girl names that mean unexpected joy

Babies, as we all know, are harbingers of joy. All rights reserved. Vidor, the Hungarian version of the name Hilary, would make an interesting pick for cinema lovers. But if you want something beautiful and original, pick the feelings of joy and happiness! You can also spell it as Rina. Abigail means ‘my father is joyful’. Charth and Cheryta are creative variations. Zelig, the variation of Selig, is more popular than the original. A favorite of Dante and Shakespeare, Beatrice is back, after being in the attic for over a century. French, Welsh words. Pronounce this name as ‘gee-lee’. Tate, meaning ‘happy and cheerful’, is finding a place is several birth certificates. Merry means ‘happy’. This name is associated with Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. Being happy is the most important thing for us, so does our newborn babies. Your son will share his name with the third President of Botswana, Festus Mogae. Latin element. It means ‘rejoice’. Alair and Allaire are not Top 2000 names. [Alitza, .. 5 more], Alegra From Latin. This lovely sounding name is back on the charts after ages, thanks to the teen mom sensation. It is also a term for a musical tempo in the English language. Even though Hannah broke into the top 1000 list in the year 1993, it never really made above top 600. "Joy, joyful." At the #77 spot, Naomi is currently at its peak. Halona is an unusual and rarely used Native American name, meaning ‘happy fortune’. It will suit him perfectly. Abigail. Whether you take it as an alternative to the familiar name Sascha or as an exotic European name, Duscha would make a beautiful name for your daughter. Hillary is popular, strong, has a three-syllable structure, and a lovely meaning (happy and cheerful). Marnin also gives the option of the friendly nickname Marn. "Pleasure, delight." Della was among 2018's Top names. English, French, Italian words. Its most famous bearer is James Joyce, the author of “Ulysses”. Jubilee, meaning ‘joyous’, has a jubilant aura, but it could be a tad tough for your girl to carry. Isaac, meaning ‘laughter and joy’, has shed the middle-aged name image to leap to the top 50 spot on the baby name list. Please read our Disclaimer. Old English. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. If you want an alternative to the English name Eva, you can pick its closest variation Aoife, which means ‘joyful or radiant’. This Arabic name means ‘happiness and prosperity’. Not that common as a birth name. are not in the Top 2000. So pick it either as a middle name or as nickname. Being happy always is what we wish for your baby. This moniker was introduced to us by Woody Allen in his film of the same name. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. It means ‘blessed and happy’. [Sherisa, Karisse, Karisa, Karas, Charissa, Charisa, Chari, Charese, Chareese, Carrissa, .. 17 more], Charmian .. "kharma" meaning "delight" or "little joy" .. Check out these wonderful baby names with the meaning happiness, joyful, and cheerful. Also spelled as Roniya, Ronja, and Ronya, Ronia is a Hebrew name meaning ‘joyful child’. Macario, often heard in the US, is the Spanish form of Makarios and means ‘happy and blessed’. J oy baby names and what they mean, for joy, happy, happiness, cheerful, with 87 results. You can use Yuki for any name that has Yuki in the beginning. Parents prefer Abigail for its vintage charm. Carol: Carol is one of the happy girl names, meaning ‘the song of happiness’, started getting popular at the end of the 19th century. We love Aine not just for its beautiful meaning, but also its easy spelling and pronunciation. Ada, taken from the Old German name Etta or Eda, meaning ‘happy’, was introduced in the 18th century. It rhymes with Maya, yet sounds and looks very different. Leta was also the name of the second wife of Roman Emperor Gratian. "Joy." A famous bearer of this name is Kirby Bliss Blanton, the American actress. Below, MomJunction puts together a list of boy and girl names meaning happy and joyful to celebrate the arrival of your baby. 22. "Whimsical, playful." Marnie is the perfect example of the short form being more famous than the original. Its nickname option Key is also a definite asset. This hipster name, meaning ‘glad and joyful’ is a variation of Greek mythological name Leda. Here is the list of Happy names for boys. With the popularity of -ella and -belle names, we predict even Annabelle will rise up the list. are similar to the more familiar Carmina. meaning ‘joyful and happy’, Alaia has its namesake in Azzedine Alaia, the Parisian designer. Aglaia .. are Thalia "blossoming", and Euphrosyne "joy". Aoife is also the name of the greatest female warrior of all time. [Alzina, Alsyna, Alsina, Allcine, Alcinia, Alcee, .. 5 more], Aleeza Origin fr. Uncommon as girls' names, but Charmin, Charmian, etc. This modern, recently coined name is a tweaked spelling of the word blithe, which means ‘cheerful, happy, and carefree’. So what is your favorite name meaning ‘happy or joy’?

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