is statistics a boring major

You can go back to being a sane person with other interests in life once we’re done with the article.). Having said all that, this is a good thing. – It’s self-adulatory. You don’t need any special courses. for example, figuring out various population characteristics in biology is interesting, but not because the statistics is. I think the major reason people dislike statistics is that it was poorly taught in whatever classes they took. My impression is that most people, myself included, will tend to learn and reason visually or through a more narrative style. – It’s simplistic. When they do land a … secondly, a student viewing a textbook must wonder precisely who is the textbook being written for. Stop. I feel compelled to add my vote to “boring and ineffective professor.” Our textbook was written by him. the presentation and materials are red-zone convoluted, and not necessarily for human consumption. As an added bonus, this… At worst, well… let’s just say that there may be some character-building moments in a data scientist’s life. You can finish up by using analytics — just go ahead calculate the average. A sample is any collection of items from the population. Most college programs that lack the most basic mathematics have their statistics courses (humanities and sciences), which helps spread misconceptions and misuse. And, I should note, that is not plain statistics that people hate, is the method they hate. I would take a guess that it probably has something to do with a natural (call it human?) However, as Fabian has mentioned above here, the media has tended to dumb stats down to the point where people only comprehend percentages. The media has made us numb to statistics. first off, I think you’re asking the wrong audience. It is not your entire population. Take a moment. Nuclear is still the most common, but there are millions of households in the United States with a different family structure. Take them out and replace them with high school teachers who were good with the slower streams and we may get a different result. I was planning on doing a business degree, so statistics was a requirement. Everyone finds their major a drag - but what is the most stressful major you could choose? It’s the value your guess takes, while an estimator is the formula you use for arriving at that number. 4. could those that teach statistics even handle the criticism, and do they even care? Also though, coming from a literature/writing background, I think one thing that can make anyone who relates well to stories uncomfortable is the elimination of nuance–which numbers often trade for precision. However, don’t for a moment think I’m bashing my discipline. In our discipline, it’s more like all the things. I had both in school and I could see that most of the people that had these problems hated math. Statistics often analyzes and rarely synthesizes. familiar with evaluating statisitics. When the statistics become involved, then you can have a better idea of how the cancer may affect your body or is smoking is the major reason for it. Then there is the demand to be logical. At least the Western culture, from what I can tell, retorts, “Good enough is good enough, even at the cost of future adequacy.” This is the presumption that leads to reserving rigorous math courses for later advanced levels rather than introducing (competent) proof structures during a student’s more formative years. my undergrad was in math/stats and my problem with stats (or at least, the use of stats by people who don’t understand stats [a great number!]) I was taught stats by someone that really loved it and lectured with a passion at high-school. I think the key to answering this lies in the nature of the response itself (duh!). 2. how many college-level statistics instructors are simply in the classroom for a paycheck? 0 0. You’re so good at this! it requires an inward look at why this chosen approach is maintained. Make great charts. A population is the collection of all items that we are interested in. Wow! So I have proven to you what you have known in your hearts all along: statistics are boring! It is arguably safe to say that it depends on the data. I can relate to many of the above posts. I liked stats and I taught it too to psychology students. That goes for many (all?) The same can be said of economics and, perhaps more relevant here, econometrics. suffice to say, they must be writing for amusement and their fellow statisticians/academics who perhaps have long forgotten what it is like to be a student. I used the wonderful immigration (stacked line) in class today. of what use are they? If people could understand the power of multivariate regression from day 1, there would be many more stat heads like us. And then there are teachers not teaching at the right level for the students. Take that foundation, and (as someone else noted, roughly), toss on anything that smells of equivocation (the mishy-mashy greyness of probability), and the uneasiness is only compounded. Learn more here about the subdisciplines of data science. Beyond that, though, it doesn’t follow that a poorly written textbook in a badly taught class about a given field means the field itself is worthless. And 103,151 online job postings over the … All the people! because if you are betting on your appreciation for statistics to translate into an overall productive experience for all then you need to conduct some studies. It leaves a role for you! If more people were aware of the work of Edward Tufte (and those like you, his next-gen successors), I think they’d feel differently. Let’s start by wallowing in some local jargon. knowing if the conditions of the mean value theorem hold true or not doesn’t interest most people. secondly, are the textbooks. When will it prevent you from hurting yourself? People, right?

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