mary seacole achievements

She ran her own businesses, loved to travel, and often risked her life for others. Due to their different racial backgrounds, her parents could not marry, but Seacole’s mother was more than the “Creole mistress” some historians have labeled her. Her autobiography, Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands, was a best seller. Mary Seacole was born Mary Jane Grant to a Scottish soldier father and a nurse-entrepreneur mother. Biographer Jane Robinson searched for a paper trail, but could find no letters. Can be used during Black History Month. Mary was born Mary Jane Grant in Kingston Jamaica in 1805 to a … A primary school assembly, most suitable for pupils aged 7 - 11, celebrating the life and achievements of Mary Seacole. Seacole’s Wonderful Adventures includes many testimonial letters, from doctors, patients and their families (see Chapter 7 for yellow fever in Jamaica and Chapter 13 for the Crimean period). Mary Seacole (1805–1881) was a Jamaican-born British business woman who showed great kindness and bravery tending to sick and wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. She is accredited with writing the novel Frankenstein, The Last Man. Mary Seacole’s achievements were truly remarkable, especially given that she was a mixed-race woman living in the 19th century. Mary Seacole went to the Crimea and Nursed and gave front line solace and comfort to the troops out there, she did very good work looking after the wounded. Described as … In 2004 she took first place in the 100 Great Black Britons poll in the U.K. Breaking social rules and prejudices, she travelled the world, ran businesses, wrote a book and most memorably, help those in dire need – often facing the most hazardous situations and diseases. Seacole’s mother, whose name is not known, has been described as Creole of African and English descent. Includes song / reflection / prayer. Medals and Testimonials. As to their authenticity, we have no idea. She is known for her authorship achievements and publishing achievements in writing. As a dual heritage woman living in the Victorian Age, Mary was also a pioneer of her time. Mary Seacole, Jamaican businesswoman who provided sustenance and care for British soldiers at the battlefront during the Crimean War. Mary Shelley was born August 30, 1797.

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