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The term rewilding first appeared in the conservation world in the 1980s with a continental-scale vision to protect large tracts of wilderness and connect these . Annual Plant … read more », There is something satisfying about the idea of tossing seeds of wild flowers or trees into an impoverished area with the hope that it will . Get seeds to the people who need them most. read more », Fall and winter are the best times to sow native seeds. Click here to join the Project Phoenix network. In addition to our Native Seed Sale, we’ve compiled a list of native plant sales and local nurseries that we feel confident will meet a native gardener’s needs. Interest in use of native plants for watershed protection projects, … Portland, Maine 04101 Every seed has a story, a place and a history. . She also discusses current native plant trends and issues in the nursery trade (including cloning and the loss of genetic diversity), and explains how we all can support our native flora by planting seed-grown native plants. Project Phoenix: maturing the native seed sector Native seed is on the national environmental agenda. The Native Seed Project. Today, many commercial nurseries favor cultivars and hybrids, garden varieties that have been domesticated and bred to have characteristics such as dwarfism, specific flower color, double flowers and uniformity of growth. . Holiday Raffle: "Coati with Pine Cone" by Zeny & Reyna Fuentes. But there are issues in demand, and regulating supply. Make your year end donation today>>, © 2020 Native-Seeds-Search | Ecommerce Software by Shopify | Designed by WeTheme. In Maine, the yearly cycle for seed ripening and germination is different from common . If more than 30 seed packets are ordered, we will choose for you which are sent; the remainder will be … . To encourage ecological restoration by increasing the obtainabilty of local ecotype native seed and plants. Photo permission required from Wild Seed Project, Photographs © Lisa Looke, Heather McCargo, Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in Six Easy Steps, Native Seed Bombs – Dispersing Seeds with Guerilla Action. Copyright 2020. read more ». Texas Native Seeds Program (TNS) | Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Texas Native Seeds Program (TNS) Texas Native Seeds (TNS) is a non-profit research and development program that works to enable native plant restoration across Texas. These seeds represent over 4,000 years of agricultural history in … 510 likes. There is something satisfying about the idea of tossing seeds of wild flowers or trees into an impoverished area with the hope that it will . Community Seed Grant Program: This program is intended for larger, community garden projects. The Arkansas Native Seed … Diary information was compiled by former Conservation Farm Intern Danielle Johnson and Collections Manager Melissa Kruse-Peeples with assistance from former Deputy Director Belle Starr. Wild Seed Project supports the propagation of wild-type native plants. Please do not order more than 3 packets of any one variety, and no more than 30 packets total. The Seed Sovereignty Assessment toolkit will assist Native communities in their efforts to reclaim their local and traditional seed systems. At Native Seeds/SEARCH, we steward a collection of desert-adapted, culturally significant heirloom seeds originating from the Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico. All rights reserved. In this presentation, Executive Director Heather McCargo covers the many reasons we all should care about our region’s native flora and the importance of bringing these native plants back into our gardens and developed landscapes.

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