how many aws certified solutions architect professional

Viewing page 40 out of 70 pages. How to Study to Become an AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect 07 July, 2018 – Kyle Galbraith As someone who has obtained both the AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps Professional certifications the question I am asked the most is, how did I study for them. Without knowing personal circumstances, I would recommend taking the associate first, as it gets you used to AWS exam conditions and you should be ready to take that earlier. 5 metrics and 1 dimension C. 1 metric and 5 dimensions D. 8 metrics … However, there are many common elements between the AWS Developer certification exam and the AWS solution architect associate certification exam. I found these exams challenging enough, so did wonder how I was going to be able to reach the next level of certification aka the Professional tier. Viewing questions 391-400 out of 698 questions Custom View Settings Question #391 Topic 1 How many metrics are supported by CloudWatch for Auto Scaling? The questions and answers options are quite long and there is a lot of reading that needs to be done, so be sure you are prepared and manage your time well. Once registered for the AWS Authorized Instructor program, the candidate gets access to the topic's course material. The questions for AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional were last updated at Oct. 26, 2020. Not sure but many of us may not be aware that in case if you have an AWS Solution Architect — Associate level certification, you can claim your Practice Exam for Professional … I personally took the Solutions Architect Associate exam first. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to pass the Pro certification. The Google Cloud Platform exams do have a lot of similarities to the AWS exams, but in our opinion, for most people, the GCP Professional Cloud Architect exam will be more difficult than the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.. One difference is that Google expects every Solutions Architect to come from a dev background. A. As a learning tool these practice exams drive your focus on the important details and areas of weakness you will need to work on. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP-C01) exam was for a total of 170 minutes but it had 75 questions. For example, the knowledge of AWS security best practices, AWS global infrastructure, core AWS services, and key features of AWS services. 7 metrics and 5 dimension B. I couldn’t find anything that compared. It used to be a requirement though you can now go straight to Professional. I have had experience of AWS certifications in the past, as I achieved the Associate tier for the Solution Architect, Developer, and SysOps exams in 2018. For the AWS Certified Solutions Architect -- Professional course, for example, this includes a PDF document with over 700 slides and labs. As always, mark the questions for review and move on and come back to them after you are done with all. It acts as a good spring board.

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