iberico ham price

Enjoy our best selection. 8,000g . Add to Cart. We have a wide range of hand sliced Iberico Ham UK, ready for you to devour. Visit our Hand Carved options!If you are looking to buy a whole Jamon Iberico we have a selection for every taste. clear . Bellota 100% Ibérico Pata Negra Spanish Ham. Bellota 50% Ibérico Spanish Ham. £24.75. See Cured Meats. Wishlist. (70g) Regular price $69.99. Hand Carved Joselito Gran Reserva Bellota Ham (Cut to order in Canada) - Cured for 36 months+. Senorio Bellota 100% Iberico Hand-Carved Ham DOP 100g. (420g) Regular price $120.00. Wishlist. Price. £500 to £800. ADD TO BASKET View BASKET. £200 to £500. Brindisa. Collection. Whole leg 48 months Iberico ham bellota Double acorn-fed $ 14,800. 100 Grams- Hand Carved 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder Bellota ‘Pata Negra’ 100% Natural. 50% Iberian Breed Ham made in Guijuelo (Salamanca) Undoubtedly, buying Iberico Ham from Cebo de Campo raised from the... €237.20 Regular price -€21.00 €258.20 Price Raised in the freedom of the Dehesa, and fed with pastures and bellota. Bellota Ham 100% Ibérico comes from pure Iberico pigs. Montaraz Iberico (100%) de Bellota Ham. Cinco Jotas (5J) 100% Acorn-fed Hand Carved Ibérico Ham Bellota (100g) Cured for 36 months . ONLINE STORE. Brindisa Bellota 75% Iberico Ham Slices 100g. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Iberico pork and ham really are the icing on the cake when it comes to specialist charcuterie. ADD TO BASKET View BASKET. £50 to £100. An Iberico Ham is a fantastic centrepiece and an amazing gift for your friends or loved ones.Slicing and plating a whole Iberico Ham leg takes skill and time- you may prefer that we do the hard work for you. Regular price $125.00. High quality at right price. The jewel in the crown of its rich ham culture is the Jamon Iberico de Bellota, also known as Pata Negra, where the pigs are fed on acorns, imparting a wonderful nutty flavour to the ham. Quickview. Hand Carved 50g. 8,000g. £10 to £50. Add to Cart. Our variety. We have a team of master cutters who will hand pick and slice each packet for you. Whole leg 48 months Iberico ham bellota $ 9,800. This three-part se... Add to Basket. Add to Cart. 8,000g. Under £10. 8,000g. Rated 3.80 out of 5 £ 14.50 Add to cart; 5 Kg Free Range Iberico Ham Shoulder Pata Negra. Brindisa Bellota 75% Iberico Ham Slices 50g. £12.45. The distinctive flavours of Spanish cured meats and Jamon Iberico, Iberico ham leg, Chorizo Iberico, Lomo Iberico and Salchichon Iberico give Spanish charcuterie a real gourmet appeal. For The Love of Jamón! Whether you choose the Black Label Iberico Ham de Bellota (pata negra). Add to Cart. Quickview. Quickview. Home › Ibérico ham. 100% Bellotta Iberico Ham 42-54 Month, +/-250g. Wishlist. Rated 4.64 out of 5 £ 109.00 Add to cart; 100 Grams- Chorizo Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra £ 4.90 Add to cart; 400 Grams- Acorn Fed Cured Meats Hamper Iberico de Bellota- Pata Negra. Regular price $88.00. Free-range, well-exercised and fed on an acorn and shrub-based diet, the meat from these 'black foot' pigs is dark in colour with a deep, rich taste and a generous marbling of fat. Ibérico ham. Whole leg 48 months Iberico ham bellota Chestnut-fed $ 14,500. £26.75. You can find more information about Spanish Ham in our Library . Producer. Whole leg 60 months Iberico ham bellota $ 12,800. If you don’t know how to slice a whole ham, we can offer you hand sliced Iberico Ham at fantastic prices. Wishlist.

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