optimum nutrition serious mass review

It’s sweet and rich, but this is par for the course with a high calorie weight gainer, so no real complaints here. I am taking the supplement for the first time. I have been taking only 1 scoop which I realized is just 1/2 serving. So I decided that gym is not my jam I should just concentrate on gaining more calories than going to gym because my routine is tough enough. I read your comments and got some answer of questions like I have to take twice in day but still can you give me some advice bro? Hi sir I have bought the Serious Mass powder. Regarding Creatine – the quantity is just a measly 1 gram per serving. 3) How many servings in a day is minimum or mandatory? You’re also going to be subjected to some severe rectal turbulence while taking this supplement, so brace yourself and everyone else within a 10 metre radius of your anus. Firstly, if you’re lifting heavy every day you’re doing it wrong. Yes, protein is protein at the end of the day, don’t get too hung up on it. I would suggest contacting Optimum Nutrition directly. Sir am Using Serious Mass Gainer from five Days but may I know this product should be used after exercise or before exercise? Can we take anything after taking Serious Mass for 1 hour or we should not eat anything please help me. The sodium content depends on the type and the quality of the protein that’s used. Another downside is the heightened chance of bloating. It also works very well as an MRP if you’re the kind of person who struggles to get in a proper meal at every sitting. Take some sort of vitamins to help with the digestion of all that? If you do, I would advise consulting your GP. Stronglifts 5×5 is a good place to start. And look out for deals on supplements – as there are some great savings to be made which can make whey a very, very cheap option. And as I am beginner how many scoops should I consume a day and on what time should I consume it? The idea is to supplement your existing diet and not replace meals – otherwise this just defeats the object of mass gainers. Finally, it has a very high calcium content when compared to other protein sources. And how long will it take to notice weight gain? I want to gain some weight and muscle too but I’m confused about what products should I take? Should I take one serving immediately after workout? If so how would I take it and how many times a day please? Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, when combined with weight training and similar intense physical exercise – is one of the best supplements to build the perfect physique. Will Serious Mass give stamina to our body to lift more weight in gym? I would actually say you’re working out too much at five times per week. Whether they occur if used in excess, or taking them in prescribed way as well! I would like you to answer my questions because I have been hearing that taking mass gainers is fatal for one’s health. Thnx bro but plzz suggest me a gud diet for gym & more tips about gym!! I want to gain about 20 lbs or so and I was just wondering if Serious Mass can be a good option for me. The taste is incredibly good, smooth, and the whole thing goes down very easily. I am very fit physically and have excellent bone density. I’ve never crossed 100 until got pregnant though. I have been going for over a year and recently purchased Serious Mass, I’m taking one scoop in the morning and one at night and also one and a half after workout. 1. So what do you personally think of this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review and other similar weight gain products? Supplementing your diet with Serious Mass (and not using it to replace any meals) will certainly help you bulk up, just ensure your training routine is full of heavy compound lifts and hard work, otherwise you’re just going to get fat. I am thinking about purchasing this mass gainer as I am starting a bulk, where I need to consume over 3,000 cal a day. Because I want to gain some weight (at least 8 kilos). I’m 19 years old, height 5’9″, weight 63kg. Serious Mass high protein weight gain powder. I am 25 year old boy, I have 48 kg weight, now. Sir, I have purchased 2 packets of Serious Mass gainer 12 lbs. I would like to drink protein at low cost and it will go for long time use. Putting on that much weight is certainly possible with the right routine and a massive calorie surplus – just be prepared for some fat gain in addition to muscle. I highly doubt Amazon are going to be stocking counterfeit Serious Mass. Do I continue taking it or change the product? Have you tried it or are you using some other supplement and seeing better results? Aim to consume approx 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. How should I use it for better results before it gets completed? Could you please advise to me take this effectively? I’m 24 years old with 5’7 ht and 53kg weight. How much I should I take of that mass gainer protein powder after work out? 6) Last strange question… since I have been hitting the gym I have got sulken cheeks, can mass gainers bring enough calories so that my cheeks would get puffed? My bones seems short but I want to add muscles (but not that huge bulky bodybuilder type) to my slim body so that I can look tall & fit. Or else what procedure must vegetarians follow while taking ON Serious Mass? Start by calculating the amount of calories you need per day to gain weight, and then take Serious Mass accordingly. Serious Mass also helped me to add considerable weight to my 5RM on bench, which is an exercise I’ve struggled to make gains with over the last few months. I’d like you to give more details on that. Because I still have ON Whey Protein so I’m planning to use it post workout. Would it be OK if I just buy dumbbells so I can lift weights at home? First off, mass gainers shouldn’t have any negative impact on your health (apart from maybe increased flatulence), but if you encounter any side-effects or have any specific allergies, I would advise consulting your GP. The previous supplement I used was Mass Tech by Muscletech, it worked pretty well, but I need to gain more mass in my pecs. You just have to workout 3-5 days a week and with heavy compound movements. The product contains 1,250 calories per serving which is the equivalent of three hamburgers with fries. Regarding a protein shake, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, so long as you are hitting your macros – i.e. I am also starting T25… and have read that while taking Serious Mass to not do cardio is this true? What’s the exact size of one scoop of this gainer? Both will help, but if you struggle to get enough calories in your diet, go for the weight gainer. You won’t go far wrong if you stick to three high-protein meals a day and supplement with 1-2 scoops of Serious Mass between meals. My story in bodybuilding is miracle and different. I’m 19 with 6’2″ height and just 60 kg, that typically makes me a hardgainer and ectomorph. Someone recommended me about this product and I’m going to buy so please tell me the right flavour as I will take it with milk and the right proportion and the timings. If I split the 2 scoops per day of Serious Mass into 4 servings will the effect be the same? Plz tell any counter measure for these side effects. This will suffice as a post-workout shake – no need to bother with another. Hi, I want to take Mass Gainer, and started the gym. Just focus on eating well and getting your cardio from compound lifts. I have even bought 5.4 kgs for 40 Pounds and it’s really effective. I’m not convinced that it’s original still. Too much cardio is going to be counter productive if you’re taking a mass gainer. I want to know what is the best workout and meal plan for me. Optimum Nutrition claims that Serious Mass is a powder designed to be mixed with water to make a nutritional shake. Please bro I need some solid pieces of advice and if you don’t mind suggesting for me the type of foods I should be consuming while using SM. Can I mix my current protein shake with Serious Mass? To be honest, if you’re that worried about losing weight, stop distance running. How much time does it take to see effective results? I’m 63kg and 5.8 ft in height, I’m going to start taking Serious Mass from today, can you give me an idea what foods I should have while taking Serious Mass? I took it 3 times a day for multiple months to get where I am currently at, but be careful because if you take it without working out you will gain fat very easily.

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