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If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the, Top 5 Free Compressors: The best freeware plug-ins that sound as good as hardware. In short, it can be very useful on groups of instruments of the same family, but not only. Multiband compression is a more advanced form of compression. You’ll need to adjust makeup gain based on the signal levels you’re using so that the peak levels when the compressors are enabled match the peak levels when bypassed. from processing the signal to “start over” to compressing (includes an Auto Release button that acts dynamically depending on the … Acustica Audio Aquamarine4 Compressor, Source: Compressors that use tubes for gain reduction (variable Mu) are most popular for overall mix compression and are mainly used in mastering. By this I mean compressors that add some harmonic distortion, like a vintage analog compressor or a serious virtual emulation of one. With lower input levels, lower compressor 1’s Threshold control but note that the above settings are optimized to work with higher signal levels, like what you’d expect from program material. A very low ratio, somewhere between 1.5:1 to 2:1, tops, since you're goal here is not to actually compress the signal, A long attack time, to avoid deteriorating the peaks. As for using this trick on the entire mix, there are two clear and opposite schools of thought. So, the best advice I can give you in this regard is to try both options for yourself and see what works best for you. Applying different amounts of compression to the separate frequency ranges gives you more control. The Glue is a world-class plug-in “Both the Mix and Range controls add a host of options for dialling in the compression flavour, and in practice we found this made The Glue an incredibly flexible compressor suitable not just for use on the master bus, but for individual instruments too. The Gearnews Holiday Raffle, Week 2: Win a Novation AFX Station worth €430! Here’s 6 mistakes to avoid when setting up your mix bus compression. uses cookies to ensure the best possible service. If by glue you mean an SSL emulation, then my typical mix bus settings would be either 30/10 ms attack, with either a fast release or autorelease. Especially these days, considering that most current productions are recorded track by track, mixing tracks that have been recorded with close-miking techniques in different locations with samples and/or virtual instruments. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a26bba2290cd5da0d8ecf754a1135caa" );document.getElementById("e301bf2faf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled, Source: Many top engineers swear by it, claiming that it can add depth, punch, and glue to a mix. It’s not intended to work like a conventional compressor that flattens an input with a highly variable level, although you can always increase or lower the ratio or threshold for the best sound. I think this trick works way better when you use compressors with character. While other guitars are susceptible to some large dynamic variations, a lot of these distorted guitars have already been crushed by the amp/amp sim far more than your standard compressor plugins ever could. Loop part of the program material with the compressors bypassed, and note the maximum level. This week we'll look into a side effect of compression that's beneficial, as long as you use it wisely. If you’ve heard people talking about adding “glue” to a mix, this usually involves a bus compressor. Source: Autorelease on SSL is interesting and works out a lot of the time, but I often go with a 1 ms release to keep everything punchy. Your email address will not be published. Black Rooster Audio VLA-FET: More 1176-style compression for your DAW, Craig’s Production Tips #1: Balancing mixes without level changes. TK Audio. A long attack time, to avoid deteriorating the peaks 3. Before you ask, I belong to the first category, but that's only me. A well-tuned compressor on the mix bus can make a big difference in your mix! With metal guitars, compression is more important than ever when it comes to consistency and glue. But before we get there, I'll show you how a compressor can help you make your sonic puzzle more coherent. EndeavorFX /, Source: Do note that if your compressor features an automatic release-time function, it can work wonders in these situations! So, why use mix bus compression? One of the tricks pro mixers use to “glue” their tracks together is mix bus compression. As for the threshold, lower it in a way that you get a maximum of -2dB of gain reduction, which is quite a lot, actually. This compression has become what many refer to as the “glue” that holds your track together, and “SSL-style” compression denotes a very neutral sound that can range from subtle peak control to smashed tracks. Do note that if your compressor features an automatic rele… By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. A very low ratio, somewhere between 1.5:1 to 2:1, tops, since you're goal here is not to actually compress the signal 2. Personally, I dial it in somewhere between -0.5dB and -1dB to get a more delicate result that goes unnoticed to the ear... until you take the compressor out of the mix. Compressing the mix bus can do … There are several ways to glue it all together, especially with reverb, as you will see later on. Becos Effects CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor: Studio-grade compression in a mini pedal? It’s also great at making different songs feel like they belong together. The effect should be noticeable, but not sound like obvious compression. I know lot's of colleagues, whose work I deeply respect, who have another opinion on this matter. They provide the glue that holds a mix together while allowing each instrument to retain its sonic integrity. It’s difficult to give precise settings because the levels on tracks differ, but the level going into the first compressor should be fairly high—around -3 dB or so. Now, try the following test with a finished mix: Happy squashing—or perhaps more appropriately, happy anti-squashing! There are those who won't even start a mix without first having placed a stereo compressor on the master bus. Mixing Tip: How To Use Glue Compressor FX Chain; 50 Free VST Plugins For Vocals And then there are those who argue that that's the best way to tie the hands of the mastering engineer. Here are some suggested settings as a starting point. Bypass the compressors as a reality check. Compressor 1: Threshold -6, ratio 1.3:1, knee 3 dB, attack 0.1 ms, release 200 ms, stereo link, lookahead (if available), gain 0.00 Compressor 2: Threshold -6, ratio 1.3:1, knee 3 dB, attack 0.1 ms, release 200 ms, stereo link, lookahead (if available), gain = makeup gain Actually, in small amounts, this harmonic distortion acts as a sort of nice layer of varnish, making it easier to obtain the result you are looking for here. But a poorly-tuned compressor will wreak havoc. Here are some suggested settings as a starting point. The glue effect is often used on drums, but also on a group of rhythm guitars, or a group of vocals, etc. As times and tastes change, the signal chain on mix busses has as well. It’s frequently used, but rarely done right. Glue compression plays a huge role in making the instruments in your mix sound like they belong together. IF you have any setting or technique for finding the perfect vocal compression, add your comment and share that trick to other music producers. The best way to get the glue effect on several tracks is to send them all to a group track on which you should insert a compressor with the following settings: One last remark before moving on. The release time ought to follow the groove, so the compressor breathes naturally, following the rhythm of the music. The release time ought to follow the groove, so the compressor breathes naturally, following the rhythm of the music. For example ─ even though I've never tried it myself, I know quite a few engineers who like to systematically group drums and bass and make them stick closer together.

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