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Why the hell did my comment not make it to this page? You can use several face shape guides and take the relevant information from them. This guide for men provides an informative overview on how to style an oval face shape. Director and Co-owner of Groom For Men Theri DeJoode says: “Pretty much anything goes with this balanced face shape.” Here, Pouted offers 10 of the best hairstyles for men with oval faces. Forehead – 12 Keep this in mind when following our face shape guides. Its neutral composition and lack of dominant features allow for a great versatility in styling from hairstyles to eye-wear. Facial hair is neat and trimmed. Glad that you’re enjoying what we have to offer! Balanced and classic styles are always safe choices. The fade is tapered and separated by a shaved line. Most ppl say oval. I can’t wait to try some new styles. Over 50 with an oval face? That said, try not to go for anything that well throw your proportions off entirely. A high fade completes this classy cut. The kind of beard that will suit you and your personality, the best, is one that compliments and suits the shape of your face. Hairstylists around the world agree that the ideal face shape for them to work with is an oval. Indeed, oval face shapes have chameleon-like properties and their subtle features can be curbed or emphasised according to taste. Didn’t you comment on our triangle face shape guide a few days ago under the name “Marcus”? Men, who have thin hair and oval face, prefer hairstyles with a messy look to enhance the appearance. Thanks for such a nice post..its very helpful. A choppy bangs on short hair is all you need for this simple hairstyle. That said, it’s important to respect the face’s proportions and avoid making it appear too round. A short haircut with some kind of pompadour or quiff is another great option for men with oval faces. Choosing the most flattering style for an oval face is difficult at best. Hey! Jawline-11, Hi charles , Face length: 8″ Maybe an expert could give me an idea? don’t choose any hairstyle that has the forehead covered with bangs and fringes, as this might make your face look rounder. keep up the good work. Not sure if I would consider my jawline rounded or strong, not sure. I’m confused help me! I checked by your methods and think that it is of Oval Face shape. Kanye West. This is why knowing how to determine an oval face is important. You will realise early on that the oval face shape’s balanced proportions offer an ideal foundation for styling. After having explored the details of oval face shapes, you can discover all the possibilities featured throughout the site. So, go for a haircut that flatters your facial shape? Jawline 8.50 in What is your advice if you have an oval face but naturally high but straight hairline / big forehead? Knowing how to determine oval face is an important first step to deciding what hairstyles one can wear so that the style complements his features. Learn how your comment data is processed. How To Get Wavy Beach Hairstyle with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, 5 Ultimate Ways to Get Wax Out of the Hair for Men, Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper, Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor. hey thx for the site im very akward at choosing haircuts this really helps. pics help so much and they’re easy to print and take to the barber so he knows exactly what to do. I have an oval face, thanks for the great site. It looks like you should actually be a triangle face shape. Another thanks for the great site from an oval shaped head. Looks closer to triangle but it could certainly have square face shape elements. Ok, so I wanna accentuate my eyes…what hairstyle should i use? The Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces Men. Looks like your jawline indicates a triangle face shape. To give thin hair body, consider a perm which will last 4-6 weeks, or something temporary, like working with a little product. Layer up at the front of the face and go shorter at sides. You could potentially be oval but your jawline is a little strong. Above you will note the diagram that analyses the hallmarks of an Oval face shape. Hi, can’t figure out my face shape. Oval face shapes may find the following description familiar: Your face length is longer than the cheekbone width as well as a forehead width larger than your jawline. See The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online. Length is equal to one and a half times width. But, my chin isn’t super pointy. Cheekbones 6.50 in. You guys who say you have oval faces you must know since you figured it out! I’d recommend that you check out the heart or oblong face shape guides for tips regarding the forehead. With balanced characteristics, this shape has been considered the so-called “ideal” face shape. One is said to have an oval-shaped face when the length of the face is equal to 1.5 times the width. Sounds like it may indeed be oval. Cheek=6.5 My measurements are: Note that there’s a chance that you may feature characteristics that are reminiscent of other face shapes. A heavy part will give your face dimension. Aim for angular finishes to bring out your features. There are some methods available to help one in determining the shape of his face. Jawline;6 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Men’s Guide On How To Assess, Style & Optimise An Oval Face Shape, I finally found a guide which gives me all the information that I need. Men with oval faces have the ability to look good with an abundance of different haircuts. Nevertheless, not all the faces of any particular shape may look alike. It frames an oval face perfectly but also looks great if you need to pull it back for a quick trip to the gym. I would argue that you have a heart face shape and not an oval face shape. Mathematically and aesthetically, this is the best face shape to have because one can wear virtually any hairstyle he chooses. The oval face is the best shape to have because it allows one to wear many different styles. See more ideas about oval face men, cute boys, beautiful boys. Men whose hair is afro-textured will love the freedom of letting hair flow free. Can you please suggest me any hairstyle so that I look better than this. Best Beard Styling Advise for Men with Oval Faces: If you always wonder about the perfect beard that suits your personality, the answer is written all over your ‘oval’ face. Sharpened edges and angular finishes will overcome this and retain structure. Nevertheless, they can be manipulated and adjusted to bring out any particular features. Face;7 Forehead 6.50 in Your face shape appears to be oval overall but it does have a hint of oblong in its length. Men with an oval face shape have the advantage of flaunting a good range of hairstyles that include the long, short, and a mixture of both. Sound about right? Finally, measure the length of the face from the point of the chin to the top of the forehead. However, to ensure that your proportions stay well-balanced, there are certain steps to take. And the best part is that you can combine a few of the common haircuts to come up with a unique hairstyle for yourself.

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