how to use quilting guide bar

You can continue quilting lines 1/2'' apart for a result like my Fat Quarter Fancy Quilt, or vary the width of the lines any way that you like. If your machine doesn’t have a quilting bar or isn’t able to accommodate one, you will simply need to mark all of your stitching lines using … DEALERS. Serge or zigzag the edges for a finished look. using walking foot with quilting bar. Click icon. Video opens in player window. But I see that's gonna be pretty hard for me, since the walking foot that comes with the machine doesn't have a seam guide option, and I'm not good at eye-balling it! Then I ran the edge of my guide bar right over the … The TWO Closest Dealers to you are: Quality Sewing & Vacuum. TIP 1 If you have a laser guideline marker use it. This allows the cut to be more exact. Secure the guide by tightening the screw. It worked wonders! I have a Janome 6500; used and came with a walking foot and the bar for parallel quilting. using spring clamps or bungee cords, use fabric strips to keep the quilt taut. Place the guide on the seam that you have sewn and sew once more. The bar does not hold tight and slips when I turn the quilt, so my rows of quilting do not stay an even distance apart. This … ? Start by pinning one end of the strip to the quilt backing (not the top). I wanted to stitch a diagonal line through the squares and decided to try using the laser guide along with the dual feed foot. Some systems have additional guide arms that allow fabric to be reloaded to the same measurement for projects with lots of pieces that are the same size. Sew a seam with a stitch of your choice. Then, the stitches on either side of the first seam will be sewn using the quilting bar as a guide. How to use: Loosen the screw at the back of the presser foot ankle just enough to insert the guide in the hole. Using mattress ticking, cut two strips of fabric about 2-inches wide and 45-inches long . For this quilt, I put on my guide bar and set it about 1 1/2'' away from the needle. Open-Toe Quilt Set (High Shank) Video: Using The Quilting Bar Learn how to use the Quilting Bar on the Open-Toe Walking Foot. I set the stitch to a straight stitch and started quilting the pieced panel to the interfacing. More expensive cutters use cutting guides made of transparent acrylic that ride along tracks. There are lots of creative ways you can use your walking foot for quilting using your machine’s practical and decorative stitches. The first line of stitching will be sewn right on top of the drawn line. Way better than when I … So I'm trying to get started quilting my big quilt sandwich on my new Juki (TL2000) using 1/2" (+/-) echo straight lines. The walking foot also often has a guide bar to help you to keep an even distance between quilt lines. 14315 NE 20th St. , Bellevue WA, 98007.

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