mary kay horror stories

I'd try to dodge it by saying I was to busy working 30+ hours at the restaurant and 40 hours at school. Spent the evening in a sketchy basement applying droplet-sized amounts of "product" to half of my face while listening to an intimidating women tout Mary Kay garbage for hours. I remember she made mention of husband not happy about this debt and that they were budgeted tight and once they refi the mortgage there are to be no more CC debt. I too learned the hard way 16 years ago before this stuff really blew up with social media that these schemes are predatory and can ruin lives and credit. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes are a drain on our society. It went on for days. All I needed was my name and number in the draw for this Valentine’s Day experience. Is THIS a what the “win a free facial” is about? I also met my husband at the company that I work for. And shame on David's Bridal for giving out contact info like that. It’s like Satan over at r/skincareaddiction. Thanks for that info :). Inside the door was an old, mostly unfurnished waiting area. I almost fell for this but because I'm always late I missed it. I felt like I was doing Mary Kay 24/7. Unfortunately at the time she filled my head with enough nonsense when I talked to my mom she agreed to give me the start up fee. I am at a careers thingo and there is a Mary Kay stall, they said no when I asked if it was a mlm. Quickly, I started making up names and numbers and texting them to BL. ... Ive heard things about people and their mk horror stories. Instead, I scrolled down to this, got distracted, and when I came back, I was thinking I was reading the r/nosleep thread. That woman is dead wrong for doing this to a teenage girl. We made an appointment to meet the banker and she attended the meeting almost as a mother figure. Davids bridal must have a contract with MK or something because this happens in every one of their stores. Mary Kay. Each time a lady got an answer right, BL and Erica would erupt with cheers and a few of the other ladies would halfheartedly join in. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I remember typing it out now. I woke up the next morning with half my face covered in itchy hives. I shop at Sephora and Ulta when I want something, no need for MK or products that I don't need or seek out myself. She offered to go to the credit union I had my car note at and ask about a personal loan. Sorry you had a shitty night instead of a relaxing facial, but so glad you avoided all of scummy tactics. It finally hit me that it's extremely scummy of them to take advantage of soon-to-be brides (or anyone else) who have enough going on already. She pegged me as the perfect person to work for MK, my beauty school background, etc. The blonde lady rambled for a while, then introduced Erica, the awkward girl standing next to her. See, this is why I’d be worried about getting a pre-wedding facial with unfamiliar products. I've enjoyed reading so many stories like this, so I thought I'd share mine. Look how much product you get! I had a r/nosleep thread open earlier but didn't read it. Luckily the consultant didn't hide the fact that she was with Mary Kay so I just never responded. I headed toward the light and went into the room. I used the face wash and I broke out in a rash and tiny bumps all over my face. She said. You'd learn the procedures and then have to complete a number of them via public appointments to get the hours needed to take the final exam. Right as I was about to turn around and head home, I noticed a small cluster of cars parked off to the side of the strip of offices, next to what seemed to be the door to the basement of the building. I had bought a mascara after the facial. They're a terrible store anyway. Well, I got the half facial, too. Thankfully I’ve only encountered a pushy Mary Kay rep one time. Oh look! Itchy, watery, swollen eyes! Mary Kay is basically a cult—they prey on the vulnerable. Looking back, it's more funny and pathetic than anything. Exhausted, still stressed, and definitely un-pampered, I headed home. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it. I've enjoyed reading so many stories like this, so I thought I'd share mine. The apricot one in particular. Mary Kay. Ending her grand speech with a final push of the starter kit ("Even if you don't want to become a rep, just buy the kit for the incredible deal on the product. The "facial" started at 6 and it was now 9. When I reached out to her to get help returning the product she claimed she "didn't know how to do that". Mary Kay knows this will be the only purchase for a majority of new recruits, so they do their best to talk you into the biggest inventory purchase possible. Mary Kay parties are a very different story. Oops! Yeah, I did not realize they were either! This isn’t really related but they were kind of right about st Ives scrub lol! I then check my phone (which had been put away, I hardly check my phone at home) to several missed texts about this prize I’ve won! I hadn't encountered an MLM since an Arbonne party (a story for another day) that my mom and I got roped into when I was in high school. I hadn't thought about them in years. Feeling at least relieved that I wouldn't be in there all alone, I went inside. I was encouraged to make a comment into a full post. And to my dismay they gave me a 2,000 dollar personal loan. I googled the address and it didn't appear to be at a spa.. but it was near one, so I figured that google maps might be off. Overwhelmed with life I did my best to return what I could and also sell what I could at cost to friends and family. Archived. He had one of those catchy numbers with a good pattern to it. She seemed overbearing and certainly not someone I'd want as my boss. Unfortunately she is just another MLM rep, the first rule you learn in direct selling is that everybody has money, although she went far beyond what normal people do. My gift bag (ie.. goody bag, ie, 3 tiny items wrapped in cellophane and tied with a string) contained a DumDum (appropriate for how I was feeling by this point), a tiny tube of Satin Hands™, and an even tinier eye shadow. I'd never gotten a facial before. What gets me the most is that people usually don’t shop consignment because they are rolling in the dough. Yay! I don't remember exactly what happened next.. either I replied to the email, or called a phone number, or something, but next thing I knew I was stuck in a frustrating game of phone tag with someone who I will refer to as Erica. In a way I now know not to be swindled by the fast and easy cash talkers, to know MY limits, not what someone tells me they are or aren't. Now she was set on me getting and inventory. Wow! By the way, your storytelling skills are magnificent. I was actually furious that Once Upon a Child would have allowed this! I wanted to stock up on cheap second hand clothes for my child to be and knowing how fast they outgrow clothes I figured I’d be safer just searching here. This woman tried her inventory spiel and was not happy with my answers. You're an amazing storyteller. The best deal! Blonde Lady bragged that Erica was one of "her girls" and that this was Erica's first Mary Kay presentation. And the month she fails to meet the selling quota (she eventually will because people quits like you) she will be expected and actually demanded to pay for the overpriced leasing. I honestly can’t remember what she said because she creeped me out and made me nervous but she asked for my number and I gave it to her because I panicked and she literally texted me within 2 minutes of me walking away and then again when I got to my car. She announced she'd wait until everyone sent her at least 10 names/numbers before we moved on. I’m even welcome to bring a few of my girlfriends for the experience because my winnings are $50 worth of product! BL interjected a few horror stories about other gasp drugstore facial products and the life-threatening skin infections that they have been known to cause. There, seated on an assortment of 80's-looking office furniture were ~12 women. Then, a month later, I got a shocking email. Erika stood by the door. . The MK rep told me “it was my skin detoxing, this is great” and my dermatologist very much said the opposite during my emergency visit two days later.

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