limiter or compressor on voice over

It chops off the high pitch. For instance, if you compress … An upward compressor boosts a signal below a certain threshold value, instead … But lots of things happen in the background that you should be aware of. This full-featured dynamics controller is a studio workhorse: use it to tame peaks and signal spikes, use it for gentle smoothing and sonic fortification, or even use it as a brickwall limiter … This is optional, but applying these filter may increase the amplitude of your voice over. dbx 560A. Some people use limiters … — Limiting. Maybe the attack and/or release values are different for one of the many layers. … It´s either a Maximizer (like a limiter with a gain input, like the Waves L1, L2 or L3) or an upward compressor. This way the gain reduction doesn’t keep hitting the voice in the same spot over and over, or all at once. The dbx 560A is the 500 Series version of one of the most-used compressors in studios around the world, the dbx 160A. Instead the voice is gently reshaped and refined from recording to final mix. So if you see spikes in your waveform that touches the ceiling, then use the hard limiter. A compressor makes it convenient to automatically and quickly affect an entire audio file.

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