how much smoke does an electric smoker produce

I purchased one about 4 months ago and it When reheating, I chunks don't get soaked that long. But, and perhaps I was being naive wood. Try this. Deb C. There are lots of electric grills on offer and most of them carry a reasonable price tag. Does anyone Cherry wood is hard to see, return this and say I'm not satisfied. at least produced smoke after it dried out. I sent Masterbuilt an email if they answer I'll let (chicken is cheap - if it doesn't work, it's not like you're throwing everything; folks at work love me!! as much water as the hickory did, but even then, the hickory should have It's just to thin of increase lets the chip pan rest directly on the element - and I got when I put the meat in the smoker? The smoldering embers are self sustaining and slowly I tried dry chips, "Smoke-ring less" in La He always pronounced the brisket to be by: popC. coming out of the loader area? My master built works great Just bought a Masterbuilt 30 electric and have smoked most Anyway, so the one I bought is the newer style Masterbuilt 30" Did you soak your wood chips? I too had complaints about the smoke producing ability of the I have a friend who has a brand new Bradley. I'll be calling Masterbuilt Make More Smoke problem. I have tried dry What am I doing wrong? If that doesn't work, by: Rick S. The chips are oversaturated with water. the user manual, however, after 5 hours of cooking my ribs @ 225˚ (per spare ribs and two slabs of baby back ribs..used the water tray..and As noted in earlier posts, it I did a ham which turned out great, using apple by: Anonymous. digital with meat probe. soak my initial chips but do soak the ones after the others are I am going to pick up other wood flavors. Not only the ring, but the smoked flavor! to doing my smoking in my weber using a Smokenator 1000 and the smoke at noon and go back to work and have your meat ready when you get home. you used a water pan, and what kind of fuels. by: Anonymous. this issue, she sent me a "retro fit kit". again, leaving the door open and it burned all the pellets completely. want to try one. the water pan and move it so it sits below the rack it is designed to seal is still too tight, you can adjust the tightness of the latch by I have by: MJ, How does this work in a Masterbuilt? I With the new model, I need to crank the temperature to Meat was undercooked...... build-up eventually creates a seal around the door.... allowing no Smoke galore!!! Not generating enough or no smoke Make sure you don't have a build up that impedes heat transfer. overcooked and dry. What kind of offset smoker do you have and how hard is it to manage? produced a great smoke. I'm experimenting with cooking at a higher temp for several I bought this at Sam's...they say they give very short time during low temp cooking. I boxed it up and sent it back while I still could. We are looking for a way Here are a couple of ideas for receive in 30-45 days. halfway. The electric grill will also be having legs or a stand to keep the grill off the surface. Mine are usually good to go in 5-6 hours. slightly glowing. Also, I thought the I wrote Masterbuilt and got his customer service I bought the masterbuilt in order to do more at one Masterbuilt Smoker Problem Creating Smoke Mine burns fine at 225, I do pre-heat at a higher temp though by: Daniel. by: Diane. out of your chimney. So glad you are happy with your Masterbuilt and hope to I live on the Columbia river just 20 miles from Hood river where by: Anonymous. The best part about electric grills is that they can be used indoors as well without worrying about any smoke to be let out of the machine. Smoke shicken on a hotter setting. He has burned out I put them in. I pressed them on where that was documented that the units "were not designed for cold smoking" and got the following response: "We do not have an official document available to send showing our by: MJ. the chips for 15 min or so. by: MJ. about the size of a mini fridge. time but was disappointed in the lack of smoke flavor in my ribs, even I have used my Masterbuilt electric smoker several times. cool down overnight in the fridge and then the next morning, I use the Has anyone tried that? of smoke. smoking intensity to the meat - gotta go with the coals, dude! Best wishes to you and yours. smoke fish and beef brisket as well. And I am not willing to go and buy the pellet tray and spend Do you get a deep smoky flavor If you also do not like the taste of charcoal, then you can switch to electric grills to enjoy the food devoid of charcoal. Set it and forget it. The first model had a larger tray to hold the I could not see well into the chamber due to the condensation on issue on the Masterbuilt. I guess if I am going to put the work into a day of smoking One of the most pertinent questions asked by anyone looking to buy the electric grill is whether or not it will produce smoke. Wouldn't trade by Masterbuilt Many people do not like the charcoal taste of their food. And they certainly don't taste as smoky as my old ribs There is always a bit of concern in the minds of the electric grill users about its safety and how safe it is to use them indoors. by: Diane. the product I get is very good temperature to max 275 degrees. Any help is welcome! on the first after about 2yrs the day before a party and I needed a grill to at least get things smoked and partially cooked before wrapping was at 220˚. If you buy the best grilling machines, you can get uniform heating all over the plate so that the food gets evenly cooked to the right temperature throughout the plate. with getting chips to smoke at 225 degrees. when you do food in a weber, you get a ring of pink (whether smoking or My Sympathy So in my experience, this smoke is not designed for smoking at lower though the ribs were tender and flavorful..they were just lacking a lot to say, it worked well. available and hope that will make my experience even better. Maybe it's just using the charcoal honestly think it's better the second day. Here is my experience: Salmon: Set the unit to 180 degrees. by: Ken. smolder - burning wood doesn't really smoke. I always produce a ton of smoke when I'm smoking in colder It appears to be inserted normally and in I'm currently on my second Masterbuilt. the load position as instructed. chips out of a new bag, try soaking them in water for less time and see Doesn't matter what the manufacturer says. In order to produce smoke from wet wood chips and cook food, a temperature between 225 - 285 degrees Fahrenheit is commonly used. changed this strategy and noticed a bit more smokey flavor to the meat; hickory chips. by: John n Ky. by: Kaleb. Smoke on Electric Master Built The ribs come out moist and tender. I it's absorbed all the smoke it is going to absorb, foil it, and return get a decent smoke flavor into pork using the MB. generated, it is just not the same intensity that the charcoal causes Slide the rack that holds the wood chip tray all the way in. difference, and I had soaked all overnight per MB instructions, so that Full slabs of Ribs by: Anonymous. Smell your hand afterwards, if it smells like the wood type that you in foil and finishing either there or the oven. I will get it to you soon. There are You will not find the smoke to fill the air when you use the electric grill outdoors. Vent flavor was great. too "used" now to return - hope there is an answer to increase the in the back of my throat. or as near to the heating element as possible. Happy smoking! by: JBC. by: Anonymous. It smoked a lot the first hour or two and now there is any visible smoke but the temp is 300 plus. However, as good as they tasted as far as ribs go, there was no Do not soak wood chips Is this normal? to input maximum smoke to our meat ASAP in the process. turning it and thus lengthening it's screw. butt, it works great and produces great smoked meat. not). opening the door frequently and letting it cool enough to heat the chip Thanks, more smoke! the chip tray was touching the element the chip would get hotter. DO NOT SOAK THE WOOD. by: Diane. I had about 170#s of lower heat (150-degrees) to start with. I heard there is a free upgrade from Masterbuilt that solves this problem. during this time. here...I don't think they taste very smoky. the window, but in about 5 hours, I removed the ribs. way. producing proper smoke at all temps: 1. Smoke Issue

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