mental health nursing interview questions university

University of Dundee Nethergate Dundee Scotland, UK If you have any questions about your interview after you’ve received an invite please email [email protected] Mental health nurse interview questions & answers. Prev Careers About Jobs Events Stories. for Mental Health Nursing BSc. Relax — remember to smile, project warmth and engage with the whole panel, always addressing the person asking the question. Start with general questions, making them more specific as you move through the interview. The University of South Wales is a registered charity. This is an important one to get right. Think about the qualities you expect from a nurse, and would want from someone caring for you or a member of your family. A series of questions, asked one at a time, often helps patients open up, as does offering multiple choices for answers. Be confident – mental health nurses need to be assertive and unafraid to challenge or ask questions. If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. We are interested in people who want to work with people rather than a person’s fascination with how the brain works. Don’t get nervous about being nervous – we expect people to be nervous; it shows that this is important to them. As a mental health nurse you’re going to find yourself in difficult situations regularly and the interviewer needs to see that you’ve got the right skills and personality to stop tricky situations escalating. Have an appreciation of current issues in the news such as anti-stigma campaigns, the effect of living in society with a diagnosis. 1. The interview was for Mental health nursing – this was my wild card in the application as I had applied for Adult nursing as all my other choices. Lots of people seem to be unprepared for this or don’t know how to answer it. Give a clear, concise answer that demonstrates your skills and try not to let any personal opinions you might have about the people involved in your example get in the way of giving a good answer. I wish there was a course for all round nursing like they have in America as all aspects of each branch of nursing appeals to me. Interview. © University of South Wales. We expect you to have researched the course at this University, attended an Open Day and thought about how you plan to manage the academic and personal demands of the course. Talk about the experiences you have had. You are asking to come on a course for the next three years of your life. What have you done to prepare yourself for a career in Nursing? The interviewer wants to know exactly why you chose this path in nursing rather than one of the other options. But we really want to know you as a person who can go on to be a good nurse. Think about what the pitfalls might be for nurses engaging in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Health assessments in nursing require questioning that elicits a graded response versus a yes or no reply. Give examples how you do this and how you match the requirements of the role. Don’t worry if you are relatively young and inexperienced. We’re looking for people who can explain clearly and with conviction why they want to be a mental health nurse. Even if you do have an individual interview there is still a chance that you’ll be in a waiting room with other candidates and the interviewers will be looking to see how you communicate whilst you’re waiting. Talk positively about why you want to study here and what you’re interested in learning. "Mental health nurses help people to live as full lives as possible and to fulfil their aspirations irrespective of the diagnosis they may have been given," says Mark James, subject lead for Mental Health Nursing at USW. Don’t be afraid to come to the interview with a list of questions that you have written down – it shows that you’ve prepared. The interviewer is asking you to demonstrate that you’ve researched what being a mental health nurse involves and wants qualities you would need to be successful. There’s no right and wrong answer here, the panel are trying to get a sense of you as a rounded individual. Use it to demonstrate how you are a good fit for the role. They may go on to ask you if you possess these qualities and to give examples that demonstrate them.

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