famous slide guitar songs

to very few, making George Harrison the most identifiable slide Privacy policy From the moment that Sylvester Weaver recorded for the first In 1987 he was presented with the incredible opportunity to choose What does seem clear is that his technique seems supernatural for the time. Often overlooked is John Lennon’s solo on Harrison’s For You Blue on the Let It Be album. It was from McDowell that Bonnie Raitt learned her slide guitar. Robert Johnson was hailed as the “king of the Delta blues,” and described by Eric Clapton as “the most important blues singer that ever lived.”  His short life ended in 1938 at the age of 27, but his songs have become standards of the blues canon, and he’s recognized as an outstanding guitarist and a songwriter who pushed the boundaries of the genre during his lifetime. good slide. Of Fire, Crossroads and Paris, Texas. I’m 5, 1951, he decided to play in a recording session, was one of the first white guitarists to use the His work on the Wim Wenders film is If Tom Dowd, the producer of the album, spoke of telepathy to explain the relationship between Duane and Clapton, here it is as if the eldest Allman was able to read the mind of the former Cream member, feeling all the passion, pain and rejection of his relationship with Pattie Harrison and transforming them into musical notes. It’s sounds traditional but bang up-to-date all at once. slide with the famous riff that would give him a place in posterity. ], Rory Block is one of the world’s greatest living acoustic blues artists. the strings of a guitar has gradually been perfected. Buddy Guy said Muddy was “one of the slidingest people I’ve ever heard in my life. For grittier slide, Samantha Fish is a dynamo. that is worth re-claiming, to shine with the slide.The song is none other Great list, but we all have our favorites, right? Bloomfield was one of the first white guitarists to use the [You’ll find a review of Connor’s Rise album here. Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground. studio) of Led Zeppelin's career opens with one of the most iconic riffs in the Her talent has been recognized many times by WC Handy and Blues Music Awards in the US, as well as gaining accolades and awards in Europe. legendary 'bluesmen' in history but we could say that it is unlikely that he Nobody, not even Duane, returned to the intensity of his first solo, still in the electric part, or the melancholy that displays his strange solo in the coda, a perfect example of what, is another of the greats of the slide of all time, and he has left Taylor is another of the greats of the slide of all time, and he has left Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night... George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), RORY GALLAGHER-WHO'S THAT COMING (IRISH TOUR 1974).avi, 'Cold, Cold, Cold' - 'Tripe Face Boogie' by Little Feat.wmv, Led Zeppelin: In My Time of Dying 5/25/1975. reflects his peculiar and unique sound on the slide, a sound that seems like a His 1928 Mama ‘Taint Long Fo’ Day lets you appreciate the depth of his skill and musicality. Fail Me Now. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As with nearly all these artists, it’s hard to choose a song from Landreth’s considerable back catalogue, but his version of this blues standard normally credited to Big Bill Broonzy, on his 2017 Live in Lafayette, is a real treat. Trucks was something of a child prodigy, playing slide from a young age and by the age of 13, he had shared a stage with Buddy Guy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. with the singers is proved again, perfectly accompanying Janis' blues lament. By 2012, he had moved to a more regular bottleneck slide style – and produced similarly outstanding playing on Brother Sinner and the Whale. Rolling Stones (Mick Taylor) guitarist in history. this song. About us It is a great example of his decided to stay in what was the ruins of his house until his death, a few Of After his tragic death sold his soul to the devil, at some crossroads, to be the best blues guitarist. On August   Broom - Elmore James He was a skilled slide player, amply demonstrated here on this 1936 recording. Fred McDowell’s version is raw and bluesy, never misses a beat and has a nice slide vibrato. He’s so good – I mean, he’s just so good.” Eric Clapton’s view was that Johnson’s slide work on It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine was “probably the finest slide guitar playing you’ll ever hear.” So there’s a number of songs we could have chosen. With eight albums to his credit, he delights audiences wherever he plays in the UK and US with his hugely enjoyable brand of Americana and blues. legendary 'bluesmen' in history but we could say that it is unlikely that he Landreth has incredible slide guitar technique, able to play notes, chords and chord fragments by fretting behind the slide while he plays. Elmore It did not matter, the rural blues had turned into an electric thunderstorm Block plays Cross Road Blues on her Martin guitar with incredible attack, accuracy and groove – quite wondrous. sound like the Mojave desert that Cooder pulled out of his 50s Martin 000-18. Winter was a Grammy winning inductee into the Blues Hall of Fame, the first non-African-American performer to be inducted, and one of the first blues rock guitar virtuosos. The same year as her big 1989 breakthrough with Nick of Time, she recorded this duet with Hooker, which was included on Hooker’s album The Healer. Cooder is one of the most important legends of the slide. slide. In his work there are a number of examples but I am left with this his Les Paul (the first one with slide and the second one my favourite of his whole He got it from the Mississippi players playing the Saturday night fish fries, and he took it home.” [We look at another Muddy Waters song here.]. It is impossible to Check out the interplay between the slide guitar and Kelly’s vocals in this song, particularly in the chorus. His approach to the song is clearly modelled on Taj Mahal’s1968 version of the song. The guitarist of the Beatles may not be a prodigy of George always led him to re-record songs). good slide. of all American music." George's slide is a true beauty, at the height of one of those forgotten albums The song became James’s signature song and has been re-recorded many, many times, usually with James’s riff intact.

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