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The sauce at the end is a must. . Loved this dish, the salmon was so moist and the sauce was perfect! Do you think it would work with shrimp too, either on the grill or in the oven? Hi Paula, This would work fine for freezing. According to food safety recommendations, 2 hours is the max without refrigeration. I think I’ll try the sauce on chicken next time! Place individual salmon slices in a mixing bowl. If a particular recipe doesn’t meet all needs then you can just move on to any number of her fabulous recipes! Hi Melissa, have you tried our Teriyaki Chicken recipe? The result is delicious, perfectly cooked and aromatically flavorful salmon. Most of my dinner ideas come from your website. This does help, thanks! Hi Karin, I’m new to sous vide and I would like to try my new machine, but I am not familiar with using it. I don’t carry any kind of beans because my husband hates them. Thanks for the great recipe! First, i got to say that this salmon is loved by kids) I wonder if it was because you used a frying pan. I am always on a lookout for healthy, delicious meals like this one! If you have any leftover salsa, take some tortilla chips to it ;). Hi Solomiya, yes I think it would work well but I do like this salmon recipe better for grilling and I have a good grilling guideline posted here. Simmer 1 min or until fragrant. Once the oil is hot, Add salmon, skin side up and sauté 3-4 minutes, then turn over carefully and sauté another 4 minutes or until salmon reaches desired doneness and is flaky. While salmon is baking, transfer remaining marinade to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer and cook, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened (3-4 min) then remove from heat. Everyone was impressed by me and I’ll definitely make this again !! Why don’t you have the video of this recipe on the page with the recipe? Thanks!!! Hi Sam, I cook salmon with the skin on to protect it from drying out or burning on the bottom. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review! $30 of salmon and some intense super smash brothers later, we ate. I’m a new cook myself but I think she meant it as a second option for easier clean up. Will definitely be making it again, and trying it on chicken next. Can’t wait to try this after having read all the reviews! I LOVELOVELOVE this. Made this today. If so, how to reheat it thanks. . Simple ingredients and no lengthy marinating needed. I’ll start looking at Safeway. Thank you for sharing that with us, Katie! I’m looking forward to checking out your other recipes too. I have to do a buffet lunch for 30 people and would love to include this – do you think I could cook it the evening before and refrigerate and then serve it cold with salad? Sorry if the question sounds confusing, thanks in advance. I’m so happy to hear that! Will buy teriyaki sauce tomorrow and do it:) I will definitively be back to your blog. Hi Jacqueline, if it comes to a boil then yes, it is safe to do. I hope you can give it a try and that you like it! I wouldn’t recommend marinating fish for longer than 30 minutes, any longer and it might already get mushy. Can we use basa fish instead? That’s so great to hear!! Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Fantastic and easily in my rotation of meals. I have corn, green beans, and peaches in my pantry. Since then, he’s been dying to have it again! lol very nice delicious this is my second time making it in a month just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome dish! It's up to you. Bake until salmon is flaky and cooked through. This is by far my favorite salmon recipe I’ve cooked & tried. Big hello from another Ukrainian living far from my beloved country. We just made this recipe tonight and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with reaction of my family. This teriyaki salmon is making my mouth water- will make for a crowd in a few weeks. Please keep sharing your compassion for culinary delights! I always have peas and corn in my pantry. Saved by FramedCooks | Kate Jackson. That’s just awesome! Happy to read your review and hope you also enjoy my other recipes! 39. Hi Mimi, I cook salmon with the skin on to protect it from drying out or burning on the bottom. In the last 2 minutes of cooking, add 1 tsp lemon zest and 4 Tbsp lemon juice to the pan. Thanks! If your salmon pieces are smaller like mine were, it's just 3 min per side. Cut salmon into 4 equal pieces. Its great with or without skin on salmon. Hi Julianne, I haven’t tested other substitutions but I think a change would impact the flavor of the recipe. Why does the teriyaki sauce need teriyaki sauce in it if it’s supposed to be homemade? This is the BEST salmon recipe I have ever tried. I can imagine fresh Salmon from Alaska made this recipe that much better! Finely mince your jalapeños. Dab remaining butter mix over the asparagus. Transfer salmon to prepared baking sheet (keep the marinade). 3. That’s so awesome Lauren! It’s great to know you still enjoyed it without the hoisin. I see it in the photo now. Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome! Sometimes teriyaki sauces can be that way. I’m using the very liquid one. A couple of reasons; 1. Alice, this recipe is not intended for long marinating. Thanks! Hello, can i freeze the pizza dough? i love to keep canned peaches and pears. Yummy! I am glad you enjoyed it! You can omit it and it will still have great taste. But I’m wondering about your types of oven degrees? I’m so glad you enjoyed that! Cover with a stainless steel pan, smaller the better, to keep the heat in. Hi Anna, you usually can’t go wrong with one of the big brands like Kikkoman , It was delicious! A flaky, juicy and delicious teriyaki glazed salmon recipe. Your honey should be in liquid form. Great recipe. My favorite canned fruits and vegetables to have on hand are peas, green beans, apricots, and peaches. Is it going to turn out the same or do you recommend the store bought one? Thank you for sharing that with us and I am so glad that it worked well! I can’t find any correct converter from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and I would hate to ruin dinner.. Hi Anja, if you google search “converting F to C” you will see a calculator at the top of the page. Hi Natasha, This recipe looks great. This recipe was a definite homerun!! Definitely will make it again . Thank you for sharing that with us! LOL! Combine 1 Tbsp teriyaki sauce with 1/2 Tbsp lime juice and 1 1/2 Tbsp honey. Made this recipe tonight at a half measure but it’s typically what I think of Asian flavours in America – very sweet! Sounds like you found a new favorite! You were at Oto’s?! I like to keep sliced peaches and applesauce in my pantry for a quick snack or a dessert. The video was on Facebook but not the actual page. I find that cod needs a lot of help. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review Kim! Which was the case here as well. Mix it up in the bag to coat the salmon evenly. I made this the other night for our guests and it was amazing!!! Explore. You might be able to sub apple cider vinegar but I haven’t tested that in this recipe. Great to hear that, Joe! Place individual salmon slices in a mixing bowl. Thank you for the wonderful review Zara! Also, stewed tomatoes are great to add to the pasta sauce when making lasagna! Once the oil is hot, Add salmon, skin side up and saute 3-4 minutes, then turn over carefully and saute another 4 minutes or until salmon reaches desired doneness and is flaky. You’re welcome! Maybe 1 tablespoon of sauce per cube? 3. So jealous! I tried this and it was so yummy! . Thank you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review! I would love to know how you like it if you try any other recipes. I like to stock French Beans and pearl onions in my pantry. XD. I like lots, bananas, avocados, and all kinds of greens. Thank you for that wonderful review, Deborah! July 2020. I personally like to line the baking sheet with foil first then grease the foil. Have fun at the Y! I was wondering if the sauce could be stored in an airtight container? Here’s what I like to keep: Tomatoes are always handy for cooking. Isn’t that the best! Ingredients are easily interchanged if they do not suit a particular diet etc. It was perfect! Thank you for sharing your great & thoughtful review with us, Paul! Once salmon is out of the oven, brush with teriyaki syrup, then sprinkle with chopped green onion and sesame seeds as desired. Thanks so much for sharing!! The recipe steps were super easy to follow and the ingredients were also simple.

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