manley reference cardioid frequency response graph

MA-200, Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone , aka: MA200 - detailed microphone profile, specifications, manuals, reviews, frequency-response graphs, self-noise data The capsule is a 34mm K67 design which has a dual backplate.Only the front membrane is metallized as the rear half has a clear membrane. (The Reference Cardioid uses 6 micron on its one “live” side.) The capsule is manufactured by Feilo in China, and then is subjected to fitting and testing in the US. But the Manley Reference Cardioid cuts through. high frequency response. The Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone shares the same electronic attributes as the Gold Reference Series, but has a center-fixed cardioid-only capsule with a thicker gauge (6 micron) gold sputtered diaphragm. Many mics with big-bottoms can be muddy down there. The response graph above shows the forward vs rearward radiation of a pair of subs in cardioid configuration. The Reference Cardioid Microphone from Manley Labs is a large diaphragm condenser offering a wide frequency response and accurate transient performance without coloration or any perceivable sonic signature. “We use it a lot on screamers. The frequency response curve (so-called because a speaker’s or headphone’s frequency response will curve, or roll off, in the low bass and high treble) is pretty flat (“flat” is good, because it means the device is accurate), with no serious peaks, dips or other up-and-down variations. For speakers, headphones and microphones, ± 2 or 3dB is considered very good. “It works great on really aggressive vocals, which we do a lot of,” Cervini expounds. The thing that impresses me most is the clarity of the image throughout the frequency spectrum. The tube employed is a dual-triode 12AT7, easily obtainable and replaceable, mounted in a ceramic socket with pure silver pins. The upper (yellow) line is the output SPL at one meter from the audience side, or what you might call the front of the cabinets, and the lower (pink) line is the output SPL at one meter from the stage side, or back of the cabinets. Manley … The Manley Reference cardioid gives that IMO. Manley Reference Cardioid is a tube condenser microphone built by Manley Labs since 1990. The lows are tight and well defined while also being big. The tube electronics found in the Manley Reference Series Microphones consist of two triodes per capsule in cascade forming an entire gain-block. The Manley reference gold uses a CK12 type capsule from Josephson. The rich tonal balance and liquid character make this center-fixed cardioid mic an excellent choice for recording guitars, drums, brass and especially vocals. Its frequency response, with that great high end, brings the vocal out.” Even with contrasting voice types, the Reference Cardioid consistently delivers the goods. It has a 6 micron gold sputtered diaphragm.

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