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I'm curious as to why these instruments haven't been reviewed by you. Forest are a brand developed solely for The Uke Room, a small specialist ukulele store in the Forest of Dean, UK, run by Matt Stead. It is a chromatic tuner which is remarkably easy to use and very accurate. They are one of the more common brands where I am so I am always curious how they stack up to the brands I never get to see and touch locally. Being spruce topped I expected the sound to have a brightness and it certainly does. Thank you so much for your reviews; they're very entertaining and informative. I always point out these reviews are totally subjective and people don't need to agree. Thanks for all the time and info! Would love to see a review of the cedar version with a comparison... Back in 2011 I bought my first truly serious ukulele - the Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. There are absolutely no sharp edges here. This one comes with a solid spruce top, but it will also be available with a solid cedar top choice as well as both being available in concert scale. Great. I don’t agree with their marketing tactics one bit. Have you tried the Octopus Concert yet? My Lanikai spruce top is 78mm deep at the tail block, and its tone and sound volume are both pretty good. Has anyone heard a banjo ukulele by a company called Broadway or a company with a model called broadway. Is it exactly the same as the KIMEZE? The use of solid here is nice to see and sure enough, it IS striking and nicely book-matched too. I'm staggered by the price really considering the tone I am hearing. A house brand ukulele seemed a great idea for a shop like that and sure enough Matt has been on the case. Haven't yet played one Greg - but will put em on list to try to get hold of! String spacing at the bridge is circa 43mm. Apparently they have a solid mahogany top and neck with lament body. I can also see that the top wood here is extremely thin, in fact one of the thinnest I have seen. This is Kiwaya level thin. My Koaloha Opio is 70mm but delivers superior sound of equal volume (solid tonewoods all round of course). I can see that it works very well! As I say, it's a layout I have not seen before, and has the effect of working like inline tuners you will see on a Fender style uke. Sorry - not giving them airtime. The buttons on the pegs are close together and had he gone with regular friction pegs I think they would have been a real devil to turn with big fingers on the stiff pegs. You replied that it isn't so unusually deep as some tenors you have seen, a Pono for example. Impartial ukulele reviews, Instrument tests, beginners tips, how to's and much more! review at some point? It looks very old. I don't see any listed. It's a shop that carries an eclectic and extremely tempting range of ukuleles. ), Thanks Barry. It's not overly heavy either at 696g and is perfectly balanced. Matt explained to me that he experimented with various types of bracing pattern before settling on this one. Those solid woods are in two pieces on the top, sides and slightly curved back. Clearly don’t want to be reviewed... Hi, I was wondering how you feel about a Lujex Soprano ukulele and if it is a good instrument? The Outdoor Ukulele™ is an American made composite polycarbonate instrument developed for backpacking, camping, and traveling. Norm - yes I asked Gretsch to loan me one - but they are one of a few who were not interested. Please do a review of the Cordoba UP100 Concert uke. The Outdoor tenor comes in brown, green or gold – as you can tell from the photos, I went for the brown. A real zing. Outdoor Ukulele, Bend, Oregon. Click the logo to help. The top of the headstock has a nice carved shape and it's faced in a glossed dark wood. Topping that is more extremely dark rosewood for the fingerboard, edge bound to hide the ends of the 19 frets joined at the 14th. Dear Barry, Thanx for all the great reviews, it helps a lot! The FUZZ-S has taken a lot of time in development with various changes going back and forth between him and the Chinese builders until he was happy. Aquila AGxAQ Aldrine Guerrero signature tenor strings. It's a shop that carries an eclectic and extremely tempting range of ukuleles. What do you know about the Aklot ukulele. It comes strung with Worth Clear fluoro strings and comes with a really nice padded gig bag embroidered with the brand name and a funky red interior with neck support. In the UK so any thought on Tanglewood please? Reviews I've seen in US are positive - some are very positive, Hello Barry,Did you experiment the Ohana TK-50g ?What do you think about it please ?Best regards,RB, Sorry, i'm afraid i've not played that model. Maybe the gold plated or jet black painted versions would look better. But something about the ziricote is mellowing it and creating a more balanced tone. I appreciate all of the info you offer on your site. I've only ever seen laminate ziricote before, and it's a wood used in that way precisely because of the striking looks. But then I should hardly be surprised -  Matt himself has an enviable personal ukulele collection (so I know he is demanding), but also is a fine musician for which those demands are justified. Ukuleles are made to order and the current production time is 3 business days. There is no pearl or bling here. Can anyone tell me anything about Kasch Ukuleles please? Make of that what you will! Make of that what you will. The Got A Ukulele reviews page collates the largest independent list of instrument reviews there is online. Won't someone send me something dreadful to review? They are wonderful tuners. I’ve asked Gretsch many times but they never reply. The free version is great, but there is also a paid version with more bells and whistles. The construction of this ukulele … Looking at the TUJ5? It's be... Forest are a brand developed solely for The Uke Room, a small specialist ukulele store in the Forest of Dean, UK, run by Matt Stead. Brilliant acoustics for extreme conditions. So it's not quite the full on 'marmite', but it has certainly raised eyebrows. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. You say that you are going to review Flight DUS 320 soon. Are those types of ukuleles typically frowned upon? It's quite a looker and the sound shimmers, as you say. Will you be reviewing the IRWIN BANGOLELE - (i just bought one). In fact - this rant on the subject may interest you.. CLEARWATER / VORSON ELECTRIC LES PAUL TENOR, MOSELELE SOLID ELECTRO CONCERT BAMBOOKULELE, BARNES AND MULLINS CALTHORPE ELECTRO CONCERT, BREEDLOVE LU'AU GHOST BURST ELECTRO CONCERT, MAGIC FLUKE FIREFLY SOPRANO BANJO UKULELE, Makala Dolphin Soprano - nearly three years on, Koaloha Pikake Soprano nearly two years on, A look at the Ohana Ukuleles development process. Have you reviewed any Gretsch? Most likely re-badges of something else. In the hands the polycarbonate feels pretty good, there’s a texture to it that stops your hands slipping around when playing and it’s got a nice weight to it too. Not personally played one, but they are cheap, generic far eastern instruments. There are no flaws, bubbles or pooling though. Most interested also in your opinion on the extent to which greater depth in an instrument projects its sound better. To my mind a sweet sounding instrument that 'projects' is what any of us is looking for (even if some of us tend to be unduly swayed by the aesthetics). I just purchased their concert bundle since it was within my budget. And the result is quite the looker. They've been played in the Arctic Ocean, paddled down the Amazon River, and hiked both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. I'd love some help on this one pleasep. I hope that I picked up something decent for a beginner. I couldn't see him putting his name to something he wasn't completely happy with - I just don't think he could live with that. Maybe that damned clunky tie bar bridge, I'd love a through the body bridge better, easier to restring, and easier on the top.This is an ukulele I wish I could buy. The neck is made from mahogany and whilst I think there. Schoenhut long term test - in summary - AWFUL! It's like a music box. They've been played in the Arctic Ocean, paddled down the … the back is from a good quality wood with RKO radio shapes cut out. In fact, when I knew he was sending one of these over on loan I had assumed it would be.

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