guitar pima patterns

The overall concept of PIMA, this acronym is an effective template for learning not only how to play fingerstyle chords and arpeggios in various note order, but also in practicing complex fingerstyle songs. The P i m a is one of the most popular fingerpicking patterns on guitar. It still uses the acronym, but really enhances your picking hand movement. Blocked (Flutter) Patterns PIMA 101 (Part 2) For both exercises below, there are three guitar parts. The 2nd guitar part is for a basic lead based on the notes within the rhythm chords provided. In this fingerstyle guitar lesson, we'll be taking a look at 3 essential fingerpicking patterns. Such patterns can be used to play chords, and they represent a tremendous warm-up tool. These important picking patterns are going to help you to develop the dexterity and muscle memory required to play many of your favorite fingerstyle songs. This is a very common pattern in classical guitar. In this section, I am going to show you the three most popular fingerpicking arpeggios every guitar player use for warm-ups. The P (Thumb) is used mostly on the Low E string and the A string of the guitar. In this fingerstyle tutorial you’ll learn the essential fingerpicking exercises you need to know in order to play most of the solos and arrangements from the great fingerstyle jazz guitarists, such as Lenny Breau, Joe Pass and Ted Greene.. This example proves that the acronym can be adjusted accordingly. Mixed Patterns. An arpeggio is a right-hand fingers pattern that repeats itself. The thumb is p, the index finger is i, the middle finger is m and the ring finger is a. The 3rd guitar part plays off of both of the first two guitars. In case you are new to fingerpicking, the fingers on the right hand now have letters to denote which finger patterns you will play in a particular section. Classical Guitar. So the right hand now spells out pima. The 1st guitar is playing all quarter notes and provide the basic rhythm. This mixed pattern set still uses the PIMA, but in various order.

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