mix creatine with protein shake bodybuilding

I mix my creatine and protein powder shakes before I go to the gym, but one of the gym gurus told me that creatine breaks down as a liquid. I take it right after my workout, I mix the creatine with apple juice. Here’s how to find the best way to mix creatine with healthy drinks. By JDM82, January 2, 2012 in Creatine. And for the other times, normal whey protein diet can be followed. Recommended Posts. Please join this discussion about Don't put Creatine in your Protein Shake! Buy now. ... i've added creatine to my protein shakes every time I use it and something is obviously working, it might not be the creatine, it might be hard work and diet, but I'll continue to add creatine to my protein shakes due to past success w/it. within the Bodybuilding Supplements category . Maximuscle Cyclone All-in-One Protein Powder 1.26kg Tub - Banoffee. 2 For £60. If you take your creatine in a pill form, you can still digest the creatine alongside your protein shake. Was £35.00. JDM82 0 JDM82 0 Newbie Trainer; Bronze; 0 72 posts; Posted January 2, 2012. 24-Oct-2001, 01:28 PM #6. Simply put, you can mix 32 grams(1 Scoop) of whey protein and 5 grams(1 Scoop) of creatine and take these two in combination once in a day. ANSWER Your guru is correct in the long term, but recent research shows that creatine breaks down slowly in liquid. Bodybuilding Forums ; Supplementation ; Creatine ; Mixing creatine with protein shake Sign in to follow this . Mixing creatine with protein shake. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . … Therefore, before workout, mixing whey protein powder and creatine powder in ‘6:1’ ratio works really well. https://theworkoutdigest.com/take-creatine-and-protein-together I want to take a shake with me to the gym for post workout and take the creatine for post workout as well because that is when they are both most effective. The simplest way is to find a quality all-in-one protein powder such as Maximuscle Cyclone. Followers 0. There’s other ways to take creatine too, such as creatine loading. I take my whey protein during workouts or in a smoothie, not together. Excerpt: Hey bros, Does it decrease any of the effect of the creatine if I mix it in with a protein shake? On non-training days, I drink it before going to bed. Taking creatine before or after your workouts doesn’t have to be a tasteless experience. Is this true? From £30.00. Please join this discussion about Creatine in protein shakes within the Bodybuilding Supplements category. There are a variety of protein powder muscle-building supplements, including dairy-based varieties (like whey, casein or milk), novel sources (like eggs and beef) or plant-based options (like chickpeas, quinoa or soy). On non-training days, I drink it before going to bed.

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