mix bus compression

That is, novice engineers will often instantiate a compressor after they achieve a balanced mix with fader positions and inserts. Mix bus compression is simply any type and amount of compression added to your mix bus (sometimes referred to as 2-track, master fader & output) on your signals way out of your DAW, just as the name implies. The most common mistake regarding mix compression is the order in which it is applied. When to Apply Mix Bus Compression. There are also many misconceptions about how and why mix-bus compression is used, and if used incorrectly, it can diminish a lot of hard work. After all, some great mixers swear by using mix-bus compression, while others prefer to keep the mix bus pure. I also love the excellent output and metering options. Mix-bus compression can be a confusing topic for inexperienced mixers and engineers. Bus compression has for me, always been something that plays a huge part in any mix. Mix Buss Compression – To reap the benefits of mix bus compression, at the start of a mix I’ll have a compressor on my mix buss, NOT later as this will just throw the levels out of balance, this works as a ‘glue’ for the overall song I’m working on, by narrowing the dynamics it gives the impression of a bigger/tighter sound. Mix bus compression is a great technique for gluing your tracks together and getting your mix to sound more like a record than just a combination of some recorded tracks. Your mixes need to sound full, but not squashed, and the best way to draw that line is through the use of Mix Bus compression. Many experienced engineers use bus compression in their mixes and some even go as far as to use bus compression on the master channel. You can hide the other modules and just have the compression and output/metering sections visible. None the less, I’m here today to provide you with some information and clear up some … The compression section includes four different compressors: Alpha, Sigma, Leveler, and Nova. For the type of music I often work with (modern drum&bass), Sigma works great. This is one of those topics where it’s really up to personal preference. What is Mix Bus Compression? I often use it for the purpose of mix bus compression alone. However, compression gets a lot of flak for sucking the life out of your mix so many people avoid using it out of fear of squashing their song.

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