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Also worth noting, most male Flowerhorn will increase in size more rapidly than female Flowerhorn. Flowerhorn fish are always meant to be the star of your aquarium. The overall highest size of the Flowerhorn fish is 30 cms in general, which is actually 12 inches. These wonderful fish can seem to represent a large commitment, but Flowerhorn are definitely worth it. Hua Luo Han was bred approximately in 1998. Flowerhorn will even attack you and bite when maintaining the tank. In smaller tanks tankmates will get injured or they will be stressed all the time. Water temperature should be about 28° C, the water should have neutral pH 7.0. TetraCichlid Balanced Diet Flakes Food for Cichlids. Cichlids as a rule aren’t very critical when choosing their couple match, therefore they can make couples not only with their kind, but also with completely different cichlid types. When reproductive species are ready to spawn a female has visible thick ovipositor and the male has papilla. This means that your Flowerhorn should reach its maximum size within eight months to a year from hatching. There are some species of 40 cm body length. Minimum for a flowerhorn is a 55 but I would do a 75 personally so they have more than a couple inchs to turn around I have reached the stage now where I am thinking of giving up in my tank. The Flowerhorn fish is without question one of the world’s most popular aquarium fish. Juveniles can be fed with brine shrimp eggs, milled feeds for large cichlids. Flowerhorn fish love to eat. Otherwise, fishes will move the decorations around the tank as they wish. Multiple factors will contribute to the size your Flowerhorn will ultimately attain. The Flowerhorn is unique in that it is the only fish that grow these humps. To get the juveniles of the same color as their parents one has to know well how pure is their breeding line, otherwise the juveniles will differ greatly from their parents. Thread starter #1 Gar2188 Active Member. In any case, – with or without the net, you’ll have to create the conditions stimulating spawning. Choosing the 50-gallon aquarium saves time and effort in moving your set-up and fish when it reaches 4-5 inches (small size). The average healthy growth for Flowerhorn is around 1 a month. Flowerhorn areincomparable fish who combine size with beauty. In pet store they keep an adult flowerhorn in 10-15 gallons tanks, and i think it is enough. Your Flowerhorn will continue to gain some size up until approximately  18 months to 24 months of age. Qualitative cichlid has to meet the standards of its body shape. As well as a cichlid, it’s a son of genetics and Malaysian aquarists persistence. Young Flowerhorn fry have the fastest growth rate. but its size is not increasing nor its hump. Most of the emphasis regarding growth for your Flowerhorn is focused on growing an impressive Kok, or Nuchal Hump. Flowerhorns can grow up to 12-13". However, if you are sure that this is the fish you want, no circumstances should stop you. Firstly, it’s a very large fish requiring a spacious tank. I have a male flower horn for about a whole year. Multiple factors will contribute to the size your Flowerhorn will ultimately attain. When she lays the eggs on this rock, it is then removed to the male’s section of the tank and the water flow is directed on the rock so the male can fertilize the eggs. Flowerhorn enthusiasts are all extremely interested in what to feed Flowerhorn for Kok growth alone. There’s no highly reliable way to see between male and female yet. Whatever you choose to feed your Flowerhorn will have a huge impact on its health in general, including how well your Flowerhorn grows. Max size may be up to 30 cm (12 in). Genetics are largely the best indication of how big your Flowerhorn will get. Care is rather easy since the fish adapts to water parameters well, which may be a problem for other fishes. Aquarists agree that the fish comes from breeding of Cichlasoma trimaculatum and red terror, Cichlasoma citrinellum, Cichlasoma labiatum, Vieja synspila. — the body: has to be oval shaped, big and bulky with rounded abdomen. A Flowerhorn who has all of its needs consistently met will be a wonderful investment of your time. These larger tanks are meant to give their fish the best possible environment in which to live. When feeding these fishes in a community tank you’ll be surprised how fast they swim to the feeding hand. Many of the food used to enhance Kok growth is nutrient dense and can help with body growth as well. During their life the coloring changes and it gets its full beauty when the fish becomes reproductive. Such a peculiarity gave breeders a possibility to obtain a number of amazing hybrids with different kinds of fishes. There are still many hobbyists who wonder if it is possible to speed up the general growth of the Flowerhorn, but unfortunately, there does not seem to be a magic bullet to increase growth in your Flowerhorn. Live Bearers no longer have any interest to me. Unfortunately, power feeding can also result in obese or sick Flowerhorn. Some new morphs don’t pay that much attention to it. The Flowerhorn enthusiasts who have the most show stopping fish consider the time they spend for their Flowerhorn true labor of love. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised later and possibly in a bad way. Even large fish such as angelfish are in danger!!! … They eat both life and dry feed. So i am planning to buy a 20 gallons tank for my 2 inches long flowerhorn, is it big enough when my flowerhorn grows up to 12 inches? The smaller varieties of Flowerhorn usually grow no larger than six to eight inches in length at maturity. How dominant your Flowerhorn is in its environment is another consideration; the strongest and largest Flowerhorn are the ones that exert dominance over tank mates. Finally, flowerhorn is so aggressive, that it attacks and bites its owner’s hand while feeding or maintaining the tank. Very often such hybrids are fertile, i.e. Member. Some strains of Flowerhorn have even reached sizes of 16 inches long or more. You can usually expect your Flowerhorn to gain anywhere from one and a half to two inches in length at this time. Overall health will have a huge impact on how fast and how well your Flowerhorn grows. Also horn fish requires some plant additions to the diet or some feed based on spirulina. Whether your Flowerhorn is male or female will affect growth as well. Flowerhorns grows best when they have enough space to grow. Max size may be up to 30 cm (12 in). Growth rate is rather impressing, during their first year of life they grow up to 2 cm in a month. Yet, all of the food is of high quality and it is the best one for this fish kind as well as it keeps the tank water clean. Also the fish isn’t demanding as for feeding – it eats any protein containing feed: both artificial and live one. Some Flowerhorn have so many intermingled strains, determining size is a challenge. So, if you are interested in buying a bright colored fish of certain color, you have to choose from mature fishes. The fish loves moderate flow and clean water, so a canister filter is necessary as well as weekly water renew and bottom siphonate (since flowerhorn makes a mess when eating). Besides all of the above, the large size of the Flowerhorn also makes them very attractive to their enthusiasts. Other notable features of the  Flowerhorn include its Nuchal Hump or Kok. A perfect example is that along with that large appetite comes the expected amounts of waste. To decrease its aggressiveness a spacious tank is required with lots of covers and large tank mates in it. The fishes should be fed a lot with qualitative feed, also the major part of the tank water can be renewed with fresh one. The question what kind of fishes were bred to get this cichlid is still controversial. Flowerhorn size can range from 6 inches long all the way up to 14 inches long. Also, the highest size is attained by the male fish. Flowerhorn likes digging tank bottom and eating the tank plants, so you aren’t likely to create some kind of nice aqua-scape with plants. Because of that and due to the size it’s recommended to put rocks, snags and other tank decorations directly on a tank bottom, not on a substrate. Make sure that rocks and other tank decorations, equipment are anchored well and they won’t fall, since fish is quite capable to turn them over. In this case it’s better to remove the female from the tank or to put it back behind the net. It will gladly feed on blood worm or fresh sprats (or other small fish), pieces of calamary or low fat fish (like goldfish). Only male flowerhorns can grow a good sized, well shaped head and color, I would always consider a flowerhorn as good one if it has a good sized hump, good red color that covers almost 3/4th of the body, well shaped body and nice small spots around the mouth and gills area. Some new morphs have more rounded shape. Your Flowerhorn will grow at the rate their genetics have dictated, so the best way to help the growth rate of your fish is simply taking proper care of them. From the other hand, if you buy juveniles you’ll see series of wonderful color changes and who knows, maybe you’ll have an awesome colored fish in the end? The most important ingredient in a Flowerhorn diet is protein. It is far better if you can have a tank that is of 75 gallons. — fins: fluke and other fins has to be as large as possible. These fishes (at the condition that the fish is healthy) have perfect appetite.

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