mimi bar stool

We have access to the entire Blu Dot portfolio. The gently curved low-back seat frame is well padded with high density foam and upholstered in … Metal Backless Bar Stool (14"W x 14"D x 29"H) Site navigation. Like what you see but want it in a different color or material? Larger items that require pallets are shipped using one of our many nationwide carriers. For marble tables, natural fissures present in the stone will not be considered a defect. Can’t wait? // } The company is well-known for the fun, playful tone it projects into everything from assembly instructions to product descriptions. var _affirm_config = { The sleek black genuine leather headboard is tilted at a precise ergonomic angle so you can lean on it comfortably which is perfect for reading in bed before you sleep. a.onclick = payment_estimate.open_modal; Please call us at 617.542.6464 or submit the form below to start the design process. Color(s) White. If you require pricing or more information about this product, please add it to your enquiry list. Guided by a principle of artistic collaboration, the company designs more than furniture; over the years Blu Dot has created a signature style and brand personality that’s attracted a loyal following. (function(l,g,m,e,a,f,b){var d,c=l[m]||{},h=document.createElement(f),n=document.getElementsByTagName(f)[0],k=function(a,b,c){return function(){a[b]._.push([c,arguments])}};c[e]=k(c,e,"set");d=c[e];c[a]={};c[a]._=[];d._=[];c[a][b]=k(c,a,b);a=0;for(b="set add save post open empty reset on off trigger ready setProduct".split(" ");a

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