5 for an AR of 633 Awesome, is that something that would work with the dragonslayers greataxe? Is this a build that can do well in the PvE? (Base Stat) Endurance : 40. This is what I would do for a SL 120 build, using Yhorm's Great Machete. Sellsword Twinblades This is what I would do for a SL 120 build, using Yhorm's Great Machete. This dismantling tool was not originally intended for use in battle. Charged R2 into quick R1 scores hits often in PvP for me. This is a great sword for killing demons, or anything else really. I'd recommend just a normal strength build. But one day, in place of his shield, a left-hand notch was added to his machete, enabling the smashing technique that would become the legacy of his later years. great machete has sharpen art, yhorm's has the damage buff 1 that makes R2 into a combo attack. it's safe to say i would marry it if my state had more progressive laws. How is it for PvP? A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. If you're throwing together a dex build, these are the best dexterity based weapons you can get your hands on in Dark Souls 3. Vigor 40-50 Endurance 35-40 Vitality depends on your armor and rings set up. I want to two hand the Yhorms with a strength build. Vigor : 27. Skill: Warcry. 7. yhorm's has longer reach and yeah, im at 50 str and it has like 700ar, all physical. Later change to Yhorm's Machete since it's a better version of this. " Great Machete is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. What makes it so great compared to other heavy weapons is that it has an obscenely large hitbox on top of a relatively quick swing speed despite its size. Dropped semi-uncommonly by Capra Demons; one is found as a boss in the Lower Undead Burg, while respawning ones can be found in the Demon Ruins. Yhorm's Great Machete Dragonslayer's Greataxe Personally I think 50 str is plenty but if you do 66 with 2H you can achieve 99 str to max AR. Those are really the only stats that matter on a pure strength build. 44 vigor softcap (39 is minimum you'd want for sl125), 34 endurance softcap, 66 strength for 2 handed hardcap, 16 dexterity for a variety of weapons, like Splitleaf, Claymore, Greatlance, Gundyr's (15 dex), RKSS etc. fume ultra greatsword, yhorms great machete , great machete, mornes great hammer, smough great hammer you need 45-50 str for the last two ill try with those but i dont think weapons that can use heavy gem are that good Morne's isn't pure STR. It's a weaker version of yorm's great machete. Press J to jump to the feed. Created by strapping a large blade to a hilt. HolyHoudini 3 years ago #3. What do you use it for pvp or pve? What about normal greatswords such as Claymore or the Hollowslayer? Primitive weapons can be more effective at evoking fear than more advanced efforts. #2. It's a good weapon a for a low level str build, let's say SL45-50 but at higher levels there are better options. Awesome yeah that's what I have been doing somewhat. The blade is cast iron and hooked." Vigor : 27. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Moveset 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Upgrades 7 Videos Dropped by Hollow Manservants in the Undead Settlement. The damage rivals with Ultra Greatswords and it has a great reach, fast swing speed, and it’s light enough that stamina consumption isn’t too awful. It’s practically a must-have for any Strength-focused build. Related: DPS Pyromancer Build in Dark Soul 3. "The sword is imbued with no particular magic, but for those who have the strength, its great weight will smash foes mercilessly." Something like this would work. Why does this weapon have hyper armor, very few frames to punish if they miss and a stagger effect if they miss you but you stand infront of them? Acquired From. I'm on my first playthrough and just downed Pontiff, I really like the machete, took some getting used too. I always would go against builds that only allow for the use of one or 2 weapons, especially when it's only a couple of levels to increase the pool of usable weapons. Are you doing PvE or PvP? Starting Class: Knight. Yhorm’s Great Machete makes for a monstrous choice in both PvP and PvE. Here's a basic breakdown of strength: a Strength build has two basic options: rely on two-handing, or don't. Rest is a vigor dump. (1,000 Base Hp / 1,300 Ember Hp), Weapon : Yhorm's Great Machete +5, Two-Handed (707 AR, 778 with Warcry), Shield: Grass Crest ShieldRings: Chloranthy Ring +3, Estus Ring, Havel's Ring +3, Ring of Favor +3Armor: Black Iron Armor, Black Iron Gloves, Black Iron Pants. For the Dark Souls II variant, see Great Machete. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 2.1 Resistance Defense 3 Moveset 4 Upgrades 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Sold by Shiva of the East for 10,000 souls.

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