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Once mixture is fluffy, spoon into a serving container. Crudites and slices of baguette as an accompaniment. Goat cheese mousse, beet, dragon fruit and pickled chillies, sweet potato crisp. These are delicious & beyond effortless to make. Whisk the goat cheese with the herbs to blend in. Italian parsley, crème fraîche & goat cheese are blended, then piped into Sable & Rosenfeld Pastry Cups, topped with a dollop of golden caviar & served. Since cheese is the main ingredient, use the best you can afford. Both really make the goat cheese mousse pop. But, if possible, try the goat cheese before you buy, as some fresh goat cheeses are quite “goaty,” which, to our taste, is not good. Continue until goat cheese is smooth and fluffy. Fold in the peaked whipped cream to a mousse texture. Fresh goat cheese (softened) Chopped chives and green onions; If you can’t stand chives, you can use green onions instead and vice versa. Add sugar and gelatine (dissolve gelatine in boiling water). Put goat cheese into a mixing bowl, with an electric mixer beat until smooth, gradually add heavy cream, one tablespoon at a time. Mint leaf for garnish. 50 grams soft goat cheese 1 teaspoon mixed herbs 50 ml cream whipped to peak. Goat cheese mousse. 1 basket fresh strawberries; 1 roll Okanagan Goat Cheese (150g) 4 tbsp sugar; 1/2 cup whipping cream, whipped ; 1 pouch Knox gelatine; 1 whipped eggwhite; Blend strawberries and goat cheese in a food processor. If you don’t like the goat cheese you bought, you won’t like these crisps. Top with preserves or chutney of choice. 3/4 cup lightly whipped heavy cream. What I love about these pretty hors d’oeuvres is that they’re a one-bite appetizer, perfect for a cocktail party, an afternoon alfresco get-together or as an amuse-bouche. Typically it will take 5 - 6 tablespoons of cream. If you have extra time and patience, check out this awesome wine and goat cheese recipe! I personally love the combination mixed with the goat cheese. Strawberry Goat Cheese Mousse. Make the pesto: Combine the mint, parmesan and pine nuts in a food processor and process until finely chopped. Note that you aren’t using much cheese, so think about splurging. This crostini from Karen Small at the Flying Fig in Cleveland, topped with goat cheese mousse, red-wine caramel and strawberry compote, is a delightful example of a … For Goat Cheese Mousse 1 cup goat cheese.

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