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C) Use just enough downward pressure to insure uniform and consistent contact of the blade with the abrasive disks on each stroke. Like all Edgecraft diamond sharpeners, these machines quickly put a shaving-sharp edge on your knives, quickly and without risk of heat damage. Its Criss-Cross™ technology uses abrasive wheels that sharpen into and out of the knife’s edge, creating a blade with aggressive bite. Edgecraft is the marketplace leader in electric knife sharpeners. Sharpener measures 9-1/2"x 4" x 4". A. Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpeners are high-quality electric sharpeners that can put an extremely sharp edge on just about any knife in 15-30 seconds. The Chef's Choice Model 130 is available in: COMPARE: Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners 120, 130, 320, 1520, VIEW VIDEO: Using the Similar Chef's Choice Model 120 Electric Knife Sharpener, EdgeCraft/Chef's Choice Item Numbers: We give the Chef's Choice® M130 Professional Sharpening Station® an A- because it is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to sharpen a variety of serrated and straight-edge knives with a 20° angle. Pleasant Hill Grain, Nebraska USA. 3-Stages: 100% diamonds in Stage 1, super-hardened sharpening steel … You’ll get a sharp, burr free edge with lots of bite using this tool. Engineered and assembled in the USA. View More Frequently Asked Questions about Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners, | Middleton WI 53562 | 800-351-8234. Sharpen, Steel and Strop your 20 degree class knives like a PRO with the Chef’sChoice® Model 130 professional sharpening station: For professional sharpening, steeling or stropping; all types of 20 degree class knives Sharpens both straight edge and serrated knives Resharpens all types of knives—kitchen, household, Santoku, sports and pocket knives. Helping you achieve your culinary dreams. If you have 5-10 knives in your kitchen, that can mean a cost of between $25-$100 approximately every six months depending on your knife usage. This space saving collapsible model features a grip-tight handle and non-slip feet. IMPORTANT: COVID-19 UPDATEToday we're shipping orders for in-stock items placed November 16. The handy Kuhn Rikon manual knife sharpener is perfect for both straight and serrated blades. Q. On a microscopic level, diamond sharpeners have a scalpel-like action rather than the brute scraping action of traditional stone. No honing oils or water required. A good knife sharpener creates a sharp, durable edge while removing only as much blade material as is absolutely necessary. The second method of sharpening that we recommend is sending your knives out to be sharpened by a professional. In theory, this should mean that the 120 should sharpen dull blades a little faster than the 130, but comparing them side by side, I’d say the difference is minimal. Two stages are for sharpening and the third is for stropping (polishing). A sharp knife is both safer and more productive. Chef's Choice Model 120 Professional Knife Sharpener, Chef's Choice Model 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, Chef's Choice Model 1520 AngleSelect Knife Sharpener, Chef's Choice Model 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener, Highly Recommended by Cook's Illustrated Magazine. The 130 comes in a variety of colors that will compliment any décor, making this the perfect option to set on your counter and use at a moment’s notice. The sharpening surfaces are ultra-hard, ensuring that the Brød & Taylor sharpener will last for years. With electric and manual sharpening stages, the Model 130 provides some of the control offered in a manual sharpener along with the speed and convenience of an electric sharpener. They offer a full range of sharpening stations, including choices for virtually every kind of cutlery. 210 South 1st Street Equipped with two sharpening stations, stage one is electric for sharpening while stage two is manual for honing and re-sharpening; it will sharpen straight or serrated blades, kitchen and household cutlery, sport and pocket knives. Those characteristics make a knife sharpener’s job challenging. Due to recent overwhelming call volume, our phone response time is now longer than normal. Since then, Chef’sChoice sharpeners have become synonymous with unparalleled quality, and premier technology. A. Chef’s Choice Sharpeners are easy to use, however the tips below along with the instruction manual, will provide you with everything you need to know to operate the sharpener. B) Never operate the sharpener from the backside. In only seconds, it can sharpen almost all knives: straight edge, serrated, kitchen, sporting, and pocket. The Chef's Choice 1520 knife sharpener lets you to restore and sharpen Asian, European and American knives. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Just received the items I ordered! Let’s solve these problems and get your knives in shape! Built-in, user-friendly precision angle guides guarantee fool-proof sharpening. You don’t even have to take your shears apart to sharpen them. Q. With its multipurpose functionality and brilliant design, we think you’ll be impressed. The 130 has a steeling stage, which means that it creates tiny serrations on the edge of the blade, allowing it to have a little more grab than a non-steeled edge. Equipped with elastomeric guides that hold the angle of your blade at a precise combined 20 degree angle, no oil or lubricants are needed and there is no blade clamping that can cause your blade to overheat. Today we continue to only offer pinnacle product for those passionate about the kitchen. Thank you for the prompt shipping and responses to my inquiries. Toll-free: (866) 467-6123 The Brød & Taylor manual knife sharpener was designed by Austrian master cutlery craftsman Harald Stallegger. Thank you for your patience and outstanding customer service.” – Chuck Hall, CA. The Asian 316 sharpening station is the model you need if you have traditional single-bevel Japanese blades, Chinese style cleavers or contemporary double-bevel Asian cutlery. Sharpen your tools quickly and easily with a Chef's Choice, Brød & Taylor or Kuhn Rikon sharpener. Choose From 3 Finishes. Sharpener measures 9-1/2"x 4" x 4". Our Hampton showroom is temporarily closed. Copyright © 2006-2020 Wingra Direct LLC. I'll purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty." Dull knives steal precious time, they’re aggravating and unsafe, and they produce poor results. Intl: (866) 467-6123, Customer Service Cutlery plays a key role in kitchen life, from chopping and dicing to slicing and carving. Pleasant Hill Grain provides a superior online shopping experience for home and kitchen products. Your prices are great, the products are top of the line, but most importantly to me, the service is perfect. We greatly appreciate your business and we’re doing our very best to serve you, as Jim C. of California tells. Stage 2 - A super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shaving-sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge "bite". This scissor sharpener is the Editor's Pick of Vogue Patterns magazine! All Rights Reserved. Quality knives use hard, tough steel formulations designed to take a sharp edge and not wear quickly. Stage 3 - A revolutionary flexible stropping disk that polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness. It’s available in a range of colors; the classic black and white choices perennially vie for top spot, but the 120 in red has a big fan base too. While this method may provide you with a sharp knife, it has two major drawbacks, cost and time.

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