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We have to use river water for drinking. The comments below have not been moderated. While the children slumbered silently in bed, their parents desperately wanted to keep them safe in … The scale of devastation wrought upon a French town that was hit by torrential flooding caused by Storm Alex has been laid bare in new aerial images. The combined death toll in France and Italy now stands at eight, with a further eight missing feared dead in France, and 13 more whose whereabouts are unknown. Hat said his family, including his wife and 3 daughters were evacuated by local authorities, but he quickly decided to return home alone to look after the buffaloes, his most valuable possession. He encountered high waves and strong wind on the journey back home on a small fishing boat and eventually the boat capsized. Many of the dead were buried in their homes in a remote village, where about 150 houses had been swallowed by mudslides. “We don’t have safe drinking water. 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People in the village can’t access running water, toilets are under water or destroyed, and the lack of personal hygiene and sanitation is increasing the risk of waterborne diseases. It feels that here never any path … Our biggest asset are the two buffaloes, but they were swept away by the flash flood.”, said Nguyen Van Hat, 48 years old. They weren't suicidal. The scale of devastation caused by a freak storm that dumped three months' worth of rain on the Maritime Alps has been revealed in images from the French town of Saint-Martin-Vestubie, which bore the brunt of the onslaught, Roads were turned into raging torrents as floodwaters flowed down the mountains, sweeping away everything in their path - including half of this house in Saint-Martin-Vestubie, and the road outside, Before and after images of Saint-Martin-Vestubie reveal how much of the outskirts of the town were washed away by the floodwaters, with buildings, fields and roads swept down the mountainside, Before and after images of Saint-Martin-Vestubie reveal the paths that the torrents took downhill, sweeping away everything in their paths and leaving at least two people in this town dead. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. An Xa village, Quang Binh province, Viet Nam, 27th October 2020 – “We lost almost everything. A mother and her three sons had to be rescued from their car as nearly 80 flood warnings are issued. Published: 06:59 EST, 6 October 2020 | Updated: 10:49 EST, 6 October 2020. Hat sadly shared that his family has lost everything and he cannot sleep thinking about how he will provide for his wife and children. Two, four hut and tree looks. The toilet was destroyed by the historical flood and the house is surrounded by contaminated water with trash, human and animal wastes and animal carcasses. Meteo France registered rainfall of 19.69 inches over 24 hours in Saint-Martin-Vesubie on Saturday and close to 15.74 inches in several other towns - the equivalent of more than three months of rain at this time of the year. He said: 'A firefighter explained to me that the only solution was to hoist them out, but he told me that the helicopters couldn't fly [because of the weather]. One resident reported seeing 'several' of the animals along a road near the village after the storm had passed, saying they appeared 'completely distraught'. Donate to help children and women in need, Chu Huu Trang, Communication for Development Specialist. Far-to-far only water looks. A 47-year-old worker and another man who is still being identified, were killed near Bajardo, a short distance across the border from Santi-Martin-Vestubie, Repubblica reported. This time was fatal to them.'. Firefighters told local media that they are looking for eight people who were known to have been caught up in the floods, and have not been seen since. Saint-Martin-Vestubie is located in the south of France, 25 miles north of Nice and close to the Italian border. Four people have also been confirmed dead on the Italian side of the border, Rescue workers are still searching for eight people who are known to have been caught up in the floods, and are trying to make contact with another 13 locals whose whereabouts are unknown (pictured, damage in Saint-Martin-Vestubie), The prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes region, where the town of Saint-Martin-Vestubie is located, has described the flooding as the 'worst in a century' and asked people to avoid non-essential travel to the area for 15 days, Firefighters and rescue workers search an area which used to be a road but has been left as little more than a rocky crater following Storm Alex, which dumped three months' of rain in just a few hours at the weekend, Firefighters and rescue workers examine an area to the east of Saint-Martin-Vestubie, where roads and fields were swept away by a torrent of floodwater as it raced downhill. Packs of wolves are known to live wild in the Maritime Alps, though they are typically seen on the Italian side. They are also trying to make contact with another 13 people who typically frequent the area, but whose current whereabouts are unknown. When I hung up, I realized that it was all over. People in the village can’t access running water, toilets are under water or destroyed, and the lack of personal hygiene and sanitation is increasing the … Meanwhile satellite images revealed how much of the outskirts of the town have been washed away, along with fields, trees, bridges and roads, leaving little more than rubble behind. Luckily it happened near to his home and he was able to swim to the shore. Saint-Martin-Vestubie, 25 miles north of Nice and near the border with Italy, was at the centre of a downpour at the weekend that saw three months' worth of rain fall in just a few hours.

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