kenearly yellow eye beans recipe Like most beans, retailers sell yellow eyes … The plump, creamy white beans sport a molasses-yellow mark around the hilum and are the business for authentic New England style baked beans. Yellow eye beans have a similar taste to navy beans or great northern beans, but with more flavor. Mrs. Pennell’s Friday Night Baked Beans. If you have time to soak the beans, rinse before soaking for 8 hours in enough water to cover them by 2-3 inches. Get full Homemade Baked Yellow Eyed Beans Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. They are also delicious substituted for red beans in Puerto Rican Beans and Potatoes. I particularly enjoy them warm with a dollop of Savory Lemon Yogurt. 1 lb. You can use Yellow-Eye Beans for lots of recipes. pea, navy or Kenearly Yellow Eye beans 2 tsp. They will expand. salt, to taste (Mrs. Pennell’s recipe calls for 1 Tbsp., but these days my parents and I frankly quail at that amount of sodium; do as you see fit) 3 medium onions, quartered 1/4 … As far as beans go, yellow eyes are about as quintessentially Maine as lobstah or wild blueberries. dry mustard Up to 1 Tbsp. Look for dried yellow eye beans, also known as Maine yellow eyes, in specialty stores, especially those catering to Northeastern or Maine regional foods.

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