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These exercises target the gluteal muscles (glutes) in your buttocks, the large muscles in the front of your thigh (quadriceps or quads), and the muscles in your back. Be careful to keep your wrists in a neutral position, and stop if you feel that your wrists can’t support your weight. With your heels a few inches above the floor, rotate your torso from right to left, swinging the kettlebell slightly across your body. Nail these and you're on your way to a better body. Kettlebell workouts in general, are radically different from others and you can even use a kettlebell workout for weight loss. Repeat. Here’s a look at seven versatile kettlebell exercises to include in your workout. Repeat for 20 seconds. Sit with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Using your leg muscles, with your upper body still, straighten up to your starting position. Kettlebells are usually made of iron or steel, and sometimes they’re covered in a colorful vinyl with a handle that has a comfortable rubber or vinyl grip. 50 Kettlebell Swings at 24kg (16 for women)Rest 1:00″A single kettlebell opens up a whole world of options over bodyweight-only workouts,” says Sam Orme, the owner of CrossFit Virtuosity in Brooklyn. Complete Legs and Glutes Workout Kettlebell/Dumbbell Only There are times when you only have access to one piece of equipment and need to get a good … source ← How To: The Ultimate Kettlebell Swing Exercise Tutorial – Part 3; 16kg Turkish Get Up -Female Client → Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Try to work up to 3 to 4 sets for each arm as you become more advanced. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Overstretching can result in an injury, such as a strain or a sprain. Place one knee onto a bench. Once you get used to this exercise, you can switch to a heavier weight. Just like any other equipment – it is crucial to have proper form. But is it real? When your chest is even with the kettlebell handles, exhale and push your body back up to its starting position. Your arms should finish parallel to the floor. Pause for a few seconds, then push your body upward, and bring your right foot up next to your left foot. Does Walking 1 Hour Every Day Aid Weight Loss? Kettlebell workouts help promote building muscle, explosiveness, and getting that heart rate through the roof all at once. Do 6 to 8 repetitions with one arm, and then switch arms. Perform 1 set to start, and work up to 3 to 4 sets as you build up your strength. Come into plank position with both hands on the kettlebells. Return to starting position and repeat while keeping the momentum going. Keeping your back straight and your upper body rigid, lower your body toward the floor. You’ve probably seen depictions of bare-chested carnival strongmen hoisting them over their heads. Return to starting position,. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with a kettlebell between your feet. You can create a full-body workout using just kettlebells, or you can pick and choose specific kettlebell exercises to add to your strength training regimen. Once you know how to do the exercises with the right form using a lighter weight, you can move on to using a heavier weight and increasing your reps and sets. When you’ve completed your repetitions, return to your starting position. Walking is great for your health, but how much do you need to walk to aid weight loss? The Ultimate Total Body Kettlebell Workout. And, according to research, working out with these cannonball-like weights comes with plenty of benefits. Your email address will not be published. These are the foundational exercises, known as the "sacred 6." Benefits extend from…. Doing more strenuous or vigorous types of exercise can boost your overall health and fitness in many ways. All rights reserved. How to Get Back to Working Out After a Break. Slowly step forward with your left leg, bending your knee while keeping your right foot in place. Use core and momentum to bring feet into a standing position. Try going for 4 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise with 45 seconds to 1 minute rests in between sets.

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