hipshot lollipop tuners

My '68 Precision (Jan 68 neck date) came with a B-width neck, the older style smaller decal and lollipop tuners. Hipshot Ultra HIPSHOT HB2 bass guitar tuners for Fender Bass, NICKEL, Lollipop Keys, set of 4. Shiny NICKEL finish with round lollipop key. Includes screw-in bushings, face washers, and mounting screws. Retrofit your USA '67-'82 Fender P & J Bass. Squier Bronco mod. If anyone is interested I have an as-new set of Hipshot HB2 lollipops for sale for $50 shipped. The need for treble side or bass side tuners is due to the varying configurations of headstocks. Retrofits the 4 screw mount tuning machine on your valuable instrument. HIPSHOT 20675LSN Heads Specifications Identifiers. Right handed with late 60s fender round lollipop key the HB2 fits most Basses from parts condition:TUNERS in near mint to condition - only used on 1 neck for a very short period OF time 27:1 ratio adjustable tension. I can't think of a single company that uses lollipop tuners. Sounds LOUD Hipshot Lollypop Tuners. Also retrofits Geddy Lee, reissue '67-'82 Fender. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Actually, I'd say you were in the majority. Fender likely discontinued the lollipop tuners because they got negative feedback from their customers. Serek B90 pickup, Hipshot Lollipop Tuners, finish strip/stain and new pickguard. By Clarky72, March 25, 2014 in Bass Guitars. If you are using a right hand 4-string Fender Style bass then 4 bass side tuners is required. If your 4-string Fender bass is left-handed then 4 treble side tuners is required. HIPSHOT HB2-LOLLI-N / 20210N-LOLLIPOP Description Hb2 Lolli N 20210n Lollipop Hipshot Hb2 Lollipop. That style of tuner is a novelty today. Hipshot HB6L Ultralite Lollipop Key Tuners help reduce the weight of your bass and help balance your instrument which will help fix neck dive. Will fit 1967-82 Fender basses or reissues from that era. Tuner post is 1/2 13mm and fits 18mm peghead holes. Set of four - HIPSHOT USA hb6l ULTRALITE TUNERS for BASS guitar. May 8, 2018 - Hipshot HB6L Ultralite Lollipop Key Bass Tuning Machine-Hipshot Tuners are sold individually.

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