final fantasy dimensions jobs

Others argue that you can effectively double a large MP pool, and get twice as many castings of F-abilities, which cannot be doublecasted. 5 - MP+20% may be a useful addition if you have ability slots to spare on a MP starved melee character. 1 - Battle Orders is VERY convenient if known by any one party member. If your website is not listed here, ask before using it on your website. Email me at if you want my guide on your site. Thief 3 - Flee, in order to get Battle Orders later. It makes your spells more potent, do more damage or healing. The purpose of this FAQ is to list all the jobs in Final Fantasy Dimensions, and what abilities you get at each level, to include any F-abilities you may learn at that level. This FAQ is FREE. 18 - Needed if you want all F-abilities Dark Side. Dragoon 20 - Boost Jump, White Wind, Full Cure. 6 - Piercing Blast isn't very strong, but it provides a -ra type magic spell vs. walled enemies. In some legends, black knights were reputed to be nigh-invincible in combat. One Job Fusions are any F-abilities that don't require you to set a different job. 9 - Alabaster Veil is also great, and is probably the best ST buff there is. ? The purpose of this FAQ is to list all the jobs in Final Fantasy Dimensions, and what abilities you get at each level, to include any F-abilities you may learn at that level. 20 - Final Heaven is the most powerful ability you can have, light side. Grants the ability to use Dark Blade abilities. 17 - Minimum level needed to get all F-abilities. Use the builds meant for Ninja, but remember to switch to Dark Knight after you get Dual Wield. The Dark Knight is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions as a Warrior of Darkness exclusive job. 0 - If you're not using a summoner, make sure to change job to one to learn the abilities unlocked by your white mage/black mage/Seer/Magus. Seer 20 - White Magic 8, Araise. 14 - Misty Charge is useful when the parties are split. Ninja 20 - Remember to pick up Malediction and Sange, if you did Monk 18. This FAQ is copyright to Sir Phoenix !!! This should allow you to determine how high to build certain jobs if you're planning builds. There are many (good) weapons in the game that have an elemental property, and many enemies in the game that absorb certain elements. 20 - Dual Wield is necessary to get the best damage output for Dark Side Characters. - Much like white mage, there are no fusion abilities from Black Mage that requires any JP spent. 0 - Gale Crescent, and Iai for Dark Melee, are both one job abilities that can be learned immediately after Kick and Final Thrust. It also looks cool. 20 - Ivory slash is almost as powerful as Final Heaven, and works in a pinch. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 4 (Basuna, Confuse, Teleport, Drain, Break, Bio), White Mage 1 + Black Mage 1 or Red Mage 1, White Magic 4 (Basuna, Confuse, Teleport), Black Magic Lv. Bard 5/14/17/20 - The songs at these levels set up for Aura, Hastega, Esunaga, and Shock. These "early" F-abilities are put in the list after their respective abilities for organizational purposes. 4 - Smash is a better version of strike that doesn't rely on setting Battle Arts. To make an example, I've had a non-fonted Seer Curaga the party for 2,500 hp recovery, while a magic fonted curaga did closer to 4,000 healing per person. Here is a list of fusion abilities that I find particularly useful, with explanations. The main question is whether you want the passives, MND+20% or Mental Discipline to determine if this class is worth spending JP in. 1 - Get strike. 17 - Wide slash is a good grinding ability, and Shock is an amazing crowd clearer. ), Dancer 20 - Trance (unlocks Phantom Rush). This way you can easily see how high you need to level a job for the desired Fusion. R u s h - For posting a fusion ability list by job in the forums, thus giving me a skeleton from which this guide is built. It is very useful. Instead they either looted and raided, hunted bounties, or lived off the charity from the more humble folk, in much the same manner as a Japanese ronin. 16 - Life Divider has a gimmicky use. holyknight14 - For providing a comprehensive source of job abilities and fusion abilities. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1 - If you're a Dark Magic user going the summoner route, pick up 1 level in Magus to unlock Gigaflare. 20 - Dark Star is one of the more powerful magic abilities, even if it does require a full job grind. 6 - Piercing Blast, although it's very utility-like. Not worth going out of the way for. 15 - War Cry is useful by itself, and Mighty Wall is an awesome end-game party buff. Can also now set white magic 8 and learn all f-abilities that require a white magic spell, such as Magic Bomb 3, Dispelga, Mega Raise... (Optional) Bard 5/14/17 - Aura, Hastega, Esunaga. Consumes one-third of max HP to deal damage to all enemies. 18 - Alchemy is one of the best support commands. Deals damage based on own max HP to a single target. Ranger 20 - Smash, Misty Charge, Spreadshot, Alchemy. determined by attack power. 20 - Doublecast is amazing for casters, regardless of type. 20 - Full Cure, while not needing MND, is heavy on MP cost. Final Fantasy Dimensions is a Final Fantasy game for mobile devices. ? Useful for undead, or if you finish off an enemy with it. 20 - If you're not going summoner, this really is the only choice left. The following is a list of all the jobs in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Gale Crescent is an upgraded version of kick, does not cost JP, and does not require to be in a specific class. ), Seer 1 + Summoner 17 or Seer 18 + Summoner. Gale Crescent: Kick + Sylph: Monk 1 or Summoner 1, Magic Bomb: Cure + Fire: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 1, Red Mage 0, Magic Missile: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 3, Red Mage 0, Nab Gil: Bash + Pickpocket: Warrior 3 and Thief 1, Self-Destruct: Focus + Firaga: Monk 3 and Black Mage, Thunder Slash: Strike + Thunder: Warrior 1 or Black Mage 1. Magus 20 - Flare, Black Magic 8, Ultima. 15 - Optional, but getting one Dark Warrior War Cry may be useful before your end game. Here I will detail paths through which can be followed throughout the game to pick up good passives and setup for f-abilities for later. Dry ether + dry ether? (For example, a 0 level Dragoon can learn Boost Jump while in Dragoon, even though the Jump command is assignable at Dragoon 8). The numbers dictate "stopping points", where you can opt to stop and move on to a new job, or continue to the next "stopping point" to squeeze out more utility from the current job for later use.

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