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For statistical analysis of data from one sample -t- test, chi-square test and ANOVA test in spss software is used. On the other hand, tourism has insu, contributed to the protection and presentation of the Na-, tional Park and the economic and social development of, governments, as well as all other factors involved in the. It is imposed by the forces of, natural laws and survival of the planet, and therefore ac-, cepted by governments of all countries of the world. The ability to transfer implications of this study beyond the sixteen cases of interest will depend on similarity of context and fit between cases in question. Ser-, bia still lacks an integrated, holistic approach to spatial, planning and environmental quality with fair redistribu-, tion and accessibility to resources and knowledge. Sample households of the village and randomly classified and 12 villages were selected. Tourism. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. In other words, currently growing Ciljeve i aktivnosti Republike Srbije u oblasti politike obnovljivih izvora energije još 2007.godine odredio je čin ratifikacije Kjoto protokola i godinu dana ranije Ugovora o osnivanju energetske zajed-nice za jugoistočnu Evropu, čime se naša država obavezala na primenu evropske regulative u oblasti obnovljivih izvora energije (pre svega, direktive 2009/28/EC) [5]. The post-positivistic approach of this study helped to illuminate the complexity that underscores these four simple words. and act according to the principles of sustainable tourism. Tourism, in the economic context of the 21st century, is an essential activity in the structure of the economic mechanism and has an active role in the development and modernization of the economy and society. Mass tourism o, endangers or destroys the natural habitat, pollutes water, or soil, produces excessive noise, inadequately responds to, the needs of the local population and impairs their quality, of life because it does not take into account the speci, their tradition, culture, religion... On the other hand, sus-, tainable tourism balances economic development against, the limitations imposed by the environment and the needs, For that reason, sustainable tourism has been promot-, ed as a form of tourism development in the 21, Chapter 4 of Agenda 21 is entitled “Protecting and man-, aging the natural resource base of economic and social, development” and its Article 43 states: “Promote sustain-, able tourism development, including non-consumptive, and eco-tourism, ... in order to increase the bene, tourism resources for the population in host communities, while maintaining the cultural and environmental integ-, rity of the host communities and enhancing the protec-. from administrators to civic organizations, there is consistency in their plans that reflect the same practices. ests, which means that it is not just about “green” issues. And this is what we will explain here. <> needs of permanent residents and tourists; making partial development strategies regarding, important tourist products; production and im-, plementation of spatial and urban plans of tourist, destinations and development programs of com-, establishment of missing tourist organizations at, establishing a unique and up-to-date tourism sta-. Sustainability. PRINCIPLES OF TOURISM (The meaning and importance of tourism) DEFINITION OF TOURISM (water resources, air, biodiversity, soil) [6]. Tourism encourages new elements to join the retail mix, increasing opportunities for shopping and adding healthy competitiveness. %���� When the world is perceived as a, system in space, our understanding that a change in one, is more than obvious due to following two facts: tourism is, one of the most powerful industries in the world and the, main “resources” that it uses in its development are the, most beautiful natural, cultural and historical places in the, and business trends is extremely high, as well as its impact, on the state and quality of life in local communities that, are used as tourist areas. endobj Depending on the size of scalar indicators, it can be deter-, mined whether the monitored change is in the red (criti-, cal situation), yellow or green zone (when the situation is, described as sustainable, which means that all principles. El segundo de los objetivos se centra en identificar los principales obstáculos y desafíos que afectan a estas empresas (acceso al crédito, efectividad de las políticas públicas de promoción junto con barreras de entrada al mercado interno y acceso restringido a mercados externos). harmonization of infrastructure, public services, services, recreation and sport with immediate. choice and enough resources to be able to enjoy them, it is necessary to establish a development that will allow, solidarity, equity and holism both among generations and, methodically, which means that changes in tourism and, tourism activities must be monitored, planned and di-. The new ways of future development were established on the basis of local population in a tourist destination; of the cultural identity of the local community, un-, indicators of environmental conditions should pro-, vide a picture of the state of the environment and, the impacts that tourism exerts on certain media. Jasno je da Republika Srbija već u ovoj fazi evropskih integracija mora da planira i realizuje standardizovane reforme u cilju poštova-nja preuzetih obaveza u pogledu poboljšanja ener-getske efikasnosti, uštede energije i usvajanja pravnog okvira koji će obezbediti održivo korišćenje OIE-a time i doprineti sprečavanju klimatskih promena i podsticanju održivog razvoja [6]. od 2010. do 2020., Službeni glasnik RS, br.88/2010, available at: Results were organized around seven key areas of focus: 1) shaping factors for tourism-based livelihoods, 2) how tourism-based livelihood strategies added meaning, 3) the role that alternative forms of tourism played, 4) tourism livelihood tactics, 5) participant definitions of success, 6) success factors, and 7) vulnerability. Effective approaches to achieve sustainability means implementing a combined focus in the areas of social equity and community well-being. A lack, marina, cycling paths, etc. This indicates that small-scale nature-based tourism is an important employment opportunity for the Osa and that, unlike many other tourism destinations, tourism is not built significantly on imported labor. Po-zitivan odgovor na ovaj izazov u direktnoj je ko-relaciji sa uspešnom implementacijom koncepta održivog razvoja, kao imperativa savremenog sveta i njegovog opstanka. It is focused on the in-, tegration of environmental, social and economic inter-. 3 0 obj environmental protection, conservation and quality improvement. Based on the findings of this research and a reintegration of relevant literature, a Sustainable Tourism Based Livelihood Framework (STBLF) was presented which can assist researchers and practitioners with future exploration. With the purpose of precise monitoring of the changes, in the tourism industry, systems that are directly or in-, directly associated with the functioning of tourism have, variables whose monitoring and measuring point to, changes in the observed phenomena and trends in the, behavior, on the basis of which decisions are made that, can contribute to avoiding adverse or unexpected conse-, quences [6].

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