paranoid about home invasion

I’m in boujie Cinco ranch and breakins, carjackings, robberies and vehicle breakins and thefts are insane. But her with two kids in … Def wake up call. I think it's common to hear about it, but I've lived in Houston and in the suburbs my whole life, and my house was only broken into once in the 1980s. Break ins happen all over the world not just houston but you are overreacting a bit. You should always lock your doors and have a home security system. Just last Friday i had an evening session with a Gulf War Vet, and neither he nor his wife have managed to be anywhere near ok since the early 90’s. I might try to get a look at their license plate so I can give the number to the police when they show up, but I am not going to try and engage them if they’re not an immediate threat to me or my family. My job is to protect my home and my family. I would rank it right along with a piece written by Sam Harris in November, 2011 that addresses three principals of self defense. I wonder what the hell you folks are doing for extra money….taking bets, selling drugs? If I am ever victim of a home invasion, I look at it like this: the people invading my home are a threat to the lives of my kids, my wife, and myself. . Still from Home Invasion . Feel a little more at ease now that I have the security system appointment set up and the tips from reddit to work on the weak areas of the house. Yes, break ins happen in all areas of town. Just remember: every 17 seconds. That’s why I will error on the side of protecting my family if it ever happens to us. Interested in delving into more security posts? It is statistically unlikely, but it does happen. A lot of people seem to think the survival mindset comes naturally and the flounder when faced with tough choices. The important aspect of mindset is that once its ingrained, it’s always with you. There’s a notable difference between a burglary and a home invasion, that being you. Enter your email address and hit "Go" to receive notifications of new posts by email. How Do I Stop Fear of Home Invasion? Don’t be naive and think you can walk away from all problems. It doesn’t cost me anything except confused glances from my wife and allows me to mentally access the situation as it happens instead of being thrust into it. E-Mail Address. First off, I'm a home-schooled student in high school, and I've an imminent fear of being home alone. I knew a guy who trained his 5 year old daughter how to exit her bedroom in a fire. My single biggest piece of advice would be to never underestimate human stupidity and capacity for maliciousness. Muela Mouflon 18 Fixed Blade Knife – Amazon / eBay, I wanted to scribble this article because I have read so many blog posts with advice like, “Keep the TV running on a timer so that criminals think you are awake,” and other advice that is more practical in nature than what I’ve listed here. As a side note: if you read my home invasion experience you will know that my reaction did cause an escalation, but I firmly stand by it (despite the many mistakes I made). You're taking steps toward getting a system in place for your peace of mind. Thanks for the tips, gonna get it all sorted out this week! In addition to the strong acting, the cinematography of Home Invasion by Toby Gorman (Kids Might Fly 2009, Detective McLean series) keeps the audience in awe.No one knew how far Chloe was going to go to save her and her stepson’s life, and in a compelling turn of events, it only took some directions from Mike to do what she had to do. Everybody's stocked their first dozen slots with movies about the paranormal, the gory, and the spooky. This is a terrific article. One. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. They are just ways of thinking that I hold to be common truths and applicable in pretty much every home invasion scenario. If I feel the best response is to stay hidden, I’m not going to give away my position by “racking the slide.” If I feel I need to shoot in order to protect my family or myself, I’m going to shoot. Getting to know your neighbors is one of the best ways to combat crime. Time to process what is happening is the single most valuable thing you have. My drapes are always closed so they couldn’t see in. What? What Are the Most Important Home Security Improvements to Make? When I’m outside the house I’m always suspicious of people that I see staring at me. “They are also typically people that are using drugs and will go to whatever level they need to feed their habit.” If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! I don’t go through life thinking the end of the world is behind every corner, but I accept that bad stuff can and will happen and prepare accordingly. We love how many of you have shared pictures of your Halloween-ready queues with #DVDMe! I even know of a "luxury" apartment in that area that has residents complaining of their car parts getting taken off their cars from the parking garage. However, I didn’t have a storm door at the time and they saw an easy way in. I always cut up the boxes into small pieces and put into separate bags. Unlike a security system that can fail or a piece of gear that you may not have on hand, mindset is about understanding that bad stuff happens to good people all the time, and it’s perfectly okay – beneficial even – to sit down and think about bad situations like home invasion every once while with an attitude of, “What would I do/not do if this happened to me?”. Every day we see new articles circulated, tips, tricks, and the latest security hardware that can give you an edge against would-be home invaders. That. I agree. Here in the UK there have been a bunch of instances where farmers shot a retreating home invader and got sent to the slammer for it. We lived in Tokyo for 5 years cause of work guess we have been kinda spoilt! Have been living without locks on my garage doors the whole time! Avoiding conflict will just lead to more conflict, but with the downside of the situation being wholly out of your control. Self-defence laws protect you when your life is in danger – everything else is vigilantism and whilst we can have a debate on the right to make criminals pay, the reality is that the police won’t take kindly to it in most jurisdictions. Once the situation goes that bit too far it may not be possible to walk it back because of the trauma. Here in the UK the bulk of home invasions are opportunistic. A common example is racking your shotgun behind the door – the idea being that you are letting the perpetrator know that consequences may occur if he proceeds to try to break in. I think it's common to hear about it, but I've lived in Houston and in the suburbs my whole life, and my house was only broken into once in the 1980s. Home security is serious business. SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, FL -- An armed home invasion-shooting occurred at 101 Tulip Tree Drive just after 10 p.m. Tuesday. This is the biggie. You look out for them, they look out for you, the criminals see a caring bunch of folks and go elsewhere. Its important for all of us to pragmatically “look” at ourselves and our limits. I would like to wade in here and mention that as part of my professional life since 2007 i have been a trauma counselor. It is a sobering article, as is yours. I have cameras at my house too. This is something I see quite often and it presents itself as quite a conundrum. I always react to perceived threats wearily, knowing how quickly things can go south in this crazy world we live in. I think the relative isolation of the average American home (big yards, plenty of space between you and your neighbours etc.) Home Security 101: Last Ditch Plans Are Not Enough – What to Do Instead, My Home Invasion Story: Break In & Robbery Attempt – While I Was Home, Fear Matters to Security: Control & Use It to Your Advantage. Once an invader is inside my home, it’s already too late to stop being naive. If I get robbed when I'm away oh well. Try talking to your neighbors and see if there's been any trouble. This is a most frightening crime, since most people consider their living spaces as protection from the outside world. I get it. They occur when the sight of motion detector lights, the dog, reinforced and locked doors and windows have not deterred. We stepped outside and I realised for a split second how precarious my position was. In this country a house is broken in to every 17 seconds. Time. Don't stress about it or you'll drive yourself insane. Agreed, Joe. See: HPD also has a neighborhood watch program but I'm not sure how it would work in the inner city. Break ins happen in the city, in the burbs, in the rich parts of town, in the ghetto, and in the middle class areas too. You also should think about the legislative issues at hand. 3. good luck - and yes - … Sugarland is one of the safest cities in the US but back in the suburbs i used to live - Northwest houston - we've been robbed and everyone there complains of car break-ins which mostly seem like "for the hell of it" rather than actually robbing anything.

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